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#1 Reason For Summer To End

Posted by Aderia , May 31 2012 · 261 views

Les Miserables Fangirlishness love
The only reason I want summer to be over with is so that December will come faster.

Some of you have already heard my speil about this, but the FREAKIN' LES MISERABLES trailer came out a few days ago, and its like a sneak peak of TRUE LOVE!!

Of course, the world will have to wait unti December to witness this cinematic incarnation of pure beauty. But for now, I'm gonna let this poster sit at the top of my blog and make it more attractive :D

Posted Image

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Did summer even start?

I haven't been keeping track.
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May 31 2012 07:28 PM
I assumed you were going to blog about "The Hobbit", but I'm looking forward to this one as well. Never read the book or saw the play, but musical epics (in movies) are a rare thing and I'm looking forward to seeing if Tom Hooper can pull it off.

Also because Hugh Jackman is awesome.
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@Chols: Heh, well the fireflies are out, so yes, summer has officially started :P

@VP: Aha, yes, I am looking forwards to the Hobbit too, but IMO, Les Mis trumps Hobbit. And I have no doubt that Tom Hooper and his star-studded cast will be amazing. (Hugh Jackman FTW *looks for wolverine emote*
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Oh my gosh, YES. That trailer looks so amazing! Les Mis is the most awesome play ever -- I'm sure the movie will give it justice (and that cast, my goodness...Hugh Jackman, Colm Wilkinson!, Russell Crowe, etc.).

I am so excited! Between that, The Hobbit, The Dark Knight Rises...man this is going to be an amazing year for movies (not to mention The Hunger Games, the Great Gatsby, the Avengers, etc.).

Posted Image
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Ahaha, I know!! Anne Hathaway's voice just gave me goosebumps!! I'd forgotten that she could sing. And I didn't even know Russel Crowe was remotely musical (shame on me) XP

And did anyone else hear that the Hobbit (and apparently Mockingjay) is being split into two parts? How are they gonna pull that off?
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Jean Valjean
May 31 2012 08:33 PM
:kaukau: I'm really nervous, in part because I really don't want stars with "I Am Not Leonard Nemoy" syndrome in on this. Plus, there have been plenty of film adaptations, but I'm still of the opinion that none of them are as good as the musical. Don't get me wrong - I love the story and think it will be a great film - but I'm the type of person who likes to listen to his favorite song only once a year to keep it special.

Personally, though, I wouldn't mind it if Disney made an animated version and see if the simple art of drawing could capture the power of the story all the better.

Unfortunately, I have the book, though I still have trouble reading it. Someday, I swear, I will see it done.

Your Honor,
Emperor Kraggh
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I haven't read this - yes, shoot me for saying that. It does sound insanely interesting, because we have Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway (she is pretty awesome), and Belletrix Lestrange (if that is how it is spelled; Helena Bonham Carter). Yeah, I could see this being awesome. xD
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There is never a reason for summer to end.

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Gaelio Bauduin
Jun 01 2012 11:16 PM
Stoked for this, Gatsby (oh god gatsbyyyy) TDKR, and Skyfall.
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@Kraggh: Once a year for your favorite song to keep it special? I've never thought of it that way. Also, I love disney animated movies, and what I really wanna see is something like the old classics, not CGI.

@Peach: Haha, its okay, I've only read an abridged version (like only 600 pages XP) and I'm trying to read a shorter abridged version in French. But the entire cast has me STOKED! I actually just remembered that Amanda Seyfreid could sing, and I think she'll be awesome.

@Dorek: There's never a reason for summer to end? Not even autumn or the Earth's orbit and rotation?

@Ty: Haha, yeah we're in for an awesome summer :)
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Gaelio Bauduin
Jun 03 2012 08:17 PM
Tell me about itttt.

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Ahaha, I know!! Anne Hathaway's voice just gave me goosebumps!! I'd forgotten that she could sing. And I didn't even know Russel Crowe was remotely musical (shame on me) XP

And did anyone else hear that the Hobbit (and apparently Mockingjay) is being split into two parts? How are they gonna pull that off?

Oh I know, seriously. The trailer just started and I was just like "oh my gosh..." Perfect song for the trailer.

Yeah, not sure how I think about that...half of me says YES because it means the last Tolkien movie will last longer (probably...they could do the Children of Hurin, Similarion, etc., but I highly doubt it), but the other half of me says no because I'm not sure where they would split it up, and then that also means we have to wait another year for the second half! Mockingjay I guess is pretty much the same.
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Uggh, yes. The waiting in between movies is absolutely the worst. Like, for Mockingjay, I can think of a few places they could split it up, but the Hobbit? *shrug*
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Aww, not because of the Hobbit?
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