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Taming A, Oh Forget It.

Posted by Scanty Demon , Dec 23 2011 · 314 views

So I was walking one day and I came across a Creeper. It looked lost (okay it had the same expression) it looked lost so I decided to help it. Unfortunatly I sorta forgot that Creepers like to blow up on people and let's just say I learned a valuable lesson. Don't talk to strangers.

To sum it up:
Lost Creeper+Me wanting to help=KABOOM!!!

I lost a tooth, broke my arm and leg, have a ringing in one of my ears, and I became a cyclops.

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Lord Kini Hawkeye
Dec 23 2011 01:45 AM
I feel for you...

I mean, i used to think that creepers are just misunderstood, but now i see the light. They're getting smarter, using our compassion to lure us to our inevitable deaths.

How long until they learn to open doors. Or, or, climb through windows. The Horror :o
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This story is completely believable, I believe it 100%.
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It looks like you used to be a miner.

Till you took a creeper to the knee.
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Scanty Demon
Dec 23 2011 01:23 PM
I am and now I have dedicated myself to stopping Creeper violence against people. It's nice to know people believe me, the cops don't believe me. There are ongoing gang wars between Creepers, Zombies, and Skeleton men. Sadly there is infighting between the Creeper gangs (which is pretty much them sending one of their own to blow up in the other's camp). When I found him I thought I could change him for the better but instead he blows me up.

@Lord Kini Hawkeye I think they have I came home one night and found two Creepers in my guest bedroom (the doors were shut). They were arguing about something and I tried to kick them out but instead they both blew up. I was lucky to survive but both caused damage to the room. I'm suing the family of the Creeper that blew up in my face. Hope it goes well.
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