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Pridak with a Shotgun



Posted by ankyfdarkness , Jul 31 2014 · 520 views

Just want to get your guys' thoughts on college.

As a man who is close to finishing his associates degree, I'd like to hear what everyones' expectations are/were and how life has treated you during/after/before college.



Favorite Mega-Pokemon?

Posted by ankyfdarkness , Mar 27 2014 · 700 views

I love Mega-Kanga, mostly because Kanga has always been a badbutt 'mon and the fact that the Mega-Stone seems to be evolving the "baby" Kanga and not the adult Kanga is just awesome.
Honorable mentions to Mega-Banette (so cool looking) and both the Mega-'Zards (getting a little love after all these years). 
Which is your favorite Mega and why? 


Pokemon Y & X Battle Maison

Posted by ankyfdarkness , Dec 18 2013 · 883 views
pokemon, x and y, dragonite
After fully EV'ing my Dragonite I was board of playing online so I went over to the Battle Maison and cobbled together a team to harvest a little BP.
Dragonite was in the lead with this spread:
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 HP
Moves: Thunderpunch (Pikablu and Togekiss are pains), Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Dragon Claw
Item: Lum Berry.
Ability: Multiscale
The other two members were Mega-Kanga with Fake Out/Sucker Punch and Cloyser with Shell Smash and Focus Sash. Didn't really expect anything great from these dudes, but I was only trying to have fun so it didn't matter. 40 Battles into the Super Single Challenge and I thought, "Darn!" this strat really works. Basically, open with Dragonite and get a DD boost. Multiscale and the lum will protect you, so you're almost guaranteed one boost. Then deal as much damage as possible and clean up with one of the other two after 'Nite dies. At least, I thought so until I met some really powerful Ice Pokemon in the first three battles, each one of them in the lead spot.
Pro tip: Icicle Crash KO's through Multiscale.
Anyways, I was sure this was a fail team, but I kept chugging away. After some time (as long as there was no Ice pokes in the lead spot packing Crash :P) I realized Dragonite was just as crazy good as ever. When my 41st opponent had a team of Cobalion, Terrakion, and Tornadus and 'Nite destroyed them all (taking a stone edge from Terrakion like a boss) I was convinced, this team was pretty good. I beat the Maison head at battle #50 and got a statue erected in my honor, 50 BP, and a snazzy Trainer Card upgrade. :)
What experiences have you guys had with the Battle Maison? Any stories, "What the Heck?" moments, or the like? Let me know, and thanks for taking the time to read my rambles!


Competitive Pokemon: X and Y

Posted by ankyfdarkness , Dec 08 2013 · 602 views
X and Y
So, after logging a solid 60+ hours playing against wifi opponents and other PvP matches I have some thoughts on the 6th gen. I've been playing 3v3, Doubles, and 6v6. All are fantastic formats that I urge everyone to try if they haven't already.
Mega-Kanga is crazy. Period. If it's running Fake-Out in doubles for weaker Pokemon that's half their health gone in a hit, same for singles. Power Up Punch on this thing is verging of broken. Return, after a PuP in particular, is crazy powerful. I like using Impish 252/hp 176/def Gliscor and after PuP is blew through me in 1 (count it) 1 hit with Return! I was in shock. Only thing it seems really weak to is Ferrothorn holding a rugged helmet. At least I thought that until I meet one who had Fire Punch. Thing is unpredictable and should never be taken lightly.
In a similar vane is Mega-Pinsir. Sporting a whooping 155 base atk, dude will wreck shop if it gets a swords dance online. Worse still, its ability turns all its normal moves into the flying type, so quick attack becomes a solid priority move. If Pinsir comes in against a weakened team that's pretty much it right there. Talonflame seems like one of the few things that stop it at that point.
The large amount of setup sweepers is amazing. I remember in gen 4 when a team was happy to get one boost and struggle to a win from there.  Now every poke and its mom has some boosting move that will destroy your team unless you're careful. Quiver Dance, Shell Smash, Lucario getting a Nasty Plot or Swords Dance, Kanga getting off a Power Up Punch, Pinsir getting of a Swords Dance, Aegislash getting off a Swords Dance, Swords Dance in general, Dragon Dance, Tail Glow, etc. What's worse is the baton passers like Scolipede and Smeargle that can make even the cutest Pokemon a terror. Lost to a baton pass team using Clafable as the recipient. The rest of my team had already been exhausted, and after a few Cosmic Powers in addition to the boost it receive the thing was impossible to take down.
Ghost type is new best type. Losing the steel resist was huge. I've seen Aegislash spam Shadow Ball because there isn't much you can do about it anymore. Dark isn't known as the type for powerful walls, and Normal is Normal.
Misses from moves are more costly than ever. Miss a Toxic on that Kanga? You lose. Couldn't burn that Aegislash? You lose. Focus Blast miss your target? Now you get swept. This point goes hand in hand with the above. Sweepers are just so destructive in this meta.
Which leads to my final point: stall is dead. While some might argue it was dead a long time ago, it's absolutely true now.  
Thanks for reading this rant and if there are any things you guys have noticed about the current PvP formats or any Pokes you find OP/weaker than before let me know!     


Pokemon Battles

Posted by ankyfdarkness , Jan 24 2013 · 824 views

My wifi is working again, so I'm on the hunt for people who would like to battle. OU would be the tier of choice. Let me know if you're interested.


Assassin's Creed 3

Posted by ankyfdarkness , Sep 20 2012 · 929 views

Anyone excited for this game?


Wii U?

Posted by ankyfdarkness , Sep 15 2012 · 744 views

Anyone else want one of these?



Posted by ankyfdarkness , Sep 08 2012 · 1,575 views

Strange question, does anyone wish they had a different accent? If you don't want a different accent, is there any accents you find charming, awesome, sexy, etc.?


Metal Gear

Posted by ankyfdarkness , Apr 12 2012 · 471 views

It's something I don't really see much of around here. Anyone else play these great games?


Rachel Macwhirter

Posted by ankyfdarkness , Apr 10 2012 · 523 views

To any of you Homestuck fans out there who have listened to the coloUrs and mayhem album you will most likely know how awesome track 30 is.

I'm here to say that all of Rachel's work is fantastic. I highly recommend a listen when you've got the time.

For those of you who don't know who Rachel is, I recommend you find out. :) She's a wonderfully talented singer and song writer.


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