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So I Finally Found Out What 'WIP' Stands For

Posted by Aderia , Jul 23 2012 · 1,633 views

WIP = Work in Progress

I feel enlightened.

And after a long war with Photoshop, I finally have a WIP of my own to spruce up my blog.

I was being throroughly thrashed by PS, so I had to fallback and call in GIMP for backup.

Aside from issues with the legs and perspective that I'm working on, for my first 'real' piece of digital art, I don't think it's too shabby.I've got a lavasurfer-type dude in the making, I'm hoping he turns out alright.

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Blessed Blade
Jul 23 2012 11:39 AM
Looks pretty cool. =) Are the pencil lines from drawing it on a piece of paper, or are they drawn onto the virtual image, to simulate drawing it on paper?

But it does look pretty good, and better than what I can do, which seems to be common on here. =)
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aww, thanks :3 and yeah, the pencil lines are drawn virtually, they're just a lighter shade of grey. there are a lot of things I prefer about on-paper art (painting, to a lesser extent, drawing), but there are also a lot of things I like about digital art.
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And now, thanks to you, I know what WIP means too. :P
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Blessed Blade
Jul 23 2012 11:51 AM
That's a very nice touch, I must say; hadn't thought of trying that, even though I don't typically draw virtually. It really adds an aspect that makes you have to do a double take, as it does look like it was drawn on paper; which is a very good thing considering it was done virtually. =)

Did you use a graphics tablet for this? I'm thinking that it'd pretty much be needed for this kind of precision, but I could be wrong. =)
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@Rarity: Haha, I'm glad I could help XD
@Pit: Nice name change, btw. And yes, I actually got a tablet (Intuos4) earlier this summer to keep up with my art while school is out, and the transition from traditional to digital took longer than I expected. But yes, i did use a graphics tablet.
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Anyone who says that "W.I.P." doesn't stand for "Walruses In Pants" is highly mistaken.
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o.O ...that means google is mistaken! i feel so lied to now
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Blessed Blade
Jul 23 2012 06:31 PM
Thanks. =D

I see; that sounds pretty cool, then. =) Would you recommend a Graphics Tablet to others?
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Oh, yes, most definitely. I think by the time you go out and buy decent supplies (well, speaking from the perspective of one who has only taken two years of a highschool painting course) the tablet is cheaper. Are you asking for a recommendation for yourself, parchance?
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Blessed Blade
Jul 24 2012 10:12 AM
Perhaps. I've been thinking about it, but I'd wager that it's still rather expensive of a purchase, even if a good one, due to the different uses that it could have. The problem is, I'm not sure of the different types or anything. =/
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It's a nice chunk of change, yeah, but I use my tablet as a mouse replacement too, its really nice.

I had to do a bunch of research before buying mine too, it was actually fun. Wacom is the only big name in graphics tablets I've really heard of, so that's the brand I went with. As far as I can tell, the Cintiq line is for creative pro's (Uncle K or Empire as of now, I believe he has one). I know I have an Intuos, even though I was originally going to buy a Bamboo. Wacom in general was very highly recommended to me by everyone who I asked, and so I'll pass those recommendations along to you, because I love my tablet =)
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Blessed Blade
Jul 24 2012 03:43 PM
Hmm; I've heard that's a good possibility; you say it's a cool way of controlling the computer? And it works well?

I see; I've heard of Wacom, and I believe I've seen one of their Graphics Tablets before. I'll likely look into it sometime soon, though the only problem would be the price, for me. =)

Are they wireless, or wired? I'd guess wired, but I could be wrong, of course. =P
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Yupp, mine came with a wacom mouse too, though I haven't used that. And I think it works just fine, it takes a bit of getting used to though. But only a bit.

And mine is wired, though for certain ones, you have the option of buying a wireless device, but I opted out because like you said, price.
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Blessed Blade
Jul 24 2012 07:50 PM
I see then; I guess I can understand. Did you have any experience with touchpads on laptops before you experimented with the tablet for cursor option? I'm thinking that might help to get used to the tablet as cursor option, but I could be wrong. =P

Ah, I can understand, then. That makes sense, after all. *Nods*

How do you activate left and right click on the tablet? Does it involve the stylus, or something else?
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Yeah, my wireless mouse kept dying/getting lost, so I've been using the built in laptop touchpad for a couple months. The transition from that to tablet was weird, but I got used to it in like a couple hours. Drawing, however, was different.

And, speaking for my Intuos4, there are shortucts and gestures you can use, and set to your preference, including left/right click. Left click, you generally just tap the pen to the tablet intereactive surface, you can click/drag, etc. etc. Right click, for me, is touching the pen to the surface and holding it there for a tiny bit until the dropdown menu appears, but I think you can toggle that option if need be.
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Blessed Blade
Jul 25 2012 07:07 PM
I don't even have a wireless mouse, so if I use my laptop, I just use the touch pad; the features on my laptop make that even easier than using the old trackpoint on the other laptops, since I can scroll with part of the touchpad. =) Sounds good, though. =)

Hm; that sounds interesting. So, it'd be holding and then dragging, for stuff that needed right click and hold gestures? Just to check?
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I've heard about touch screen laptops. Now those sound cool.

And yes, holding and dragging etc etc, it's in actuality a lot easier than it sounds when you type it out XD
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Blessed Blade
Jul 26 2012 07:54 PM
Well, it's not a touch screen laptop unfortunately, it's just got the normal touch pad under the keyboard as usual,but it's still rather cool. It's unfortunately not new enough to have a touch screen, though they do sound rather cool, especially after so many years of using the Nintendo DS. =D

I see then; that sounds pretty cool. =) Hopefully I'll eventually get to try a graphics tablet out, then. =)
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