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In My Field Of Paper Flowers


Internet's Been Down

Posted by Aderia , Oct 15 2010 · 109 views
'Real' Life
Yeah, Internet's been down at my place for a little bit. Just thought I'd say, so you didn't think I fell off the face of the planet. That is, if you even noticed I was missing. tongue.gif



Posted by Aderia , Oct 12 2010 · 143 views
Just on a completely random note, the world needs a national 'Wilson the Volleyball Appreciation Day'. biggrin.gif Just thought I'd let you know.


*gasp* It's Almost Halloween

Posted by Aderia , Oct 11 2010 · 456 views
Dare you to click.


If you laugh at my MOC's, do it in private.

I just found that mini pumpkin at the local Giant, and I was like 'OMGZ, I want one!!', and it was like 3 for 2 dollars, so now i have three mini gourds in my room. biggrin.gif

I'm debating on whether I shoud go trick/treating this year, or just leech off of my brothers and their stuff. I'd need either a good costume idea, or ninja skillz.


Procrastinators Unite! ... Tomorrow

Posted by Aderia , Oct 08 2010 · 155 views
'Real' Life

*Disclaimer: Not mine. Found on Google Images

biggrin.gif I love that poster.

Anyways, anyone else out there a classic, hardcore procrastinator, and good at what they do, and proud of it? And can I take lessons from you?

I've got a World Cultures project and an English report/speech both due on the 18th, and I haven't really started on either of them yet. I really should, but do you know how much I don't want to?



Posted by Aderia , Oct 06 2010 · 116 views
Things I need to get out of my system.

1.) Jelly Belly makes asparagus flavored jelly beans.
2.) Rumor has it that JK Rowling is thinking about writing more Harry Potter
3.) I chronically mistype 'the' and 'and' as 'The' and 'adn'
4.) I'm told that I overuse XD
4a.) I'm also told that I don't use capital letters enough.
5.) Summer is officially over here in Penny, and I need to start wearing a sweatshirt
6.) I need to find a good book to read
6a.) I also need to find some new songs for my playlist
7.) I need to pick up 'Triss' again, from a year and a half ago, and finish it.
8.) I also need to get over both Onewa and Gelu.


I Need A Translator

Posted by Aderia , Oct 03 2010 · 128 views
For a bunch of words in my own language.

Okay, I'm not stupid, I swear! I just don't get what this one expression means. What's it mean to 'have your work cut out for you'?

My one friend used that today, and then did a really bad job of explaining what it meant. (she kinda just laughed and told me to look it up.) XD


Do You Know What's Annoying?

Posted by Aderia , Oct 03 2010 · 102 views
When your little 'back' arrow in the top left corner of your screen doesn't work. I swear, I think I broke my mouse trying to get the stupid arrow to work. Every time I click, nothing happens, so I end up having to use my 'backspace' key. Anyone know how to fix this, or is my laptop just whacky?


I Decorated

Posted by Aderia , Oct 03 2010 · 175 views
biggrin.gif See? *points around*

Now my blog's not half as boring to look at.


Happy October!

Posted by Aderia , Oct 01 2010 · 480 views
It's funny to think that where I live, leaves are changing color and somewhere around the world, leaves are just beginning to bud.


Any Boy Scouts Of America Out There?

Posted by Aderia , Oct 01 2010 · 156 views
And do you know what a 'Webelo' is?

My little bro just joined boy scouts, and he's a 'Webelo', and apparently that's a native american name for something or other, and it's my new favorite word, but I don't really know what it means. Any help?


Since the topic for my old 'library' has long ago dropped off the face of the planet into the backpages of this site, here are my current works housed on BZP.

Faux: Reveiw Topic (In Progress)New!!!

Short Stories
The Ga-Matoran Who Couldn't Swim*
Lessons of the Past*
Turn Your Tears to Roses*
Sound the Bugle*
Forget the Mountain*
Walking Her Home
Thankful Hearts
Black Diamonds
Long Live*
The Lonely
All Our Sins Remembered
Reality's Fantasy
Dark VanityNEW!!

COT Short Stories

River, Oh River, Flow Gently For MeNEW!!

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