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Name Change: Respect The Czech

Posted by Own Personal Quixote , in Writing May 16 2012 · 94 views
Yet another
Because respect is awesome~

Props to those who can find the refs in both halves of the name.


Life And Writing: Getting Act Together

Posted by Own Personal Quixote , in Life, Writing Apr 06 2012 · 103 views
You guys may have noticed my last status update was about computer troubles. Well, I regret to inform you:

They haven't gotten better.

Only one of my family's computers is working right now. Admittedly, it has chatting capabilties...But with everyone demanding their fair share of its use, I'm getting a bit less time than I used to on the 'net.

To further detract from my time, I've become more involved in extracurricular activities (ranking no. 3 in chess club & playing the frg in a mun). I now research UN policy and its countries a lot, and play around six chess games every day; most of this is online.

Finally, I've taken up 10 characters in 4 RPGs.

What does all this add up to?

One very rethinking-personal-RPG-policy Armadijo.

More specifically, it means I'm gonna be allocating less time to each of my chars as I try to 'juggle' all of them by posting for each on separate days. I'm not giving up any. But I'm not going to have time to respond to everything right away like I used to.

I'll provide further updates on the sitch as needed. We may get a new comp at some point soon, but for now, assume me to have much more limited RPing time than I once possessed.


Bzprpg: Bzi

Posted by Own Personal Quixote , Mar 17 2012 · 178 views
Discuss old times here
This is an entry to discuss the Aensetr Derrum season of the BZPRPG. If I deem there to be enough support for expanding this entry to include all pre-NBZP seasons of the BZPRPG, I will do so.

This is an entry in which one may discuss past seasons of the BZPRPG (excluding the nbzp).


Re: Vytautas Mineral Water

Posted by Own Personal Quixote , in Life Mar 15 2012 · 71 views


Bziii: The Infernavika

Posted by Own Personal Quixote , in Writing Mar 11 2012 · 74 views
and 1 more...

Lohkar led the crew towards a crack in the cliffside, well hidden by vines and bushes. They passed through a short tunnel of sorts, before emerging in a sheltered cove.

"'Ere we are, Rogues' Cove," he said. "An' that, is the Infernavika."
A ship was anchored in the middle of the cove. It was of the galleon class, made from reddish wood, with three masts which bore many yellow-white sails. the figurehead was shaped like a bird, with wings outstretched. the word "Infernavika" was written on the left side of the prow in circular Matoran letters, and on the right in triangular Lesterin.

The ship had three decks, the aft one bearing the wheel, and the fore one mounted with a disk-launcher, of the type used by the Gukko Force.

Without further ado, Lohkar strode up the gangplank and jumped onto the deck.

"Ah," he sighed. "It's good t'be back on me ship."

-The Introduction of the Infernavika

-The Infernavika-




First Mate

Second Mate

Order Enforcer


The Captain Aki Rua Doomslayer the First


Mechanic's Assistant
Zmija Lys'Fagas



Maiko Dansan




Italicized Crewmen are only in that group because their actual roles haven't been fully determined yet. Italicized positions are unofficial.

Class: Galleon


(1) Disk launcher-
(2+) Cannon-

Armor: (1) Mail-


-Heavy-duty fireproof sails

Discuss the Cool [pirate] Boat and its crew here.


Mahiki: Restrictions

Posted by Own Personal Quixote , in Writing Mar 07 2012 · 94 views
RPG-related speculation

[03:42:47] @ The Shadowed : Speaking of shapeshifting
[03:43:26] @ Tyler's American Dream : Don't think Emotia's going to appreciate Tillian ending Dorian like that.
[03:43:30] @ The Shadowed : the restrictions on the Mahiki are [such] that one can shapeshift into another form but not have its powers, correct?
[03:43:36] @ The Shadowed : What about innate abilities?
[03:43:38] @ The Shadowed : And I'unno
[03:43:54] @ The Shadowed : Emotia doesn't seem in the kind of state to be thinking straight
[03:44:01] @ The Shadowed : But anyways
[03:44:13] @ The Shadowed : we've seen people turn into gukko so they can fly
[03:44:28] @ The Shadowed : and whatnot
[03:44:45] @ Arithmophobia : Switchfoot's song "Only Hope" just appeared on a Linkin Park channel on Pandora radio. oO
[03:45:12] @ The Shadowed : Does that mean the Mahiki allows people to keep the awesome adaptations of stuff they shapeshift into?
[03:45:39] @ The Shadowed : I, for one, am very fond of [the idea to shapeshift] into jellyfish to gain their nematocysts and whatnot
[03:45:52] @ The Shadowed : And what about partial transformations?
[03:46:10] @ The Shadowed : I've never seen them, but it doesn't look as though the Mahiki's description prevents them at all...
[03:46:14] @ The Shadowed : Just some more speculation
[03:46:18] @ The Shadowed : ^_^


Rap: Epic Rap Battles Of Bziii

Posted by Own Personal Quixote , in Writing Mar 03 2012 · 79 views
Rap battles between RPing chars









BATTLES: 1. Veira V. Tillian and Jaron

2. Shadow Guardian V. Angelus

3. Raknar V. Shadow Guardian

4. Raknar V. Shadow Guardian ft. Teezy

5. Veira V. Tillian

What is this entry for, you ask?

Simple: To duel other members in rap battles about your characters (and occasionally yourself) in the BZPRPG's current incarnation. Anyone can join who wishes to as per blog rules, but note that one will probably be outfoxed easily if one does not play the game.

Remember to keep this stuff appropriate for BZP, guys (only saying this cuz of rap's bad rep). Continue your rapping here.


Bziii: Crane Academy-Stalling

Posted by Own Personal Quixote , in Writing Feb 10 2012 · 79 views
How to get it going again?
This is an entry in which to discuss getting the academy moving as it was before without Ghosthands. Onarax will post soon to start things, I think.


Bziii: Seven Heavenly Virtues

Posted by Own Personal Quixote , in Writing Jan 21 2012 · 240 views
Toa Team
Member TX Wade has posted his idea to create a toa team with members based on the Seven Heavenly Virtues that counters the Daedra. This is the entry in which to discuss said idea; therefore, I will update this one as pertinent to keep up with discussion.

First Day of Discussion:

It has been largely agreed upon that this team of Virtues should be more than just foils to the Daedra.

TX Wade stated that this group will have a twist of some sort. To quote Parugi of Congratulations: '...A reason for being'.

Members Hubert and Parugi have stated one or two of their characters may join. Parugi also put forth the idea that perhaps the virtuous toa team could be more out to protect the island in general as opposed to merely combatting the Daedra.

Member Benluke-116 proposed: [quotename="Benluke-116"]Perhaps the members could all be reluctant about becoming heroes? And making them fight more enemies then just the Toa Daedra would be an good idea.
Another random thought: How about having an member that's a Skakdi or a Vortixx? He/She would still use 'Toa' as a title. [/quote]

TX has vocalized his support for the general idea of the first paragraph, but also expressed he feels that this team's members should not strive for heroism. He believes they should instead try to become 'guardians'.

Second Day of Discussion:

TX Wade and Parugi expressed their dislike for the second of Benluke's proposals. They believe that skakdi and vortixx have certain evil or more neutral stigmas and do not fit in a 'toa team'.

Toa Onarax and Zoma stated that they would like Humility and Patience, respectively. Meanwhile, Parugi specified that the character he has who may join the group could serve as either Temperance or Diligence.

TX stated that he will take whichever virtue is left. He added that he is currently leaning towards Charity and Kindness.


Bziii: Ussalry 7Th Squadron

Posted by Own Personal Quixote , in Writing Jan 12 2012 · 100 views

Salutations! I come to you with decidedly chill tidings.

I got to thinking recently. See, we have PC members/former members of all branches of the island military in this game except for two: The Po-Koro Footmen, and the Onu-Koro Ussalry (correct me if i'm wrong cuz i haven't checked profiles in a while). So I decided to make a PC-exclusive group in one of those two.

Therefore, the experimental Ussalry 7th Squadron has been started with my post for Sulov Koskium, its commander. The exact size of said group will be determined by how many PCs are found to be in it within three five days (read: how many pc profiles for matoran in the squadron that are appropriate considering its entry restrictions are made in that time and are ic'd for meeting up with their commander).

What are the entry restrictions, you ask? I'll keep it simple:

1. Characters in the squadron MUST be matoran who can at the least pull off an exceptional Ussalry impression. Their element doesn't matter as long as they can mimic the strength, night vision, familiarity with tunnels and ussals, etc. of a heavy Ussalry guy.
2. Characters in the squadron MUST wield the saperka, repeating crossbow, stakes, and armor standard for that specific squadron (see koskium for all that), plus ride a ussal. They also must wield a lance-like weapon; this they have some leeway with. They may carry their own weapons if they wish as well.
3. Characters in the squadron MUST have a good amount of training. They can be nuebs to actual combat, but no one gets through the Ussalry without learning how to fight over a few years.

Currently the squadron will have four PC members. I'm hoping to get anywhere between 5-8. Do realize that having a char in the squadron is 'first come, first serve' as well-this group will be fast-moving.

EDIT: Blog entry'd and updated. The wings and shield-disks have been retconned from existence. The protosteel weaponry is approval- pending.

Discuss here. I've edited the quote to reflect changes to the group.


-Ussalry 7th Squadron Members-

Squadron Commander
Sulov Koskium

Deputy Commander
Kol Uskey



Combat Engineer

Weapons Engineer

Character Art Collection

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