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In My Field Of Paper Flowers


Snap Crackle Pop!

Posted by Aderia , Sep 30 2012 · 851 views

...except snap crackle pop is rice krispies, not popcorn. But anyways.

Guess what! I made popcorn without a microwave for the first time -ever- today (this kind), and it was awesome! It's gonna be hard going back to microwave stuff. =/

I just thought that needed to be shared =) Little things like these, its what blogs are for, right?


I Want A Ph.D in Horribleness

Posted by Aderia , Sep 27 2012 · 1,368 views

Because of two things.

Ezorov showed me Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog and I love it.

And I headbutted a girl during my field hockey game the other day and she left the field with blood leaking out of her face and -I felt no remorse-. At all. And I felt like a horrible person with no remorse >=D


Do Not Try to Start a Duckling Farm. Ever.

Posted by Aderia , Sep 26 2012 · 1,044 views

As a member of the Ambage, I would like to say that I take my Write-Offs very seriously. And since my blog has been a bit dead, I thought a sneak peek into what the Ambage Chat is like is as good as anything to update with.

[6:40:14 PM] Aderia: must write story

[6:40:19 PM] Aderia: to make 7000th bzp topic

[6:40:23 PM] Aderia: gah

[6:41:21 PM] Velox: Write off, right now.

[6:41:24 PM] Velox: "7000" is the theme

[6:41:30 PM] Velox: Due X:55

[6:41:31 PM] Velox: go aimee go

[6:42:03 PM] Zarayna: Run, Aimee run!

[6:43:17 PM] Aderia: "there once was a girl. she had a dream of being a duckling farmer when she grew up. twenty years later, she lived in the middle of nowhere with 7,000 ducks to keep her company and it was disgusting because ducks do not understand the fundamentals of personal hygiene. She tried to move away from them but they just followed her. it was a bad life."

[6:43:22 PM] Aderia: "the end"


Constant Vigilance!

Posted by Aderia , Aug 25 2012 · 524 views

Yeah, you gotta watch out.

Posted Image

Because sometimes life pulls a fast one on you.

And I really needed an excuse to share this .gif, because I love it!



Posted by Aderia , Aug 21 2012 · 708 views
New Theme, Again, Im Fickle

Posted Image

"Dreams feel real while we're in them. It's only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange."

(Name change. And theme change. Again. Because I totally just rewatched Inception just for Joseph Gordon Levitt. But I thought it would be weird changing my name to JGL or Arthur. So here I am now. Ta da!!)


Eeek! Bugs!

Posted by Aderia , Aug 10 2012 · 505 views

Yeah, I changed my theme to fireflies =) Weird, because I should have been listening to 'Fireflies' by Owl City while I did so, but I wasn't =/

Also, word of advice. Catching fireflies in a jar and letting them go in your room may sound like a good idea, but they actually just go off and die in a corner. It's not cool.

Just thought I'd share.



Posted by Aderia , Aug 07 2012 · 375 views

So my mom told me to go clean my room, I ended up painting the walls. I promised myself that wouldn't happen again, yet here I am. Oh well, the butterlfies and dragonflies will be like summer when school starts up again soon =)


You Have My Signature. Use it Wisely.

Posted by Aderia , Aug 04 2012 · 1,134 views

Hehe, yeah. In the guestbook at Brickfair =D

I drove down (me, I drove, not my mom! Woot!) to Chantilly today for the public hours of Brickfair.

I saw awesome MoC's that I didn't even know were possible to think of, let alone build, met the geniuses (genii?) behind those creations.

I just wish I coulda stayed longer, there was so much to see and so many people to talk to! Next year, yeah?

I mean, this is nothing like the other awesome Brickfair blog entries out there, but I mean, every little bit counts, right?


Defintely Blog-worthy

Posted by Aderia , Jul 29 2012 · 400 views

If you'll excuse my moment of self-appreciation, it'll pass in a bit.

But my name.

It's a beautiful orange now. OBZPCship is definitely blogworthy.

Posted Image

Behold my happydance.

Thank you :3


Hey! Hey hey hey, Brickfair! (?)

Posted by Aderia , Jul 29 2012 · 368 views

Okay so I'm only able to make it on one of the tourist days. Saturday to be exact. I've talked to a few of you already, but who else will I (maybe possibly if it's not too crowded?) see there?


Since the topic for my old 'library' has long ago dropped off the face of the planet into the backpages of this site, here are my current works housed on BZP.

Faux: Reveiw Topic (In Progress)New!!!

Short Stories
The Ga-Matoran Who Couldn't Swim*
Lessons of the Past*
Turn Your Tears to Roses*
Sound the Bugle*
Forget the Mountain*
Walking Her Home
Thankful Hearts
Black Diamonds
Long Live*
The Lonely
All Our Sins Remembered
Reality's Fantasy
Dark VanityNEW!!

COT Short Stories

River, Oh River, Flow Gently For MeNEW!!

*indicates a link to the Forum Archives

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