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Favorite Pokemon?

Posted by ankyfdarkness , Feb 18 2011 · 306 views

Black and White have been out in Japan for a while now but for us here in America we're about to get are first taste of the 5th gen in March. The new Pokemon in this generation will bring the grand total up to 649.

That's a lot.

It started to get me thinking. "What are my favorite Pokemon?" There are plenty to choose from, and throughout Pokemon's extensive history the lineup has changed but I finally came up with my top five favorite Pokemon and a brief history of how they became my favorites.

When Pokemon came out there was one monster that appealed to me more than any of the others...Charizard.

Indeed, many other people at the time would join me in saying Charizard is their favorite. How can you not like a fire breathing, orange dragon with a steely expression and burning tail. The fact that this beast evolved from your started Pokemon was just the icing on the cake. He also came with awesome moves like flamethrower and fire blast. Charizard was cool and was without a doubt my favorite pokemon.

And it remained that way all though the 2end generation. Typhlosion came close but it just couldn't beat the awesomeness of Charizard.

A few years later and we come to the 3rd generation. All of a sudden Charizard had competition for coolest dragon. Monsters like Rayquaza and Salamence were pretty awesome.

I still liked Charizard better but I could now say that it was a close lead between him and Rayquaza. there was also another Pokemon I liked that wasn't a dragon although it was still powerful. The Pokemon Metagross also held a certain appeal for me.

Still Charizard was me favorite. I just couldn't let the old guy go.

That was about to change when the 4th gen came out. Garchomp was the coolest thing I had ever seen in a Pokemon game and with out a doubt he took the place of Charizard.

At this point I'm sure you realize I have a thing for fairly powerful Pokemon. What can I say...they're awesome! But as the 4th gen progressed I found myself liking another Pokemon by the name of Weavile. In fact I liked him so much I started to realize he was even cooler than Garchomp. I decided Weavile was my favorite Pokemon.

There was just something about the typing, the looks, and the characteristics that made Weavile awesome. However, the top spot was about to change again when Platinum came out and the Pokemon Scizor gained the new move bullet punch.

This guy was the reason I started to win more and more battles. Add that with a wicked look and a powerful gaze that means business, needles to say I feel in love with Scizor.

So the final roundup of my favorite Pokemon looks like this.

#1 Scizor

#2 Weavile

#3 Garchomp

#4 Rayquaza

#5 Charizard

So, what are some of your guys favorite Pokemon and why?

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Unfortunately I don't know a lot of Pokemon, so my choice is kinda limited to Gen I.

That being said, my favourites are Graveler and Kabutops. They were the top players of my team in Yellow and without them I doubt I could've beaten the game as fast as I did.
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Ballom Nom Nom
Feb 18 2011 06:02 PM
I really hope Scizor get totally nerfed in Black and White. I hate that thing. Every single noob who plays competitively has one, and even with no skill it can kill things just because its Attack is stupidly high. annoyed2.gif Yes, I have two, but no, I don't use them often.

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Feb 18 2011 06:24 PM
QUOTE(Ballom @ Feb 18 2011, 06:02 PM)
I really hope Scizor get totally nerfed in Black and White. I hate that thing. Every single noob who plays competitively has one, and even with no skill it can kill things just because its Attack is stupidly high. annoyed2.gif Yes, I have two, but no, I don't use them often.


Ah, It's not that bad! *CoughSizor'scheapCough* It's true you see this guy a lot and it's for good reason, though. That's why you make sure you team can head him. I'm talking magnet pull Magnazone here. Strange that you never see him. shrugs.gif

Edit: Also I've heard that Scizor has been less useful in the 5 gen thus far. Give it a year or two and we probably won't see him as much.
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I love most of the Gen 3 Pokémon, actually. They were really cool.
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Feb 18 2011 06:26 PM
I can see why! Absol is one wicked looking Pokemon.
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Feb 18 2011 06:29 PM
Generation I

Haunter. When I first saw him I knew he was one of my favorite Pokemon. His insane style is complemented by the fact he has disembodied hands floating around in front of him. Purple is also one of my favorite colors, and it works well here, too.

Generation II

Wobbuffet. It's easily one of the cutest Pokemon around, and it has an awesome design. I mean, it's a flipping punching bag for crying out loud! The expression on his face is also very adorable.

Lugia. The blend of dragon and dinosaur properties mix together so well that he is impossible for me to resist. I dislike his winghands, though.

Generation III

Blaziken. A tall, lanky, Pokemon that has flames erupt from his wrists. The design on him is very nice, and I enjoy his moveset.

Gardevoir. No real specific reasons for liking her, I just do.

Generation IV

Mismagius. It's a floating wizard hat with eyes. Seriously. I love almost every aspect of him, except for his wonky neck.

Darkrai. They gave nightmares a form, and they couldn't have captured it better. His big, blue, innocent eyes reflect his desire to not hurt anyone, however. He pushed aside other Pokemon with his awesome looks and amazing signature move.

#1 Darkrai
#2 Haunter
#3 Mismagius
#4 Wobbuffet
#5 Blaziken
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Gen I:

It's hard to pick favs from the classics. There all awesome in there own way.

Gen II:


Who doesn't like a Pokemon that goes from a sleeping lazybones to a Sp. Attack master?


Anyone who doesn't like the #1 legendary dog fails.

Gen III:


Since Mudkip was my first ever Pokemon, so it's not hard to see why I like his evo.


Best regional bird. 'Nuff said.
Gen IV:


Although annoying in Smash Bros., Munchlax is a humorous character and my fav of Gen IV.
Gen V:


Not Oshawott, not Samurott, DEWOTT.


I don't know why, I just like it.
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Feb 19 2011 12:11 AM
Aerodactyle in Gen. 1 (because dinosaurs are awesome), and Suicun in Gen. 2 (because it's a beautiful looking cat/leopard/thing).

And I don't know any Pokemon beyond Gen. 2.
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Dunno, I must reflect. I kinda like the white dragon of Pokemon Black, Darkrai and that metal eagle (don't remember the name tongue.gif).
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Mar 04 2011 07:27 PM
QUOTE(Onewa7 @ Feb 22 2011, 02:04 AM)
Dunno, I must reflect. I kinda like the white dragon of Pokemon Black, Darkrai and that metal eagle (don't remember the name tongue.gif).

Those guys are all cool. Do you mean Skarmory?

Because I love him/her too!
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Yeah, it's him! smile.gif
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Blendercat Toa of Coldplay
Mar 08 2011 11:46 PM
No Water starters?


#1: Empoleon
#2: Suicune
#3: Samurott
#4: Zororak
#5: Simisear
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1. Charizard
2. Infernape

And I haven't really decided after that. smile.gif

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That is such a loaded question...

Squirlte+, Cubone+, Eeevee+, Octillery, Ralts+, Vulpix, Starmie, Cyndaquil, Totodile+, Crobat, Mudkip+, Shinx+, Rhyhorn+, and missing some. It is sort of hard to just pick out a few favorite...
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Based Goomy
Mar 10 2011 09:08 PM

I do love Tyranitar, just because he is a tank.
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Nano Bear Swarm
Mar 13 2011 12:34 AM
Gen I: Pikachu
You know there's no-one other.

Gen II: Umbreon
It's Umbreon, any questions?

Gen III: Blaziken
First pokemon I actually owned

Gen IV: ???
Jury is out on this gen.

Gen V: Bisharp
Chess reference FTW!

Gen Glitch: Missingno
It's missingno. Any Questiaosfd?
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Blendercat Toa of Coldplay
Apr 08 2011 09:44 AM
Gen 1:Blastoise.
'Nuff said.

Gen 2: Suicune
It's, just, awesome.

Gen 3:Blaziken
Fighting Chicken Man!

Gen 4: Garchomp
The speed and attack are through the roof!

gen 5:Zoroark
Ability says it all.
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