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Terrible Joke inc.


What happened during Presidential Debate

Posted by Vivian James , Oct 16 2012 · 242 views
News, the more, the merrier

MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (CBS Connecticut) — A Middletown woman is accused of driving drunk after drinking a half a bottle of hand sanitizer.

According to The Middletown Press, police say 36-year-old Jennifer Wilcox lost control of her car on Oct. 5, almost crashing into another vehicle.

Officers arrested her after she failed a field sobriety test, blowing a blood alcohol level of .17. Wilcox “admitted to drinking one half of a bottle of hand sanitizer,” police told the Press.

Wilcox told WTNH-TV that she drank the bottle of hand sanitizer on her own merit.
“I just saw it there so I drank it,” Wilcox told the station.

WTNH reports that Wilcox drank the equivalent of 32 shots of vodka.

“It’s the same alcohol in beer, in wine and Jack Daniels, however, it is more concentrated,” Dr. Danyal Ibrahim said of St. Francis Hospital told the station.

Wilcox was charged with driving under the influence and was released on $500 bond.

Yep hand sanitizer, I kid you not my friends.


Don't mind me

Posted by Vivian James , Oct 15 2012 · 170 views

Posted Image
Pay no attention to the rpg in my hands.


Chols you wanted a Gorillaz parody

Posted by Vivian James , Oct 13 2012 · 222 views

Posted Image
  • Top Right: Sumiki
  • Top left: Chols
  • Bottom left: Me (Trixie avatar)
  • Bottom right: Bambi (Sweetie Belle avatar)
The Stone Apez! Would you believe this took forever to make, it's not perfect but good enough. Thoughts?


How I feel

Posted by Vivian James , Oct 13 2012 · 100 views

Posted Image
And I don't know why


Need to use this

Posted by Vivian James , Oct 08 2012 · 91 views

Posted Image

Need to eventually use this for my avatar or something, Spike just looks so cool like that.


A new voter in town

Posted by Vivian James , Oct 06 2012 · 136 views

That's right after a few days or so I'll officially be able to vote. Granted I'll be able to only for president because I hardly know what the other choices are but I don't care. Now I'm not telling you who I'm voting seeing as it is quite obvious by my about me block, which means I'll be making a lot of BZPers mad (they won't say it here, outside of BZP will be bloody though reference no one gets XP). So yeah that's all I have to say oh wait I'm gonna vote for.......


Hey Guys!

Posted by Vivian James , Oct 01 2012 · 165 views

Posted Image
Just do it okay.


An interpretation of MLPFiM

Posted by Vivian James , Sep 30 2012 · 184 views

Hey man MLP has like deep political messages and like offers insight into philosophies. I mean come on it's obvious that Pinkie Pie represents the Absurdist school of thought, AppleJack is clearly an Objectivist, Rarity is capitalist, Fluttershy is a non violence activist, and Rainbow Dash represents the idea of living everyday like it's your last man. Twilight Sparkle like represents the intellectual and her actions are like the representation of they try to understand these concepts man. The disagreements between Applejack and Rarity represent today's politics I mean the "this is how I get into bed" debate represents how the two political have like different policies they'd implement if they were in charge.


Where I live

Posted by Vivian James , Sep 25 2012 · 113 views

Have you ever wondered where the elusive Felix Dzerzhinsky lives? Well someone has to, but for those who do here's your chance just click http://wallpaperfora..._Wallpaper.jpg'>here to find out! It's actually a nice place except the winters are awful. So now you know where I live.


Dear Black Six I love you

Posted by Vivian James , Sep 22 2012 · 192 views

If comments here continue to argue and borderline flame, this entry will be locked an administrative action will be taken.

This goes for both sides - calm it down. I know it is an issue many of you feel strongly about, but BZPower is not a forum for educating and debating philosophy, physiology, and world views.

Black Six you are my new hero, I've wanted to say this but was afraid of my comment being deleted or ignored. So take Black Six's advice and stop arguing will get us nowhere. That goes for both sides of the argument, okay, okay, good. So anyone seen the Watch_Dogs' gameplay trailer? It looked awesome, and I want it.


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>approvals >this blog

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Credit to Toa Mata Pony for drawing this. She's awesome at this stuff.

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