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Oh Why!

Posted by Scanty Demon , May 16 2012 · 63 views

Oh why did I think clicking the "Mark all as read" button would be a good idea? Why?!

Also only recently noticed I had a mask of light two year spinny. Other than that......oh god why is there a non spinny copper mask next to my proto bar?


Not This Again

Posted by Scanty Demon , May 15 2012 · 78 views

From the other Bionicle wiki talking about the pony........fad.

The fad that currently seems to have invaded BZPower is the My Little Pony fad, in which members who call themselves "bronies" have been changing their avatars and sigs to pictures of ponies from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The fad currently shows signs of dying, as more people are changing avatars and sigs to something else. However, there are still few bronies left, so the fad is still going. Meanwhile, Bionicle seems to be gaining popularity in the Brony community, due to many parallels and common voice actors between the Season 2 finale and the Bionicle movies.

Right because we total don't have genuine interest and just want have avatars of ponies and signatures of ponies because we can. Oh don't forget bronies are just people who post pictures of ponies everywhere and not fans. This is why I prefer BS01.


Ello Chaps

Posted by Scanty Demon , May 08 2012 · 65 views

Good day govenar, it has come to my attention that a few people seem to think I'm English because of me accent. That's hogwash, I mean really I don't see any reason for them to think me an Englishman. Sure I may sound like an englishman but that doesn't mean I'm from Britain. Really I wish I knew how they got that bloody idea in their heads. That ludicrous thought bugs me from the time I wake and sport a pair of trousers to night when I enter me flat. I'm still trying to figure out, maybe one of you chaps has figured out. If you do It'd make me day, thank you for your time lads.

To any actual British people, I in no way mean to offend you. This is simply a joke and should taken as a joke. If you do find this offensive, I am truly sorry.


Late We're Back Entry

Posted by Scanty Demon , May 05 2012 · 52 views

Well we're back and I missed my blog.

Anyway with my BZP addiction returning I look through the epics section and think to myself: why aren't I writing anything? Seriously I really need to post something so I can finally put to rest that "I need to write something" feeling. But I've found myself being stopped something and unable to continue. Sometimes I find too many plot holes and stop writing to figure out how I fill those holes. On the plus side I am writing a comedy with a friend on BZP so that's always good. In conclusion, I want to write something but can't because writer's block, laziness, or some obstacle.


Hey Eeko

Posted by Scanty Demon , Apr 22 2012 · 71 views

Hey Eeko
We've been seen together before. In the time before the great upgrade Lady Kopaka hosted a contest to create a character for the sequel to her epic Glitch in the System. There were a lot of entries, among which were Toa Velox, Lloyd: The white wolf, Eeko, Vezok's Friend, Me (at the time I was Muharax Makuta of insanity) and more I'm too lazy to look up. Here's the link for the contest entry since this is before the upgrade be careful with the links. For those who don't want to waste time looking I'll post Eeko's and my entry below.This the entry for the winners and the honorable mentions. I'm in the honorable mentions with Eeko and now we're friends.

The entries:


Name: Kadina (real name unknown)
Species: Makuta
Gender: Female
Age: unknown 
Alignment: Crimelord

Appearance: On the outside feminine body and build, covered in rusting armor with something of a mask with a visor doubling as a view port. Her hands resemble the talons of an eagle (or Gukko bird).

Underneath the armor plates reveals a vast complex of Exo Toa parts, Rahkshi armor, and Toa armor. She stands at 7'4 enough to literally look down on a Toa.
Mask: pre armor destruction unknown, current mask none.

Personalty: Kadina is cunning, clever, cold, calculating, and seductive, but is rather impatient and has a short temper when it comes to her "followers" failing at an assignment. 

Bio: Kadina's past is mostly unknown but what is known is that she was an explorer of islands unknown. She eventually found her way to an unknown island, after stories of her explorations she became a hero and a celebrity of sorts. 

Not everyone, though, thought kindly of Kadina. A shrewd Turaga ordered one of his servants to hire an assassin to kill Kadina. However another servant thought he had to hire an assassin and did the same. The assassins were both Toa, of what elements is unknown, the Toa met up at a graveyard and crushed Kadina with a boulder. 

Kadina, being a Makuta, manage to escape death thanks to her antidermis form taking control of a corpse going after the two Toa. She found them both in the Turaga's mansion, after the two left she stormed the mansion and mortally wounded the Turaga going after one of the Toa.

She managed to track down one of the Toa at a boat preparing to leave. Kadina attacked the Toa as the two struggled a wave washed the two out to sea.

What happened to the Toa is unknown, but Kadina washed up on the shores of Jiahk. After building herself a new body she eventually attracted followers and formed a gang (eventually gaining control of the alleyways and streets). She now lives in an abandoned skyscraper, but only those she requests can see her.

Weapons: From a detachable buzz saw, claws, and drill to rifles and katanas. Also uses hand to hand combat in close quarters.

Weaknesses: She cannot take heavy damage otherwise her essence will leak out. Armor needs repairs almost constantly. She no longer has the powers that Makuta traditionally have. Whenever enraged tends to get blinded by her rage.

I think I overused the word "unknown" should've called Unknowerax.

Eeko's entry

Eeko, Oct 03 2010 02:55 PM

Name: Kako. (Long A and O)

Appearence: Very ancient looking matoran of lightning. Generic dark blue and white coloring, she wears a lighter blue noble Akaku

Personality: An eccentric, slightly mad, very useful matoran. Is given to ramblings and talking to herself. She's a genius at mechanical or electronical devices. 

Bio: Kako has lived on Jiahk her whole (quite lengthy) life. She lives in a run down apartment building, filled with an odd assortment of gadgets. Niihlus will occasionally hire her for help on a tough problem.

Probably won't win against some of the more 'thought out' entries, but it was worth a shot.

Eeko's entry was in color but I couldn't get the color.

So there you go now we're friends. Shame Lady K has been too busy, but she did say she would try to write it but who knows. I just thought that was interesting.


Canterlot Wedding Entry (I'm Creative)

Posted by Scanty Demon , Apr 21 2012 · 113 views

Well I wasn't able to watch the episode on tv so I had to look online. It took me a while but I finally watched it and I was impressed.

The first episode I liked because even though Twilight believed Candence (squee) was evil we didn't see that and could see that everybody had a legit reason to not suspect her (that is very rare in stories). The end:

What I was thinking would happen:

Applejack: Congratulations
Rainbow Dash: Congratulations
Fluttershy: Congratulations
Owlalicious: Whoo
Rarity: Congratulations
Spike: congratulations
Twilight's parents: congratulations
Twilight Sparkle: what, help!


Part 2 I think I liked better than part 1 mainly because they got away with the violence. Not to mention Princess Cadence. Though I wish the mane six helped a little more with helping defeating the villain but that can be forgiven. All in all I liked it this does I have to wait for season 3 but I think this means I can get back to writing pony fanfic and reading pony fanfic. I might also be interested in watching The Legend of Korra

Also when I mean to say Camelot I say Canterlot don't know why. Should I be worried?
The "congratulations" thing is a Neon Genesis Evangelical reference don't know if anyone will get it.


Members I Confused For Other Members

Posted by Scanty Demon , Apr 20 2012 · 36 views

BZP has a lot of members, but for some reason I've gotten a few mixed up here are just a few.

1. Master Inika and A Pleasant Shade of Xinlo
—Two Fluttershy avatars makes one confused Nyctophobia. I believe during the whole winking christmas hat wearing pony fad (good times) I got even more confused.

2. Aho-Chan and Comrade Gato
—Correct me if I'm wrong but I think these two were promoted around the same time. I think I actually remember their promotion topic. However I think I remember going to one of their profile pages and thinking I was on the other one's for a while actually.

3. McSmeag(tell me if I spelled that wrong) and Janus
—I remember Janus and I remember McSmeag, one of them helped me get into MLPFiM. But I never actually made the connection that they were different people. Only after Janus stepped down as a staff and I commented on McSmeag's profile feed did I figure this out *facepalm*. However I now remember McSmeag is the sexier one.

4. Takuma Nuva and Valenti
—I saw these guys when I first posted in the MLP topic. Unfortunately it took me quite a while to figure out who was who. Luckily I figured this out before I embarrassed myself (not that I did it before).

5. Dorek and Erebus
—I remember these guys from the BS01#5 contest. Admittedly I never quite figured why I got these two mixed up.

6. xccj, chocolate frogs, and 55555
—All I have to say is three reporters one problem. Although I think I confused Chocolate frogs and 55555 more often than not.

That's pretty all I could remember getting mixed up with. Hopefully I will not have this problem in the future but there are a lot of members. 6_9


My Heart Has Been Stolen

Posted by Scanty Demon , Apr 16 2012 · 43 views
Pony, princess and 2 more...
I have a new favorite princess, and her name is Cadance!!

Don't worry Celestia, you'll always have a place in my favorites and you Luna.
Should I change my name to Princess Cadance after Eye Beam Lasers?


A Stunning Revelation

Posted by Scanty Demon , Apr 15 2012 · 28 views

Dun dun duh!

The communists made Mario to hypnotize kids into obeying the USSR. Just look at it.

Why yes, yes I was bored.


My Friday The 13Th

Posted by Scanty Demon , Apr 14 2012 · 22 views

Really nothing unlucky happened yesterday. The only thing of any out of the ordinaryness was some middle schoolers. One of them had some....uh.....let's just say when he gets to high school no girl will want to be near him and leave it at that luckily for me the kid's friends agreed he was an cool dude. My response to kid having a thing for older women can be summed up in this picture.

Okay I admit it I only made a blog entry so I could use that picture. Also my Q&A entry isn't doing so well :( .


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