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So We Wuz All Liek: "woah..."

Posted by Mangai-Hau , Jan 10 2011 · 176 views
Awa Sum
Is it me, or are my reference pools wide enough for me to be really innovative in the abilities of Toa?

For instance, couldn't a Toa of fire potentially reach great speeds? He coats himself in flame, And heats up the air directly behind him, pushing him forward. The faster he goes, more friction will build up, in turn making him hotter. Rinse and repeat for potentially supersonic speed.

Of course, this is assuming I get everything right, with the thermodynamics and all. :3

Yeah. I also figured out how to use light to heat up Mangai-Hau-


The same principles could be applied for light toa as well as fire toa to reach supersonic speeds!
...That is, as long as they are heat resistant.

Which is why a Toa of Fire or Plasma would be able to do it most effectively.
Also, Heat softens things, making them easier to cut through and- CARKIT MANGS WE MUST MAKE A BLOG ENTRY ABOUT THIS


Two Best Quotes Of The Day

Posted by Mangai-Hau , Jan 05 2011 · 132 views
Awa Sum
"...Who wants to talk politics in Washington?"

"I'm so nervous about the test today!"
"Do you have butterflies in your stomach?"
"Uh, yes..."
"...Drink some insecticide."


71/2 Ways To Use A Really Big Pencil

Posted by Mangai-Hau , Jan 03 2011 · 243 views
Awa Sum
1. Vampire-slaying (Die, Edward!)
2. Drumstick (BOOM-DA-BOOM!)
3. Swordfighting (They make fine gladiuses, you know.)
4. Lever for gigantic catapult (Besiege your friends!)
5. Chuck it like a javelin (Did I just peg your nose? Whoops, sorry.)
6. Attach a message to it and shoot it near the intended reciever [If your message is not particularly...Savory, then retreat with all speed (i.e. run like cark)]
7. Whirl it like a windmill to deflect bullets (Unfortunately, this one only works if you are starring in a highly unrealistic movie.)
7 1/2. Write messages to aliens on the ground (Cornfields make awfully nice places to do this one.)


Make Your New Year's Resolution

Posted by Mangai-Hau , Dec 28 2010 · 365 views

to join the BZPRPG Season 2011. Because if you don't, I'll make my shore turtles hug you to death tongue.gif Savvy?

Seriously, even if you're a newb to RPGs, they're redoing everything, so the convoluted storyline will be gone, and the new environment will be newb-friendly. Everyone will be starting over.


It's Pretty Funny How Things Work Out Sometimes

Posted by Mangai-Hau , Dec 22 2010 · 124 views

Today was the last day of school, right before vacation. And I still had a lot to do.

Knowing that this was my last chance, I packed my last presents for my friends at school into me backpack. After waiting a while, the bus finally came, and thus ensued a long and boring trip.

Almost as soon as I got to school, I, myself, was given a present by one of me friends (I'll call him Million). I hurriedly drop the package in me locker and close the door, without remembering where, exactly I put it.

Soon after, I try to give my present to another friend (for story purposes, I'll call them Martial). However, she refuses it.

Almost as soon as this happens, me teachers notify me that I have been chosen as part of a group of elite 8th-graders to go to the governor's inauguration.

Fast forward to lunch: I open my present and thank Martial, who then asks obliviously: "Any lunch money?"

I smile and give her the money I was planning to give her.

Fast forward to E-Period: I look around for Million's present, but can't find it anywhere. I shrug, not that unhappy, and continue me work.

Later, on the bus, I am incredibly bored and decide to look one last time through me backpack. As I do so, I realize that this is it. I'm never getting the present, in all likelihood. And I start to get slightly more anxious, more unnerved about this possiblity (irrational, I now realize, but that's just me for you). Arriving at the conclusion that it appears not to be in me bag, I open the bag of several cookies that I planned to give to me friends all together but was unable to. After all, it can't hurt...

...But I'm thinking a lot more than it can't hurt when I see Million's present staring right back at me.

Finally, at home, I realize something: if not for the smallness of my town and, therefore, me lack of competition, I possibly would not have been picked to see the governer.

Now, what does this all mean?

Right now, Mangai doesn't think life can get any better, for him, and for others. A strange series of coincidences led to this conclusion, but they are all worthy of undying happiness.

Have a great holiday season, folks!


Cookie Powers, Go!

Posted by Mangai-Hau , Dec 21 2010 · 200 views

I have a teacher who nicknames everyone in his classes (coincidentially, he's the teacher that gave me a 95 on my homework disscussed in an earlier entry). Thus, if the need arises, I will use his nicknames, as they are, for the most part, completely random.

Anyways, my nickname fell out of usage a while ago, and yesterday, he finally decided to give me a new one...


So, I went home happily, but then...

I had an idea.

If he gave me this nickname, shouldn't I live up to it?

So, I grabbed me comp, went to that vid site, and blasted "C Is For Cookie" (Cookie Monster's song, from Sesame Street) into me ears.

Today, I went to school and sang it, along with my normal repitoire of Kryptonite, Frontlines, Whispers in the Dark, Etc. I'm not sure if everyone around liked it, but they're probably used to it by now XP

After the first four periods, I went to lunch.

And guess what we had for dessert?

Yep, you're right...


Methinks this is no coincidence, and that the cookie gods have looked kindly upon Mangai. Next time, I shall sing it to me heart's content.


"mang, You're The Only Person I Know

Posted by Mangai-Hau , Dec 17 2010 · 182 views

that skips while humming Star Wars.


Mr. Mudskipples Says

Posted by Mangai-Hau , Dec 09 2010 · 235 views




Blitzing Is Boring

Posted by Mangai-Hau , Nov 28 2010 · 162 views

This weekend, I played six games of Chess. As you can probly surmise from the title, I blitzed my way through half of them. The other half, I'll actually blog about tongue.gif

Game 1: Mangai (Me) V. Uncle Potato (not his real name)

I open with a knight and my queen deploying, whereas he sends out his bishop and knight. Dancing around his counterpart, the knight blazes a path straight into P.'s left flank, overrunning all enemy forces there. Uncle P. simply smiles as he sends his queen plowing into my knight-

-And then realizes, to his dismay, that his queen is his king (Did I mention this chess set was a Star Wars version? tongue.gif ). My knight, Han Solo, finally comes to a rest sacrificing himself to kill the bishop, but by this time, the damage has made its mark on P.'s forces. Now attacking with my queen and other offensive pieces, I cut a swath through the rest of his forces, and, trading a few offensive pieces for his last quality forces, force a checkmate.

G2: Mangai V. Potato

I open with a similar offense, bishop and queen now attacking, but he is normally better than me at the game, and it shows as my offense crumbles and falls. Though I do not lose the queen along with most of my other offensive pieces, it's game over for me when he corners the king in between Darth Vader and a hard place.


Another blitz-like opener with my first powerful offensive moves, Obi-Wan (the queen) and a trusty Leia (bishop) zinging across the board. Hacking holes into Dad's battle line, my forces charge in an all-out offensive. Unfortunately for me dad, he is tired and makes many mistakes, letting me gain the intitiative. Using forking moves and trading my pieces in Total War against Dad, he finally crumbles, and Darth Sidious falls to Obi-Wan, Luke, and Han Solo.


Wa Contest #1: Team #2 Discussion Entry

Posted by Mangai-Hau , Nov 21 2010 · 411 views

Team #2, KNI, Daedalus, and myself, we have a contest to win. We don't have much to go on, which is good. My plan is that we should enlist in each one, though I'm not sure who should write the SS, if anyone. Any ideas?

Oh, yeah, one last thing: doods, if we write for either, could people please use Arcanio and Virgil? I'd like to use them, as they have almost no backstory or anything, as well as SHEER AWESOMENESS :3

If no one knows what I'm talking about, here's my Arcanio/Virgil sample:

Arcanio's steps seemed to split the earth itself.

A giant of a man, Arcanio literally shook the earth with each step his comically small legs took. That is, comically small compared to the hulking mass of muscle and sinew that was his torso. Covered in armor fashioned of a silver metal, he appeared to be a monstrosity even more so when one examined his right arm. Unlike Arcanio's left arm, it was covered in a mishapen mass of metal that made it three times thicker than the other arm. Claws came out of its stumpy ending instead of fingers, lethal stilettos ready to stab. Half of his face, as well, was covered by the same gunmetal blob. Dangling lose at his belt was a war hammer, and a serious-looking one at that. Covered in glowing red and white runes, the hammer had a huge axe blade on one side, whereas the other had the traditional metal head. To top it off, literally, the top of the hammer had a huge spike mounted upon it. His face was covered by a helmet shaped like a wolf's head, which was appropiate considering his company. Next to the giant, a gray wolf plodded along faithfully, its blue eyes showing a stoic determination like its master's. Virgil was the pet's name, but Arcanio did not consider Virgil a "pet"; rather, to him, the canine was his partner.

The two travelled on through a canyon, its walls a rusty red. Once, long ago, a stream had babbled there. Now, the only sounds were the shaking of the earth under Arcanio's feet andt he cawing of crows. He saw a throng of them overhead now, descending. It was all prefectly normal-

-Except for the fact that crows didn't live in the desert.

Suddenly, one of them dive-bombed Virgil, biting the wolf in the ear. Howling, Virgil twisted this way and that, trying to shake the bird off, but more were coming, and soon, the wolf was covered in crows, snapping and clawing at him.

And then Arcanio descended upon them like a thunderbolt, literally. He had been preparing all this time, storing his magic, and now he unleashed it, lightning sparking off his right arm and hitting the crows. They scattered, shocked, then re-formed, and turned to attack Arcanio himself.

At first, their pecks were just a nuisance as he shocked them off, but gradually, he realized two things: his electric attacks weren't affecting them any more, and his armor was being penetrated by their beaks. Slowly, ever so slowly, he was losing.

Now, he decided, was time to fight. Grasping his war hammer's hilt, he threw it, spinning, into the crowd of crows. They screamed, trying to get away from it, only to die smashed by one head, impaled by the spike, or cut in half by the blade. Flying around, the hammer cut another swath through his foes before Arcanios caught it. That dealt with most of his enemies.

However, the few left were still pecking and clawing at him, and he was, by this time, covered in stabs and slashes made by the crow's natural weapons. Arcanios tried to punch them off, but to no avail. The crows seemed to have a near-magnetic grip on his armor, not to mention a near-metal constituition of their feathers. Closing his eyes, Arcanios prepared to die-

-And then heard a howling battle cry. Reopening his lids, the titan saw Virgil, descending upon the crows once more. Smiling, Arcanios used his last bit of magic to turn Virgil's fur into metal temporarily, and the iron wolf literally wolfed down his enemies as they fultiley tried to pierce the wolf's armor, gulping them down like chicken.

Finally, the battle was over, the canyon floor covered with the corpses of the birds. Sitting back and relaxing in the shade of the canyon, Arcanios and Virgil licked their wounds, then, tired from the combat, went to sleep.

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