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Pridak with a Shotgun


Final Version Of Regilus Is Up!

Posted by ankyfdarkness , Jan 27 2011 · 222 views

Alright, after all those WiP pictures I'm proud to present the final product.

Here is the topic!


Chess Club

Posted by ankyfdarkness , Jan 26 2011 · 222 views

Yeah...went to a chess club on Monday and got schooled by a seven year old girl. Life is so full of happy cheer! tongue.gif She was actually really good. The match did end up as a stale mate although she did have a chance to check mate me. No idea why she didn't take it. shrugs.gif


Like Pokemon And Pikmin?

Posted by ankyfdarkness , Jan 24 2011 · 218 views

Well, then you should definitely check this guy out from MoCpages.

This is just an example of his amazing work!


Remember Toa Onepu? Well He's Changed Into Something Better.

Posted by ankyfdarkness , Jan 23 2011 · 340 views

After a bit more polishing in the workshop and a complete change of his head Toa Onepu has now become...Regilius!

Pretty cool right? I took what advice I could from Lord Oblivion and then came to the conclusion that the custom body I had build was just not the right theme for a Toa. After swapping out the head and giving the MoC a pair of guns Toa Onepu was now Regilius the hunter. I'm still working out a story for this new character but I can say I like the overall look and feel of this guy more than a Toa.

To be honest I personally love him but what do you guys think? I am always open to suggestions. smile.gif


Toa Onepu Wip

Posted by ankyfdarkness , Jan 22 2011 · 984 views

I've finally made a new MoC! After so long a delay I proudly present to you Toa Onepu! Or at least his WiP...

Upper BodyLower Body
The reason this is a WiP is becuase there are a few things I'm not happy with.
First off this guy needs a weapon. Any suggestions?
Second, I'm not sure I like those chunky ankles. Any impute on that front would be welcome too.
Finally I might do a little more smoothing on some of his parts.
These are all small problems/complaints and I think he looks good as is.

Overall though, I think this is one of my favorite MoCs yet.


Doctor Hoddie!

Posted by ankyfdarkness , Jan 19 2011 · 173 views

Just pre-ordered an awesome Doctor Hoddie today! And I'm talking the Doctor from Assassin's Creed. The Prowler was cool to, but I had to go with the Doctor 'cus he's awesome. smile.gif


Do You Like My Reviews?

Posted by ankyfdarkness , Jan 17 2011 · 179 views

As many of you who frequent BBC know, I review a lot of MoCs. My question is do you like these reviews? Should I format them differently? Should I explain something more clearly? Should I focus on one important thing about the MoC instead of a more generalized view?

What do you guys think? I'm concerned my reviews are kinda hollow.

Here is a sample review from this topic.

"Well, I can honestly say I don't think this is your best MoC. However I can say that there are some great creative ideas going on here. The face in particular uses some pieces very well. Rotor's helmet, the orange tube and the shin guard. I would have preferred two eyes but that's just my own personal opinion. The rest of the body is cool but it somehow feels hollow. It's just kind bare. Maybe if you put two more of those orange Bohrok eyes towards the back it might look better. But I still think this is a nice little MoC. Keep up the cool work."


Renaissance Medicine

Posted by ankyfdarkness , Jan 16 2011 · 165 views

Just got book about Renaissance medicine from online. Can't wait to read it! The book follows a Doctor named Leonardo Fioravanti so it should be an interesting read.


Tomorrow's A Holiday!

Posted by ankyfdarkness , Jan 16 2011 · 175 views

Yippee! The sweet smell of a holiday, and freedom.


Biding On A Huge Amout Of Pieces

Posted by ankyfdarkness , Jan 16 2011 · 148 views

Sooooo....I just bid on a huge amount of pieces from Ebay. biggrin.gif The auction looks good so far and it ends in six hours. I'm Stoked! I really need these pieces for MoCing.

EDIT: And with that I won! Can't wait to get my new pieces. smile.gif


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