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In My Field Of Paper Flowers


Cat in a Box! =D

Posted by Aderia , Jan 31 2013 · 882 views
eeek another kitty!
Posted Image
All of the sudden I remembered why I wanted to be a zookeeper when I was little.


Kitty <3

Posted by Aderia , Jan 18 2013 · 1,166 views
katie.found.a.kitty and 2 more...
Posted Image
[4:46:39 PM] Angel of Artistry: SO
[4:46:41 PM] Angel of Artistry: FREAKING
[4:46:43 PM] Angel of Artistry: CUTE
[4:46:44 PM] Angel of Artistry: OMG
[4:46:44 PM] Angel of Artistry: OMG
[4:46:45 PM] Angel of Artistry: OMG
[4:46:47 PM] Angel of Artistry: OMGGG
[4:46:49 PM] Angel of Artistry: AHHHHHHHHHHH
[4:46:51 PM] Aimee: I OPENED IT
[4:46:52 PM] Angel of Artistry: DDDDDDDD:
[4:46:53 PM] Aimee: AND I JUMPED
[4:46:55 PM] Aimee: BECAUES
[4:46:56 PM] Aimee: SO
[4:46:56 PM] Angel of Artistry: xDD
[4:46:57 PM] Aimee: CUTE
[4:47:01 PM] Angel of Artistry: AUGH
[4:47:05 PM] Angel of Artistry: CCCCCC':
[4:47:06 PM] Angel of Artistry: xDDD
[4:47:14 PM] Aimee: AUGH
[4:47:20 PM] Angel of Artistry: I'M HAVING TROUBLE BREATHING
[4:47:22 PM] Aimee: I WANT TO HUT IT
[4:47:25 PM] Aimee: HUG
[4:47:28 PM] Aimee: KATIE I CAN'TEVEN TYPE
[4:47:30 PM] Aimee: ITS SO CUTE
[4:47:31 PM] Angel of Artistry: ME TOOO
[4:47:32 PM] Angel of Artistry: D:
[4:47:33 PM] Aimee: ARGH
[4:47:37 PM] Aimee: ABKZN KJA NVijh/znb;ovz
[4:47:40 PM] Aimee: cga;"xgbdsi;vx;vW'DVAD
[4:49:21 PM] Aimee: adorable kitten
[4:49:23 PM] Aimee: don't ever leave me
[4:49:26 PM] Aimee: ever
[4:49:27 PM] Aimee: pleases

[4:47:42 PM] Aimee: o.o
[4:48:17 PM] Aimee: SO MUCH KITTY!
[4:48:21 PM] Aimee: AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT
[4:48:35 PM] Aimee: i can't tear my eyes away
[4:48:46 PM] Angel of Artistry: :'DDDD
[4:49:21 PM] Aimee: adorable kitten
[4:49:23 PM] Aimee: don't ever leave me
[4:49:26 PM] Aimee: ever
[4:49:27 PM] Aimee: pleases
[4:49:31 PM] Aimee: gah[4:51:02 PM] Aimee: OKAY
[4:51:07 PM] Aimee: SO THE KITTY
[4:51:11 PM] Angel of Artistry: IS ADORABLE
[4:51:21 PM] Aimee: AND IT SHOULD NEVER
[4:51:23 PM] Aimee: EVER LEAVE US
[4:51:35 PM] Aimee: O.O
[4:51:41 PM] Angel of Artistry: YES
[4:51:41 PM] Angel of Artistry: D:
[4:52:03 PM] Aimee: I'M JUST
[4:52:05 PM] Aimee: FREESTYLING
[4:52:16 PM] Angel of Artistry: xD
[4:52:19 PM] Angel of Artistry: PRABABLY
[4:52:20 PM] Angel of Artistry: : D
[4:52:24 PM] Angel of Artistry: HAHAHA
[4:52:25 PM] Aimee: HEHEHEHEHE
[4:52:31 PM] Aimee: WHY ARE WE SO COOL?
[4:52:35 PM] Aimee: WAIT OKAY THAT'S A WRAP
[4:52:36 PM] Aimee: =D
[4:52:37 PM] Angel of Artistry: MAN, I DUNNO
[4:52:38 PM] Angel of Artistry: xD


I Made Cubcakes! =D

Posted by Aderia , Dec 31 2012 · 1,047 views
food, yummy, punny, wheeeeeee!
They were originally going to be reindeer cupcakes, like so.
Posted Image
But I forgot pretzels at the store, so they turned into little baby bears. =3
Posted Image
Ta Da!!


Top Five Tops

Posted by Aderia , Dec 12 2012 · 1,157 views

Eehhhhh, I'm not entirely sure how relevant this post is to the majority of you, but this  kind of entry seems to be trending at the moment. XD

#5 - Simple tee, adorable and punny. Yes? =3
Posted Image

#4 - While not as casual as the shirt above, its classy and modest with a ribbed tank top, no complaints.
Posted Image

#3 - Loose, artsy, and comfortable, I really liked this one.
Posted Image

#2 - Red isn't my favorite color, but it just as well may be, I love this top so much. It just looks so soft and huggable and not to mention -awesome-.
Posted Image
#1 - Becasue what else did you expect?
Posted Image



Care About this Entry Because I Care About You. Holiday Spirit is Just That Potent.

Posted by Aderia , Dec 01 2012 · 593 views

I added this to my sig.

(I want a COT Library as a gift this holiday season. What about you?)

If you don't answer yes, get off my blog.  > :(
(j/k, you could also get me one of the following.)

(A car [real, not toy] and a kitten and/or weiner dog puppy and lots of money and a little sister and a vacuum cleaner that works and a new pair of earbuds that will survive an accidental trip through the washing machine or two. XP)

(no but seriously PM me if you have a car or a kitten/puppy you don't want. Those are my top two.)

(or! This just came to me, if you wanna take me out to go see Les Mis in theaters, that's cool too. It will always be cool. We can even go Dutch, if it makes it easier =3 )


Haha, so Churros.

Posted by Aderia , Nov 13 2012 · 731 views

[9:19:40 PM] Aderia: i trieed to make a churro

[9:19:43 PM] Aderia: when i was like 6

[9:22:03 PM] Aderia: but we didn't have bread. so i decided spaghetti noodles would work. so i put a huge pot of water on to boil, and like 3 noodles. and i had to climb up high on the counter to reach the cinnamon sugar. so i got that, but it was too scary to climb back down while holding the cinammon sugar shaker in one hand. the oven/stove and pot of not boiling water and 3 soggy noodles was only a couple feet away, so i figured how hard could it be to just toss a handfull of sugar/cinammon into the huge pot? so that happened, but i kind of missed my target and it all landed on the burner and caught on fire

[9:22:17 PM] Aderia: the end



When It Rains, It Pours

Posted by Aderia , Oct 28 2012 · 587 views

Posted Image

Bring it, Sandy. I've got all the bread and milk a girl could ever need. And don't even get me started on the stockpile of candles and flashlights I have on my countertop. That's right. You heard me. LED flashlights. You can flood my basement and you can blow over my trash cans, see if I care. I'll be sitting at home with my--

Wait you'll take away my wi-fi?!

I take it back.

...I'll just be sitting here. Quietly. With my panda blanket. And some canned pineapple. And a nice book. Have a nice day.


So How 'bout Those Hungry Lady Bugs?

Posted by Aderia , Oct 23 2012 · 1,321 views

Okay. So, I just walked my dog. Which is awesome because he's adorable and I love him. But while I was out, I got bitten by a lady bug. This is not the first time this has happened. I tell people IRL about it and they say that lady bugs -do not bite-. And argue with me (while we both kind of laugh because its funny but still an argument).

Posted Image

Lady bugs do bite. I dare you to tell me I'm wrong.


♫ In My Life

Posted by Aderia , Oct 22 2012 · 949 views

Pffft hahaha, what life? I got home from school and I watched Les Mis online for about two hours. Name change was inevitable.

EDIT: Also! New story at long last!Everyone go enter the Flash Fiction contests. Because they rock.


Roomcleaning 101

Posted by Aderia , Oct 19 2012 · 1,568 views

It always gets worse before it gets better.
Posted Image


Since the topic for my old 'library' has long ago dropped off the face of the planet into the backpages of this site, here are my current works housed on BZP.

Faux: Reveiw Topic (In Progress)New!!!

Short Stories
The Ga-Matoran Who Couldn't Swim*
Lessons of the Past*
Turn Your Tears to Roses*
Sound the Bugle*
Forget the Mountain*
Walking Her Home
Thankful Hearts
Black Diamonds
Long Live*
The Lonely
All Our Sins Remembered
Reality's Fantasy
Dark VanityNEW!!

COT Short Stories

River, Oh River, Flow Gently For MeNEW!!

*indicates a link to the Forum Archives

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