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Sukid's Stream of Consciousness



Posted by Superkid11 , Dec 23 2011 · 202 views
school, nostalgia, derp, comics and 1 more...
Yeah... it's probably safe to say SK Inn probably won't be coming back. Sorry guys. I had a pretty good start but BZPower's downtime and my own life kind of took me away from it.

School may or may not keep me too busy for it later. If not, we'll see. Regardless you all saw where the story was going anyway. Burns and Sukid were going to meet up and start the hotel together.

Not that I'm totally gone from bzp of course, I'll be back every now and then, and if Dark wants to continue the movie after all this time I'm definitely on board. ;)


Hello There Bzp.

Posted by Superkid11 , Oct 14 2011 · 192 views
return, algebra, sprite, SK Inn and 1 more...
Well here we are again. It's always such a pleasure.
Remember when you crashed on me twice?

But yeah, hey everybody. I'm still alive and all. :) I'm actually quite surprised, by now I had convinced myself that BZP was never coming back. Shows what I know, eh?

Unfortunately I've gotten a grand total of one SK Inn comic done during the downtime. With BZP's downtime I lost the majority of my audience. Combine that with college and incessant TF2 and you have negative motivation right there.

Once I get one more comic done, I'll put the thread back up. ... you know, at first I kind of thought BZP's downtime ruined everything, since SK Inn, once it got passed the introductory phase, was going to have a summer theme... but hey, next summer will be here before you know it. The introduction plot could very well take place late-fall-early-winter instead of February. That just gives me more time to develop it rather than crunch it down to meet the summer deadline. :)

Just be aware, the next couple of weeks are going to be pretty busy for me. I'm sure it's absolutely nothing compared to the other college students on BZP, but for a spoiled guy like me who's used to having oodles of free time it's busy. Doing a research paper on cloning along with algebra. So the old two-comics-per-week plan I had just got even less feasible. But I'll get things done at some point, mark my word!

Oh, one more thing. Over the downtime I came up with a new series idea. ... no, not the one I talked about before. A third one. I originally invisioned it as a silly little fan-sequel to the real Bionicle, but I'm thinking about making it ICC instead, seeing as SK Inn, while it takes place in both universes, was pretty obviously developed with Dark and I's continuity in mind and I don't want to cheap out too much. :P But we'll see... we'll see.
But yeah, as soon as SK Inn moves passed this first story arc I might put more focus on that. It should be a blast no matter what continuity it takes place in. I think it'll be much more enjoyable for people only vaguely familiar with Bionicle and not all that familiar with BZPower at all.



Posted by Superkid11 , Apr 21 2011 · 177 views

When I posted comic 5, I said I'd be going into "Maximum overdrive". As in making comics faster.

I knew I should've gotten the turbo.

I've hit some writer's block as far as Burns' video goes. I also want to actually show some of it because just seeing Sukid watching it and reacting while Burns talks would be pretty lame... and I'm just having a hard time figuring out how it goes. I just had burns talking about how it used to be and that he's in trouble.... at the start... that sounds like more of an ending. It's also kind of boring, and the video was supposed to be attention-grabbing. Like a commercial almost. THEN the plea for help.
... I'm just sort of thinking out loud right now. Kind of the point of this blog really.
Don't fail me now, google image search.

Posting this here instead of the comic topic along with an old comic because I think people are getting tired of that. tongue.gif The next old comic will be released along with comic 6.

Also, some awesome art by Jetice might be in this one, though I haven't heard much on his progress lately. Admittedly I haven't taken the time to message him and ask but yeah. It has nothing to do with the video though.


So Apparently I Have A Blog Now. Also Sprites.

Posted by Superkid11 , Feb 17 2011 · 286 views

So yeah, I got premier membership to celebrate the beginning of SK Inn. Loving the extra PM space, I should've have done this years ago. :lol:

I DESPERATELY looked for a letter starting with "S" to end with so I could have an alliterative title, but I really couldn't find anything that fit. "Sukid's Stream of Supposition" or "Sukid's Stream of Scrutiny" were the best ones but the words don't really fit.

But yeah, unlike most of my peers I have a profound lack of a life, even now as I'm 19. I certainly have more of one than when I started, but I've still got a lot more time on my hands than I really should so I figured now was as good a time as any to release the series and hopefully go far with it. But even if the comics die an untimely death I can at least have solace that I did something with it. I'm still completely blown away by everybody's reaction. LR described it as as hero's welcome and that's exactly what it feels like. I feel like I'm home again. Though I can't help but feel a little guilty for my old comic rereleasing strategy, which is obviously for padding between SK Inn releases. :P

Also, I'm seriously considering going back to using Razor. LR was the last user of the kit that I know of and now that he's retired... I don't know. The only reason I switched to Chimoru really was because of my work with Dark709. Plus back when I was planning SK Inn Razor was still the most-used. I did effectively employ razor sprites in the first comic, during Sukid's semi-flashback, to emphasize the nostalgia. I know I will be using Razor sprites for pretty much every flashback, even for humorous or unrelated ones. :P But now that pretty much the entirety of artwork III is using chimoru, and LR has retired... I just don't know.
As you'll see later, part of the theme of the intro is letting go of past regrets and moving forward to a better future. Would suddenly using Razor again at the end break that? The comics would look identical to 2.0, with fancier backgrounds every now and then. No new panels or anything. Would it still seem like clinging to the past? Would it seem jarring to abruptly switch kits like that? When would be the earliest I could sanely do it? Am I thinking about it too much?
... I also happen to have a 6-shade razor kit saved, though it lacks the extensive amount of poses I've collected... and Gerlicky did do that mindblowing 6-shaded chimoru ultra-pose kit which makes me melt. lskghlskdghslkehtslkgh

Anyway, that's all for now. I'd really appreciate thoughts on the kit change thing.

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