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Being Bored Makes Me Find Weird Stuff On The Lmbs

Posted by Scanty Demon , Apr 02 2012 · 215 views

Hello everyone, so today I was pretty bored. In my boredom I was thinking about have some entry where I did something like Count Bleck and post and have name like Ponies and post pictures of ponies. However I realized I could never live with myself if I did that so I decided to look around the LMBs. Here's some stuff I found.

Hey people, 
It's true! Bionicle's story is still going on bionicle story .com! If you go to latest story and click on story serial you will find extra comics!!!!!!!!!!!They don't have pics but still really good. I know this info isn't really new, but I'm not sure how many people knew about it. 


The bolded stuff is for emphasis

Greg Farshtey was original inventor of Bionicle, possibly the most epic LEGO story I ever was fortunate to keep up with. Eventually, Bionicle stopped, and I thought someone else came up with Hero Factory. I was wrong. I have seen Greg Farshtey's name on the Hero Factory comic books. If I could say one thing to Mr. Farshtey, I would say this: Why did you dump Bionicle for Hero Factory? I think there are more people that are upset that Bionicle left versus people who like Hero Factory better. I could be wrong, though. Greg Farshtey may be doing the comics, but maybe he didn't have anything to do with the loss of Bionicle. I think I would be less upset if the Bionicle ending was longer. If you ask me, I think they rushed the ending so that way they could get Hero Factory out faster. They didn't say ANYTHING about the new Golden Armor that Tahu wears in the end. Post your thoughts here. 

(Mods, please approve)

Please tell me everything that's wrong with the above quote. Here's the thread the above comment came from. Also there are two threads called "The Bionicle Comedy central" and "The Hero Factory Comedy central" you really may want check out for bad humor.

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Apr 02 2012 08:03 PM


The sets have disappointed me as well. I mean,with Jawblade for example, $8.99 for 45 pieces? And it doesn't even shoot anything!(...)

I like the part where he blatantly ignores the fact that the Agori and Stars were, like, eight dollars and had an average of about fifteen pieces.
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