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Shiny Chariot's Magical Fiesta


An interpretation of MLPFiM

Posted by Widowmaker , Sep 30 2012 · 222 views

Hey man MLP has like deep political messages and like offers insight into philosophies. I mean come on it's obvious that Pinkie Pie represents the Absurdist school of thought, AppleJack is clearly an Objectivist, Rarity is capitalist, Fluttershy is a non violence activist, and Rainbow Dash represents the idea of living everyday like it's your last man. Twilight Sparkle like represents the intellectual and her actions are like the representation of they try to understand these concepts man. The disagreements between Applejack and Rarity represent today's politics I mean the "this is how I get into bed" debate represents how the two political have like different policies they'd implement if they were in charge.


Where I live

Posted by Widowmaker , Sep 25 2012 · 133 views

Have you ever wondered where the elusive Felix Dzerzhinsky lives? Well someone has to, but for those who do here's your chance just click http://wallpaperfora..._Wallpaper.jpg'>here to find out! It's actually a nice place except the winters are awful. So now you know where I live.


Dear Black Six I love you

Posted by Widowmaker , Sep 22 2012 · 234 views

If comments here continue to argue and borderline flame, this entry will be locked an administrative action will be taken.

This goes for both sides - calm it down. I know it is an issue many of you feel strongly about, but BZPower is not a forum for educating and debating philosophy, physiology, and world views.

Black Six you are my new hero, I've wanted to say this but was afraid of my comment being deleted or ignored. So take Black Six's advice and stop arguing will get us nowhere. That goes for both sides of the argument, okay, okay, good. So anyone seen the Watch_Dogs' gameplay trailer? It looked awesome, and I want it.


It all makes sense now

Posted by Widowmaker , Sep 18 2012 · 117 views



This must be said

Posted by Widowmaker , Sep 17 2012 · 100 views
Im a, horrible person
My notifications refuse to notify me before I go into an updated topic that I follow. I think they have gotten lazy on me, I will not allow this I never allow anything of mine to get lazy on me. Just look at my agents they aren't lazy and therefore effective. I hope this will be fixed soon.

(In other news I might get a twitter account so look for a Scanty Demon account soon maybe).



Posted by Widowmaker , Sep 13 2012 · 189 views

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Heh heh heh. Sadly I could not attend this party (running secret police and agents hard work).


On this day 11 years ago

Posted by Widowmaker , Sep 11 2012 · 132 views

I remember when I wake up that day to see this happen. I was young, naive, and stupid, I had no idea what was going on only some bad guys killed abunch of people and that there was no school that day. As the years go on, I learned more that these people weren't just eululz they had goals they had lives, they had plans, and they had need for destruction. I had learned that to everybody around them, they were normal flight school students, until a former flight school student recognized the way the plane banked was someone he was in a class with. The more I learned, the more I felt bad for young naivity; I think back a go "why did I think that, thousands of people died and all you were happy about was school closed." I've change since then I know what happened and why it happened. I thank the heroes of the military and the passengers of Flight 93 who did something that I don't think many of us would even dare to think of. They lost their lives but saved many more from being lossed that day. I mourn for the loss of the passengers who died on the other three flights, I've seen their faces on memorials and pray for their families. We all came together that day, it didn't matter who you were, we all Americans, we were all people who lost someone on those flights. We came together and mourned. So on this tradgic day we shall never forget those who died while they are gone they will always be with us.

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Attention all agents

Posted by Widowmaker , Sep 05 2012 · 245 views

Attention all members of the Bionicle Zone Power Intelligence Agency, we have made an dangerous discovery. It is believed that an outside agent has loaded the forum with a substance known as Crazystuffinium. Your mission is to find out who is doing this and make sure we are safe from outside intrusion. Please say your real username and false username (current name-Spy you chose name) and be ready for action. Felix Dzerzhinsky out.

Alright folks if want to change your name to a fictional or not fictional agent you may do so now. Good luck and don't let me down.

1. XIV. Xion(JiMing)-TF2 Spy
2. Vorex: Keeper of Time-Austin Powers


How many know this?

Posted by Widowmaker , Sep 03 2012 · 180 views

Since the stafff have fallen to the effects of crazystuffinium, I've established the BZP Cheka to counter this problem. However a problem has come up how many of you know who Mr. Dzerzhinsky is or what he did? Tell what makes me so special in history that has made me famous. Now I must coordinate my field operatives removing crazystuffinium is hard work.


Your mission should you accept?

Posted by Widowmaker , Sep 02 2012 · 330 views

Your mission should you accept? I'm curious if I asked you to change you name to fictional espionage agents how many would accept? This is totally not meant to counter members who have changed their names to Organization XIII members or to overthrow Black six and replace him with someone worse. So do you accept?

If you would like to be a real life agent go right ahead though you will have to work with fictional operatives.

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