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Cirque Du Soleil

Posted by Aderia , Jun 11 2012 · 478 views

Posted Image

That's right, guess who got to go see Cirque Du Soleil in the Big Apple! Its totally okay to be jealous, all of you.

Anyways. Woke up this past Saturda at 6 AM (omg earlier than school) to start driving up to the Statten Island Ferry, ya know, racking up those hours for my permit. So driving there was relatively incident-less, apart from a couple wrong turns. But c'est la vie, right?

So we get to NYC around 11.30, and my dad and I (daddy daughter date <3) walk to see the new World Trade Center that's going up while munching on $18 street-vendor gook, don't ask me why we bought it.

And then, since our showing time was at 3, we mosey'd around the city until we arrived at the Rockefeller Plaza, and the preformance was in the Radio City Music Hall, which is amazing.

Before the show began, while the audience was being seated, they had these hilarious clowns walking around in the seating areas, and let me tell you, it was pretty cool. They were like photobombing and hula-hooping, like :OMG: .

The actual performance consisted of (I'm abusing Google Images here) :

-People on ladders on people on ladders on pianos on a stage
-Kick-butt juggling , which, I promise you, was so much more awesome in action.
-People in giant hula hoops
-Trapeeze artists and an awesome spider-web set from heaven (complete with a soprano spider)
-A visionary who made sand paintings
-A giant see-saw/Pirates of the Caribbean-esque/Spinning wheel thinger that spun around using person-power and people did tricks while it was spinning around like a boss
-A balancing act like no other, by a man in a bellyshirt
-Smoking hot tightrope acrobats
-A troop of super-human but otherwise normal acrobats
- Of course, comic relief, since otherwise the audience as a whole would be dead from too much suspense.

And, that's not really all of the acts, but it's all I can remember at the moment, and I don't want to overload my friendly blog-go-ers with too much spectacle.

The show ended at around 4:30, and we left the city around 6:30. We stopped at Clinton's Restaurant on the way back to avoid me driving straight into the setting sun, and had a waitress with an awesome Eastern-European accent. Anyways, my dad fell asleep for part of the drive home, which kinda scared the karz out of me, a four-month driver with only 40 hours under her belt. But I actually drove pretty flawlessly. And then, of course, my dad decided to wake up the exact moment I mess up and almost kill a motorcyclist in the slow lane. Just my luck.

But anyways, I made it home safely, and now I'm blogging about it :D

(edit: omg, whole article with only two emotes. I'm on a role!)

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And Starbucks, right? :3

I'm glad you had fun. New York is always an interesting place to visit, and Cirque is a blast to go to.

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Starbucks, naturally. I even made a little toast to you for suggesting it :D
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Cirque is always fantastic; they usually come to my town every year but aren't this summer, I was bummed. Hopefully i can still catch it at some point.
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I saw Cirque Du Soleil a month or two ago. They're excellent.
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Starbucks, naturally. I even made a little toast to you for suggesting it :biggrin:

Awww. Chanks. c:

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@Brickeens: Yes, I am in 100% agreement. Excellent. :party:

@Ty: No prob
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Lucky dawg...
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I believe the correct term is "Lucky duck" :D
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Totally awesome, sounds like you had a blast!
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