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Desperado Inc.


Is this a good idea

Posted by Sundowner , Sep 02 2012 · 96 views

So I got this idea for a name change fad where you change your name to that of a fictional or real life dictator (with some exceptions of course) but then I had second thoughts. What you guys think?


That new Doctor Who episode

Posted by Sundowner , Sep 01 2012 · 79 views

I'm not spoiling anything but all I can say is what. The.The following was censored becaused the word was extremely long and extremely not safe for BZP. So instead enjoy this emote -Word filter :smeag:

In all seriousness that episode changed the way I look at Doctor Who forever.

Please I wrote the word filter text not the actual word filter. Be cool and unfortunate if it was.


So that Great Being

Posted by Sundowner , Sep 01 2012 · 82 views
That was sad, No comments?
So now that the news about who the great being was has come out, I want to share some info with you. I had no who the revieled GB was so I made this entry to show you who I thought it was, enjoy.

Who I thought the actual GB's MU body was:

Who he actually was:


Neil Armstrong 1930-2012

Posted by Sundowner , Aug 25 2012 · 68 views

"There can be no accomplishments without risk,"
-Neil Armstrong

Thank you for being the first man on the moon and an inspiration to many Americans during the Cold War and now. Whenever I see the moon I'll give you a wink and a thanks. You may be gone but you'll never be forgotten. Goodbye Neil Armstrong mission accomplished.

"This one step for man, one giant leap for mankind,"


I remember when

Posted by Sundowner , Aug 24 2012 · 62 views

You know that notification thing in the top right corner, I remember that no matter what I could always count on something being updated. Seeing that red number always brought some sort joy knowing that I can now see new posts. However, since my three week exile (which I discovered had 113 updates) I've hardly had any updates. I used to be able to go anywhere and return to see 8-14 updates or so and now I'm lucky to get 1. I miss that little red number, now that it's gone BZP seems like a lonely place though I'll be staying until only two members remain.

Tune in next time where I ask the question why in the name of Celestia do you people post at such late hours?


I got something new

Posted by Sundowner , Aug 22 2012 · 79 views

It's none other than a brand spanking new HP Pavilion dv7 laptop. Now my own computer so yeah no I need to install mircosoft and all that other stuff. First downloads: Blender, Firefox, Celestia, Adobe flash, and now Mircosoft office. Let's see what this badboy can do.


I don't think I'll ever understand

Posted by Sundowner , Aug 19 2012 · 120 views

Why some people are so negative here?
Why am I more optimistic here than in real life?


Dear Organization XII members

Posted by Sundowner , Aug 17 2012 · 115 views

Congratulations your organization as a whole has made me completely confused as to who's who. The trouble first began when I mistook Squish E. Frog for Dorek and believed he joined me and my fellow bronies only to come to the reality it was Squish E. (I still approve of his About me section) to add insult to injury I later discovered Dorek doesn't have an About me section. More trouble when Grimore asked me about Spec Ops the line (he thought it was bland FPS and I replied it is anything but a bland FPS with lose-lose decisions and things that will actually make you feel like crud) the problem was I had no idea who in the name of love he was. The worst part is that I have three Organization XII members as friends so I have a hard time remembering who is who. Now if you'll excuse I'm going to try and convince some members to change their names to the names of fictional spies with Black six being the guy in charge of the "Circus" codenamed "Control" from the novel "Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy" or the guy who gave James Bond every one of his missions.


Some epic... thing

Posted by Sundowner , Aug 16 2012 · 92 views
writing, horror, something and 1 more...
Seeing as I recently finished Spec Ops (I'm probably going to be constantly mentioning the game) I was inspired to write something similar to it in a sense. What I want to write is a critique or deconstruction of the Order of Mata Nui's ability to not worry about someone judging them for their actions. I also want to make similar to the CIA in that they do things that they think are good but in the end cause more harm. I want to deconstruct their whole "for the good of Mata Nui" attitude, one problem though I'm not sure what I will be able to write for fear it may cross some of BZP's rules for epics. It's still in the planning process so I might need to think a little more. Any thoughts?


A new theme

Posted by Sundowner , Aug 12 2012 · 52 views
Spec Ops: The Line, Get it
My blog is now a Spec Ops: The Line themed blog. Spec Ops The Line is one reason why videogames are an art form. It takes a critical look at games like Modern Warfare and makes you question every action you do in the game. You play as Captain Walker (voiced by Nolan North what hasn't voiced in) a Delta Force member along with Lt. Adams and Sgt. Lugo who search the ruins of Dubai to Joesph Konrad and survivors. They start as the standard shooter arch types but over time they develope into more and lose their sanity. Eventually you have a new enemy, rogue US soliders who've committed mass excutions and hit civilians with white phophorus in the name of order. There are no good or bad decisions just decisions that someone has to pay for. One brutual scene involves the classic "Death from Above" found in most shooters (the black and white infared screen where every person is white) where fire a white phophorus mortar. You shoot a bridge, there are a lot of white silouettes, you fire, you investigate the scene and make a gruesome discovery:
"War is not pretty" is not only a massive understatement but the entire point of the game and it shows. I could go on but this would be a very long and we don't have the time for that.

So yeah my new theme is Spec Ops: The Line, I need to find better pictures to use.


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Name: Muharax Makuta of Insanity
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Interests: Bionicle, fan fiction, Harry Potter, PS3, Littlebigplanet, BZpower, reading other fanfics, music, tv, philosophy, sociology (the study of human behavior), politics (don't worry I won't bring politics up on BZPower), iPod, weather, Hurricanes, and history.
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Epic: Heroes of Darkness (first work when I was a Noob don't read)
In an odd turn of events six Makuta are forced to be the heroes to defeat Six evil Toa and gain the riches of the mythological island of Dermis Nui.
Hiatus PG

Coming soon:
The Unforgiven Sin (working Title)
Three stories, one killer. The island of Cyro Nui has had a long turbulent past, the island has undergone a revolution, lunatics run free and are now animals in the jungles, and the island is divided between North and South. A killer who strangles his or her victims leaving a rose bud near or on the victim is now terrorizing the island one Makuta, two Toa, and three Order of Mata Nui agents begin searching for the Strangler of Cyro Nui.