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Shiny Chariot's Magical Fiesta


Best GIF of 2012

Posted by Scanty Demon , Dec 31 2012 · 203 views

Everyone just pick out your favorite gif you found during the wonderful year of 2012. I'd post mine but I can't decide between my "shut up" gif and the dramatic Berny gif. So yeah, just post them with why you like it or some such text.


My sad secret

Posted by Scanty Demon , Dec 29 2012 · 269 views

I thought staffie Friar Tuck was actually named Friar Truck (it's like a pun only horrible). You all now have permission to laugh.


Mcsmeag Fanclub Member List

Posted by Scanty Demon , Dec 28 2012 · 2,718 views

Ladies and Gentleman there is a person who is within our mists that is perhaps the greatest person who ever lived. He is perhaps someone who embraces even the most insane shippers, begging them to come at him with everything they've got. He doesn't need guns to end war all he needs is a guitar and a stage and you can guarantee peace will rein in that region for centuries. The only reason he doesn't go to every war torn region with his music is because life would be boring and plane tickets are expensive. He doesn't care how hipster he is because to him it just increases his awesome might. He will make Bruce Campbell, Ernest Hunsten, Darth Vader, Lord Voldemort, and even Hannibal Lecture stop dead in their tracks crying like little girls. He can even make the most interesting man in the world look like a dead tree trunk. Who is this man in all his glory? His name is McSMEAG or Paula Cole. This list will insure you will worship McSmeag be apart this Fanclub. We accept everyone even your pet or plant. So join the cult Fanclub of McSmeag because why not?

Explanation: Remember the Q&A contest my entry involved a McSmeag Fanclub and placed second in the preliminary poll and made it to the final poll. It did not win and it maybe got second place. So I decided to make the Fanclub a reality.
  • Makaru
  • Aho-Chan
  • Comrade Gato
  • Plantbert (Roablin's plant)
  • George (Roablin's pet)
  • Paleo
  • Gamzee Makara
  • Tent163phantoka
  • Dwanny
  • Simply Vorex
  • Arc
  • Ryuujin
  • SmoothJazz
  • Ballom
  • Lord Oblivion
  • Sumiki
  • Innerrayg


I am incredibly bored

Posted by Scanty Demon , Dec 28 2012 · 223 views

Posted Image


Nurse Who

Posted by Scanty Demon , Dec 28 2012 · 241 views
what am, doing, ???
Hey remember there was speculation about a female Doctor and the infamousish "It's called doctor who not nurse who" thing. Well if they changed it to Nurse Who that mean: 
Posted Image
Rory would be the new Doctor! 


Me Christmas booty

Posted by Scanty Demon , Dec 25 2012 · 512 views

Avast ye maties, today Captain Felix Dzerzhinsky shall share with ye me booty. Me booty for today is:

Bamboo Splash (with Artrage and Sketchbook express) art tablet

"What? That can't be all ye loot!" You ask. Well I have already plundered most of me loot a little while before this Christmas Day. So that is me Christmas booty, come again land lubbers I enjoy the company.

Don't ask about me pirate speak, ye forum sailors. I just woke up with up it. But I think I be keeping this accent for time being.


Can't sleep on Christmas

Posted by Scanty Demon , Dec 25 2012 · 482 views

Title says it all, I'm unable to fall asleep for Christmas. I am really not sure why but I really need to fall asleep soon or I'll be really tired tomorrow. Any suggestions for sleeping?

Oh yeah Merry Christmas from Felix Dzerzhinsky
Good night


Hey look everyone

Posted by Scanty Demon , Dec 22 2012 · 240 views

Posted Image
George, George
King of the jungle, watch out for that tree!


The true meaning of Apocalypse

Posted by Scanty Demon , Dec 21 2012 · 243 views

According to Wikipedia:
"is a disclosure of knowledge, hidden from humanity in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation, although this sense did not enter English until the 14th century."

So what have we learned today? I learned never play Sburb because that will cause asteroids to destroy the earth. What did you learn?


Weekly News Reports on End of the World

Posted by Scanty Demon , Dec 20 2012 · 350 views

Posted Image

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