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Pridak with a Shotgun


Karkat Moc

Posted by ankyfdarkness , Dec 03 2011 · 232 views
homestuck, troll
Basically, can it be done?

What other Homestuck characters would you like to see in Bionicle form?



Posted by ankyfdarkness , Dec 02 2011 · 232 views

I just finished act 5 and can honestly say if you haven't read it yet you might want to go take a look. It can be a bit slow at first but if you can stick with it you won't be disappointed.


Metroid Ridley!

Posted by ankyfdarkness , Apr 23 2011 · 205 views

I've been thinking about this for a while so I'll post it here to see what everyone thinks.

Which Ridley incarnation is the best?

I personally like him from the Manga the most, but what do you guys think?


Pokemon Battle

Posted by ankyfdarkness , Mar 17 2011 · 159 views

I'm kinda Poketized right now and the last time it happened this bad was the end of 2009. tongue.gif Oh well what can you do.

Anyways I'm posting this to say that anyone who wants to have a battle with me please just post here or drop a PM. I play OU, UU, NU and mixed tier. 4th gen battles are my thing so no Black and White right now. I'm only available to play during the evening so we'll have to set up a date accordingly.

Platinum FC: 3739 5920 7628

I look forward to some battles!


Pokemon Black And White

Posted by ankyfdarkness , Mar 10 2011 · 196 views

Yeah! Black and White are out in America and I wanted to know what your guys thoughts on it were.


No Signature

Posted by ankyfdarkness , Mar 04 2011 · 297 views

Just realized my sig is missing. I checked and my banner was indeed 102.54 KB. Sorry Mods! It won't happen again!


Favorite Pokemon?

Posted by ankyfdarkness , Feb 18 2011 · 297 views

Black and White have been out in Japan for a while now but for us here in America we're about to get are first taste of the 5th gen in March. The new Pokemon in this generation will bring the grand total up to 649.

That's a lot.

It started to get me thinking. "What are my favorite Pokemon?" There are plenty to choose from, and throughout Pokemon's extensive history the lineup has changed but I finally came up with my top five favorite Pokemon and a brief history of how they became my favorites.

When Pokemon came out there was one monster that appealed to me more than any of the others...Charizard.

Indeed, many other people at the time would join me in saying Charizard is their favorite. How can you not like a fire breathing, orange dragon with a steely expression and burning tail. The fact that this beast evolved from your started Pokemon was just the icing on the cake. He also came with awesome moves like flamethrower and fire blast. Charizard was cool and was without a doubt my favorite pokemon.

And it remained that way all though the 2end generation. Typhlosion came close but it just couldn't beat the awesomeness of Charizard.

A few years later and we come to the 3rd generation. All of a sudden Charizard had competition for coolest dragon. Monsters like Rayquaza and Salamence were pretty awesome.

I still liked Charizard better but I could now say that it was a close lead between him and Rayquaza. there was also another Pokemon I liked that wasn't a dragon although it was still powerful. The Pokemon Metagross also held a certain appeal for me.

Still Charizard was me favorite. I just couldn't let the old guy go.

That was about to change when the 4th gen came out. Garchomp was the coolest thing I had ever seen in a Pokemon game and with out a doubt he took the place of Charizard.

At this point I'm sure you realize I have a thing for fairly powerful Pokemon. What can I say...they're awesome! But as the 4th gen progressed I found myself liking another Pokemon by the name of Weavile. In fact I liked him so much I started to realize he was even cooler than Garchomp. I decided Weavile was my favorite Pokemon.

There was just something about the typing, the looks, and the characteristics that made Weavile awesome. However, the top spot was about to change again when Platinum came out and the Pokemon Scizor gained the new move bullet punch.

This guy was the reason I started to win more and more battles. Add that with a wicked look and a powerful gaze that means business, needles to say I feel in love with Scizor.

So the final roundup of my favorite Pokemon looks like this.

#1 Scizor

#2 Weavile

#3 Garchomp

#4 Rayquaza

#5 Charizard

So, what are some of your guys favorite Pokemon and why?


Red Pin Blue Pin

Posted by ankyfdarkness , Feb 08 2011 · 240 views

You know a MoC is good when the only thing people complain about is the red and blue pins.


One Less Cat...

Posted by ankyfdarkness , Feb 07 2011 · 238 views

One of our cats just died from kidney disease. crying.gif She was only five years old.


Mocist's Block

Posted by ankyfdarkness , Jan 29 2011 · 269 views

I think there is such a thing as MoCist's block...becuase I have it! Does anyone have an ideas for something I should make? Maybe if I hear a good idea I'll be inspired to build something. tongue.gif


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