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In My Field Of Paper Flowers


An Idle(ish) Question for Libray-Frequenters

Posted by Aderia , Jul 27 2012 · 464 views
Library, Meh
Okay so I actually haven't been around BZP that long, two-ish years, there's a lot of old Library stuff I missed out on.

Were there any worthwhile Earth/Bionicle crossovers? I'm interested in taking a look at them.

And also, how do you feel about Earth/Bionicle crossover stories? Like "...no, just no." or like "ohlol that again" or what have you?


Adorable Puppy with Long Floppy Ears to Trip Over

Posted by Aderia , Jul 24 2012 · 1,505 views

Posted Image

Like this.

I want one.


No Shame 'New Skin' Entry

Posted by Aderia , Jul 23 2012 · 227 views

I never knew I had it in me to be a bandwagoner. I guess the trick is to listen to Disney songs in the minutes leading up to midnight.

But yeah, I was inspired by all the 'new bzpskin' entries, and also the actual new BZP Skin, which I think is an awesome change.


So I Finally Found Out What 'WIP' Stands For

Posted by Aderia , Jul 23 2012 · 1,610 views

WIP = Work in Progress

I feel enlightened.

And after a long war with Photoshop, I finally have a WIP of my own to spruce up my blog.

I was being throroughly thrashed by PS, so I had to fallback and call in GIMP for backup.

Aside from issues with the legs and perspective that I'm working on, for my first 'real' piece of digital art, I don't think it's too shabby.I've got a lavasurfer-type dude in the making, I'm hoping he turns out alright.


Shocker, Another 'Dark Knight Rises' Entry

Posted by Aderia , Jul 21 2012 · 261 views

I hope you guys aren't tired of TDKR entries yet.

So guess what. I went to go see the Dark Knight Rises tonight.

Unfortunately, there was one glaring thing that made the whole thing horrible for me.

The town I live in.

Specifically, drive in theaters in my low-intelligence hick town that I cannot wait to escape.

No, lady, it is not cool to park your tractor/van right next to us and let your stupid baby scream all throughout the movie. And really, what kind of parent does that? Let their kid wail in the back of a truck to ruin epic movies for everyone around them?

I cannot even describe how much that did not brighten my cold and rainy summer day.

I am counting the days until I can move out of my pickles-and-corn farming, chasing-goats-off-the-road-daily, gonna-spit-sunflower-seeds-into-my-beer-can, ride-my-tractor-to-work town. It will be a happy day.

On a brighter side of things, the first half of the movie that I did manage to hear before our car battery ran dead and the baby started to bawl next to us, was awesome.

So, one useful thing you can take away from this, do not take an infant child to see a Batman movie. Ever. Because you will most likely end up upsetting teenage girls. Which is bad.


Hey good news. Now I have time to watch 'Batman Begins' and 'The Dark Knight' before hitting up the cinema again with the same group of equally disappointed friends from the obnoxious-baby-drive-in night =D


Gerard Butler, You Have Been Replaced

Posted by Aderia , Jul 20 2012 · 665 views

Posted Image

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is my new future husband. I will be watching his awesomeness in TDKR saturday night instead of your phantom-esque opera, I am sorry.


When Honesty is Repaid with Foul Deed

Posted by Aderia , Jul 18 2012 · 1,038 views

Dad: Why did you need wood cleaner?
Me: To clean wood. :D

And then my head was dunked under the kitchen faucet which was running at the time.

Me and my Pops are tight like that ;)

I just felt like sharing.


To Whom It May Concern,

Posted by Aderia , Jul 08 2012 · 326 views
Vacation!, Summer!, Woot!
Yeah, so starting tomorrow (Monday, 9th) until Saturday (14th), I'll be away at church/beach camp with no internet. And then again the next Monday (16th) until that Thursday (19th), I'll be at a Penn State University Field Hockey Camp, also with no internet. The downside of these camps which are awesome, is that I'm missing the Library Summer Olympics, Epics portion, which deserves a sad face.


So yes, to whom it may concern, I will be away for the next few weeks. I promise I didn't drop off the face of the planet or anything drastic like that.

For those it does not concern...well I'm not sure what to say to you.


Head Game Makers

Posted by Aderia , Jul 05 2012 · 738 views
Zar, Hunger Games
What can I say, they're trend setters.

Head Strike from the Shadows Game Maker, Head Hunger Games Game Maker, you know how it is.

Posted Image

For you, Zar.


Rivers And Shameless Plugs

Posted by Aderia , Jul 01 2012 · 685 views
Okay, so the good thing about a vacation with wi-fi and beautiful scenery is that it's great for writing.

River, Oh River, Flow Gently for Me

Shameless self-promotion, so the story doesn't get lost in the gigantic COT forum ;)

For any of you who have seen the movie, 'Prince of Egypt', its a songfic from that movie, which I really wish we had on DVD (as opposed to video cassete) so I could rewatch the whole thing. Our monster of a VHS player eats the VHS tapes from the inside out =(

Now time to stop blogging and go read outside in the shade on a muggy day. Woot!


Since the topic for my old 'library' has long ago dropped off the face of the planet into the backpages of this site, here are my current works housed on BZP.

Faux: Reveiw Topic (In Progress)New!!!

Short Stories
The Ga-Matoran Who Couldn't Swim*
Lessons of the Past*
Turn Your Tears to Roses*
Sound the Bugle*
Forget the Mountain*
Walking Her Home
Thankful Hearts
Black Diamonds
Long Live*
The Lonely
All Our Sins Remembered
Reality's Fantasy
Dark VanityNEW!!

COT Short Stories

River, Oh River, Flow Gently For MeNEW!!

*indicates a link to the Forum Archives

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