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Shiny Chariot's Magical Fiesta


From: Comedy Forum Expo: Fall 2012

Posted by Scanty Demon , Oct 22 2012 · 160 views

Mr. Dzerzhinsky stepped onto the stage, the audience was looking around worriedly because he said he had his agents all around them. He seemed to take no notice of this though as he stepped up to the podium. He brushed his suit and straitened his hat before he spoke.

"Good afternoon comedy goers," he said with a slight Polish/Russian accent "I know you are very excited to see what I have and should look at this as a privilege. You see when I took over this profile, I exiled the original person who owned this profile. Looking through his things, some of which I found to be quite odd, but one thing I found was this comedy. I liked it so much I decided to contact this person, TNTOS, who he was working with, and asked him he wanted to continue with me."

Dzerzhinsky gave a small wave to TNTOS, who waved somewhat nervously back. He tried to leave his seat but was stopped by one of Dzerzhinsky's agents who held out a pair of realistically looking vultraz's feet.

Mr. Dzerzhinsky continued "When mr. TNTOS agreed (with a little persuasion) I sent some Cheka agents of mine to look for this....er interesting fanfic, most did not comeback sane. So in order to fight this the original co-writer of this "mst" decided to do that do something special to it. So I studied every detail of the exiled person to get his personality right. Thus we created something that we hope you find amazing.

"What have we done you ask? Well in the comedies section there are two ways to write a comedy. One is the use of script format which is quite popular and prose form which occasionally do better but are harder to write. What we have done is something that the comedy section has seen, we have done something I say revolutionary. We have combined these two forms of comedy writing into a single comedy. This is something called MSTing named after the popular tv show Mystery Science theater 3000. The format is where characters riff and remark on bad movies here it applies to fanfic. Now we will demonstrate this revolutionary concept me and Mr. TNTOS hope to bring to the comedies."

Felix turned to the large projection screen behind, and with a simple hand gesture the screen lit up to show... slide show in Russian (If one were to translate it'd say "The Revolution and you. Why you should stop worrying and just relax). However with another hand gesture the slide changed. The title read: A New Destiny by Katuka. Then the room darkened and the comedy began.

New Destiny
By Katuka*
Hi! Im Katka, this is my third fanfic so no flamez. Bonicle was my fav toyline til lego was stupid and ended it and replacedit with Hero Faitry. Bring it back LEGO! :!!!:!1!!1!1 Here's my fabfic. Original charter dont steel. Enjoi.
Nuhrii: Her character must be very special indeed if she's warning us not to "steel" it[/sarcasm]
Muharin: well anyone who does is seriously lacking in brain power indeed
Chapter 1 Life changin
Muharin: Wow who knew the number one could change lives?
Nuhrii: I always liked the number 2 better, myself

Katuka Serenity sat in her algebrs 2 class and sighed. Mr. Stenso was teaching the clas about logarithms, she aready new this. She was 17 years od but looked 21, she also the prettiest and smrtest girl in school. Every1 in the school said she sould be a model but she aways told them she'd be a veteran iron
Nuhrii: What do you have to do to be a "veteran iron"?
Muharin: Date a Toa of Iron?

Her stuning sliver locks reflected the sunlite shining through th windo. every boy wanted to date her but the way thy looked at looked at he disgustd her. 1 feature that was the most stuning bout her, beside her goddess body, was her urple eyes no one else she had them.Nuhrii: I had purple eyes once, but my doctor told me it was a resurgent childhood illnessShe always wondred why she had them. Her parents never told her y she had them Sense her rents died wen she was 4 years old.
Muharin: Honey I don't think they died.
Nuhrii: She probably has purple eyes because it's a resurgent childhood illness.

"Who can tel me wat the answer to log8(X-7)=log8(X+4) is?" Mr. Stenso asked looking around the class. Katuka raised her hand, Mr. Steno saw it. "Okay Katuka, what is th answer to this question.""X=11," she repled cofindent she was right.
Muharin: Unfortunately the class was blinded by Katuka's lock of hair, so they were unable to answer
Nuhrii: I'm no math wiz, but I have a feeling that's not the right answer
Muharin: Same here

"Sorry Katuka its X=11/2," Mr. Stenso replied "But that was a good try." Katuka began to brek into tears, she new it was the rite answer Mr. Stenso was wrong. Shr would 1 day show him he was wrong.
Muharin: (katuka) YOU WILL PAY!!
Nuhrii: Holding petty grudges? I'm liking her already
Muharin: I did that once
Nuhrii: Yeah, what was it for?
Muharin: I'd rather not say *starts crying* don't throw me again!
Nuhrii: O_o okay let's move on

The bell ran and the class left th room "Rember class pages 112-113 2-34 evens for homework tonite," Mr. Stenso called to the class as the class left.

Katuka walked passed the students til she got to he locker wiping her tears. Next to her locker to boys were talking about only th most populer and greatst toy of there generatin,
Muharin: Gundam? Roboriders? Exo-Force?
Nuhrii: I know! Galidor! It has to be Galidor!

boinicel. It was the beast thing sense sliced bread, there was no one on eart who didn't have them.
Muharin: Darnnit
Nuhrii: *sniffs* I wanted it to be Galidor . . .

Source: Comedy Forum Expo: Fall 2012


This sucks

Posted by Scanty Demon , Oct 21 2012 · 186 views

Well my laptop won't let me post anything. And I mean anything it won't even let me type in the text box. So now I forced to use my iPod for posting anything now. Anyone know why?


Mr. Dzerzhinsky's first Press conference (ask entry)

Posted by Scanty Demon , Oct 20 2012 · 399 views

That's right you read that correctly, today the head of the NKVD will be answering your questions regardless of how stupid they are (for comedic purposes of course). First I must lay down some rules, first there will be no "In soviet Russia" jokes just because I work in the C.C.C.P. doesn't mean you can make jokes about my current residence plus you'll be shot. Second don't ask about the Tsar really, Lenin won't let me talk about him much. So go a head and ask your Cheka leadership any question, and I mean any question.


After effects of Squidward's Suicide

Posted by Scanty Demon , Oct 18 2012 · 495 views

Posted Image


What happened during Presidential Debate

Posted by Scanty Demon , Oct 16 2012 · 431 views
News, the more, the merrier

MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (CBS Connecticut) — A Middletown woman is accused of driving drunk after drinking a half a bottle of hand sanitizer.

According to The Middletown Press, police say 36-year-old Jennifer Wilcox lost control of her car on Oct. 5, almost crashing into another vehicle.

Officers arrested her after she failed a field sobriety test, blowing a blood alcohol level of .17. Wilcox “admitted to drinking one half of a bottle of hand sanitizer,” police told the Press.

Wilcox told WTNH-TV that she drank the bottle of hand sanitizer on her own merit.
“I just saw it there so I drank it,” Wilcox told the station.

WTNH reports that Wilcox drank the equivalent of 32 shots of vodka.

“It’s the same alcohol in beer, in wine and Jack Daniels, however, it is more concentrated,” Dr. Danyal Ibrahim said of St. Francis Hospital told the station.

Wilcox was charged with driving under the influence and was released on $500 bond.

Yep hand sanitizer, I kid you not my friends.


Don't mind me

Posted by Scanty Demon , Oct 15 2012 · 253 views

Posted Image
Pay no attention to the rpg in my hands.


Chols you wanted a Gorillaz parody

Posted by Scanty Demon , Oct 13 2012 · 579 views

Posted Image
  • Top Right: Sumiki
  • Top left: Chols
  • Bottom left: Me (Trixie avatar)
  • Bottom right: Bambi (Sweetie Belle avatar)
The Stone Apez! Would you believe this took forever to make, it's not perfect but good enough. Thoughts?


How I feel

Posted by Scanty Demon , Oct 13 2012 · 165 views

Posted Image
And I don't know why


Need to use this

Posted by Scanty Demon , Oct 08 2012 · 162 views

Posted Image

Need to eventually use this for my avatar or something, Spike just looks so cool like that.


A new voter in town

Posted by Scanty Demon , Oct 06 2012 · 213 views

That's right after a few days or so I'll officially be able to vote. Granted I'll be able to only for president because I hardly know what the other choices are but I don't care. Now I'm not telling you who I'm voting seeing as it is quite obvious by my about me block, which means I'll be making a lot of BZPers mad (they won't say it here, outside of BZP will be bloody though reference no one gets XP). So yeah that's all I have to say oh wait I'm gonna vote for.......

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