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My Dreams Are Crushed, Thank You Mom

Posted by Aderia , Jun 13 2012 · 766 views

So my mom waltzes into my room, and looks at an old Epics Critic Club assignment that I'd printed out for easier reading that was lying on my bedstand next to a primitive Matoran doodle, and says, "...you still do this 'Tow' stuff..." *shakes head sadly*

And she wonders why I don't want her to read my writing when she asks. She butched the word 'Toa' but also totally killed any hype I've been feeling from the Flash Fiction Marathon or Summer Olympics.

:smash: <-- My enthusiasm. Except it's not smiling. It's just being crushed.

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And this is why I don't exactly go out of my way to share my Bionicle stuff with people outside of BZP. It's generally easier for both parties to avoid that sort of conversation altogether.

Cheer up, though. If you still enjoy it, just enjoy it. Your mom might get exasperated, but if she really presses the issue just tell her as much: you still enjoy it, you have friends who still enjoy it, and you're all having a good time with it together. She might judge, but who doesn't? If we all thought everyone else was perfect I bet we'd get awfully bored.
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Jun 13 2012 09:53 PM
Lol, that reminds me of my parents' reactions when I build with Bionicles. They're neither supporting nor criticizing, though -- just apathetic.
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Hey, cool, I'm not the only one that prints out epics when I review them. =P

But yeah that's basically my sister. She thinks it's stupid and lame that I like Bionicle but I've gotten used to it so I don't really care any more. My parents, while they don't know anything about it and probably would be happier if I wasn't into it, thankfully at least realize that BZP/Bionicle is what got me into writing, so they're slightly more supportive than my sister.

But don't let that get you down...parents (or pretty much anyone outside of BZP -- I'm with GSR here in that I never mention Bionicle to anyone outside BZP except one person) don't always get the good things Bionicle (well, more specifically BZP I guess) provides -- increased writing/computer skills, maturity, great friends, etc. -- because it really is more than just a toy line. So yeah, I agree with GSR: if you enjoy it, then just enjoy it.
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Honestly, if you show your parents that this is something you truly enjoy, and ask them to read it, they'll probably also really love your stuff. My mom reads a lot of my work and so does my sister. They can't get into the Bionicle "characters" nor the "universe" but the writing they will understand and the story.

Also some friends will critic you well, but really it's all about how you approach it. Try giving some CoT stories of yours to start out with to your parents and friends. They'll be a little more on the "oh this is GREAT" side, but if they have any criticism at least it'll be face to face.
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the good things Bionicle (well, more specifically BZP I guess) provides -- increased writing/computer skills, maturity, great friends, etc. -- because it really is more than just a toy line.

I've actually read some very interesting research on exactly this sort of thing. The thing about fan communities is that they're excellent incubators for interest-based learning; as all members are active and share a common interest, they naturally are able to integrate that interest into their other skills and hobbies and grow the two together. Fanfiction and the like promotes reading and writing among a segment of students that may otherwise have little to no interest in it; other fanworks do much the same thing for skills like drawing or 3D modeling or design. It's really a fascinating subject, and this is without even going into the alternative social structures it provides and how that creates a more welcoming learning environment.
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I get why that may have destroyed your enthusiasm, but don't let it get to you. A good portion of my family still thinks it's weird that I write Bionicle fiction. It's their personal opinion and they're welcome to it. I don't see why it should affect me if I'm not looking for their approval in the first place.
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First I thought she meant the misspelling of the word 'two' and I didn't get it. Then..

Personally though, after hearing bionicle usually called 'cowabunga' or something, that mispronouncement is minor, very minor.

As to the situation itself, people often say something that comes out a lot worse than they actually intend it to.Aside from that, I can't say much without giving repetition in light of the previous comments. Only...

Don't think about backing out of the summer Olympics; the Zarnalo will be most displeased. :-|
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