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In My Field Of Paper Flowers


Mom Logic

Posted by Aderia , Jun 30 2012 · 1,636 views
Yes, because emptying the trash cans before we leave on vacation is totally logical. We wouldn't want them to overflow with all the trash the cat and dog come up with, right? That would just be horrible.



Posted by Aderia , Jun 29 2012 · 285 views

Meh, not really, since I don't plan to spelunk for real anytime soon, but it is a funny word, doncha think?

But it is relevant to this blog entry. I'll be on vacation for a week, therefore a bit more inactive. Hopefully we'll be visiting some caves, we're going to VA, so that should be fun. Good hiking and family time =)



Posted by Aderia , Jun 26 2012 · 782 views

Good watermelon = Good life


Woot! Eggshell Garden!

Posted by Aderia , Jun 25 2012 · 529 views

I've been running a week long project, in case you were wondering. I made an Eggshell Garden! Three, to be exact. And I decided it would make a more interesting blog entry than some of my others out there.

Day 1 (June 18th)
  • Got seeds at a wedding where I catered
  • Tapped off the tops of 3 eggshells with a knife, made scrambled eggs for my dinner (I wasn’t hungry by the time they were done, so I gave them to my dog)
  • Went outside and dug around in my garage for some potting soil
  • Potting-soiled the now-empty egg shells
  • Sprinkled in the seeds
  • Put a thin layer of dirt over said seeds
  • Put a worm in the left-most eggshell just for the heck of it. He’s a tiny guy.
  • Watered seeds
  • Took pics like a boss (1)(2)

Day 2 (June 19th)
  • Woke up and promptly forgot to water my seeds
  • Watering didn’t happen until 3 PM in the afternoon
  • Documented their (miniscule) progress with the camera (1)(2)
Day 3 (June 20th)
  • Knocked them off the window sill while raising the blinds. That was bad.
  • Rescued them, it’s all good now
  • Took pics (1)(2)
Day 4 (June 21st)
  • Took pics, then took a nap
  • Otherwise uneventful (1)(2)
Day 5 (June 22nd)
  • Forgot to water them again, so that didn’t happen until like supper time
  • Took pics like the paparazzi (1)(2)
Day 6 (June 23rd)
  • Had to change the batteries in my camera, blaargh. Took forever to find ones that worked. I had to steal them from the wii-mote. (1)(2) *annoying timestamps are annoying*
Day7 (June 24th)
  • I uploaded the last pics to my gallery, which took a nice chunk of time out of my Sunday morning. While that was happening, I watered my plants, and finished documenting.
  • I’ll try and post again when the wildflowers are actually flowering. A transplant may be needed in the near future, they’re getting so big. (1)(2)


For Those Annoyed By Narcissists

Posted by Aderia , Jun 24 2012 · 1,457 views

I'm assuming you all know people who think the world revolves around them, for lack of stronger, decent term.

Solution for these problematic individuals. Duct tape them up on an automatic revolving door and leave them there for a week or so, until they taste the irony.


This Is A First :party:

Posted by Aderia , Jun 17 2012 · 682 views
So, I got to do a little tag teaming, for lack of better term, with my good friend(if you don't believe me, go look at my quote block, and also Zarayna's) Tyler tonight. The idea was "What if Roodaka and Lariska had a showdown, who would win?" So Tyler wrote his version of the clash of the titans first, Femme Fatality, which I highly reccommend. And my version of the battle, Dark Vanity. It feels really awesome to have this story under my belt in partnership with another great author. If you don't want to check my story out, if this blog entry is too conceited, at least go read his.


Kids, Don't Try This At Home

Posted by Aderia , Jun 16 2012 · 317 views

Don't try to hardboil eggs in your microwave. Ever.


My Dreams Are Crushed, Thank You Mom

Posted by Aderia , Jun 13 2012 · 748 views

So my mom waltzes into my room, and looks at an old Epics Critic Club assignment that I'd printed out for easier reading that was lying on my bedstand next to a primitive Matoran doodle, and says, "...you still do this 'Tow' stuff..." *shakes head sadly*

And she wonders why I don't want her to read my writing when she asks. She butched the word 'Toa' but also totally killed any hype I've been feeling from the Flash Fiction Marathon or Summer Olympics.

:smash: <-- My enthusiasm. Except it's not smiling. It's just being crushed.


Zombie Phone!

Posted by Aderia , Jun 12 2012 · 275 views

First off, I added a quote block on the left for those of you who didn't notice, and I finally made 100 entries, this beign the obligatory 101th post :D

Anyways,I'm not sure if I'm joking or not about the zombie part, but a run through the washer killed my dad's cell phone, and two hours in the toaster oven brought it back to life. Go figure.


Cirque Du Soleil

Posted by Aderia , Jun 11 2012 · 474 views

Posted Image

That's right, guess who got to go see Cirque Du Soleil in the Big Apple! Its totally okay to be jealous, all of you.

Anyways. Woke up this past Saturda at 6 AM (omg earlier than school) to start driving up to the Statten Island Ferry, ya know, racking up those hours for my permit. So driving there was relatively incident-less, apart from a couple wrong turns. But c'est la vie, right?

So we get to NYC around 11.30, and my dad and I (daddy daughter date <3) walk to see the new World Trade Center that's going up while munching on $18 street-vendor gook, don't ask me why we bought it.

And then, since our showing time was at 3, we mosey'd around the city until we arrived at the Rockefeller Plaza, and the preformance was in the Radio City Music Hall, which is amazing.

Before the show began, while the audience was being seated, they had these hilarious clowns walking around in the seating areas, and let me tell you, it was pretty cool. They were like photobombing and hula-hooping, like :OMG: .

The actual performance consisted of (I'm abusing Google Images here) :

-People on ladders on people on ladders on pianos on a stage
-Kick-butt juggling , which, I promise you, was so much more awesome in action.
-People in giant hula hoops
-Trapeeze artists and an awesome spider-web set from heaven (complete with a soprano spider)
-A visionary who made sand paintings
-A giant see-saw/Pirates of the Caribbean-esque/Spinning wheel thinger that spun around using person-power and people did tricks while it was spinning around like a boss
-A balancing act like no other, by a man in a bellyshirt
-Smoking hot tightrope acrobats
-A troop of super-human but otherwise normal acrobats
- Of course, comic relief, since otherwise the audience as a whole would be dead from too much suspense.

And, that's not really all of the acts, but it's all I can remember at the moment, and I don't want to overload my friendly blog-go-ers with too much spectacle.

The show ended at around 4:30, and we left the city around 6:30. We stopped at Clinton's Restaurant on the way back to avoid me driving straight into the setting sun, and had a waitress with an awesome Eastern-European accent. Anyways, my dad fell asleep for part of the drive home, which kinda scared the karz out of me, a four-month driver with only 40 hours under her belt. But I actually drove pretty flawlessly. And then, of course, my dad decided to wake up the exact moment I mess up and almost kill a motorcyclist in the slow lane. Just my luck.

But anyways, I made it home safely, and now I'm blogging about it :D

(edit: omg, whole article with only two emotes. I'm on a role!)


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