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Through the Eyes of Madness


Whoops, it slipped my mind!

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 21 2018 · 269 views

Feb 21 marked 10 years since I joined BZPower! And it completely slipped my mind to pay a visit! I'm so sorry! :'(


Kolhii IRL

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Aug 14 2017 · 447 views

Has anyone tried to make a Kolhii league irl? I may not be fit but I'd love to be part of such a sport.

I'd do it myself but I'm Australian and there aren't enough Bionicle fans down here. :(


Bionicle G3? Did I miss something?

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Aug 08 2017 · 595 views

First of all, I apologise for my long absence. I have found my irl calling and spent a lot of time pursuing it. Furthermore, I have been focusing more on Pokémon VGC.

Second, I've started hearing a lot about Bionicle G3 today. Is that really a thing, even if just a rumour? If so, please do tell!

In other news I do have a rough idea for a Gen 1 soft reboot set on Spherus Magna, which I could post somewhere at a later date.


Why did I never notice this before?

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , May 17 2017 · 391 views

I've heard people try and compare Bionicle with Transformers. Thinking about that, I just realised that Bionicle's baterra are literally "Transformers, robots in disguise"! IT TOOK ME THIS LONG TO FIGURE THAT OUT!!!


Why the Bring Back Bionicle Club failed

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Jul 29 2016 · 686 views
BBBC, Bionicle & BZPower
I'm sure a lot of older BZP members expected me to come back and crack it when Bionicle was announced to end AGAIN. I feel that now is as good a time as ever to let rip about what I really feel about the end result.

When Bionicle came back last year as a hard reboot, I actually felt the Bring Back Bionicle Club FAILED in its mission. I don't know about the rest of you, but I was campaigning for a continuation/soft reboot, and opposed a hard reboot. A successful campaign in my eyes would've meant a continuation or soft reboot that lasted at least a year and a half. The hard reboot met that minimum threshold, but aside from Skrall-sized skeletons and a couple of legendary masks it was a flop from the start simply because it was a hard reboot.

Naturally I'd love to see the original Bionicle come back, and I know it can be done because of how Greg Farshtey left the story, allowing for an easy soft reboot on Spherus Magna with little to no connections to the original story, but the short-lived hard reboot we got is making me lose faith that that will ever happen. Of course, I will still call for it every chance I get because that's just who I am, and I know the original Bionicle still has a lot of untapped potential, especially now that everyone has just moved to Spherus Magna. Starting a new story on Spherus Magna with the old canon would not only have attracted new fans, but also kept the old ones like me.

That said, the Masks of Creation and Control were awesome, and so were the Skrall-sized skeletons of 2015, something else I had wanted to see. But that was it.

Where does that leave the Bring Back Bionicle Club? Even I don't know. I got the year and a half of extra sets I sought even if the reboot was a disappointment, but I know the original Bionicle can do more, so there is still the option of firing it back up. Any other movement to bring back the original Bionicle will be supported eagerly.



Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Jun 10 2016 · 779 views
Bionicle & BZPower
I know this is none of my business, but I'm curious.

I follow fishers64 on Twitter, and have been loosely following events from his side. But what actually happened that caused his fight with authorities and what looks like a full ban from BZPower?

You know you've been out of the loop for too long when...


You know you've done something right when...

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Jun 03 2016 · 543 views
Bionicle, Pokémon

...when your work appears on KnowYourMeme! :D



Hau wearing a Hau

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Jun 02 2016 · 565 views
Pokémon, Bionicle

Sorry, but as a Pokémon and Bionicle fan, I couldn't not do this after learning of the rival's name in Pokémon Sun and Moon. :P


My theories on Ash Ketchum

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Nov 11 2015 · 655 views
An age-old debate exists as to exactly how old Ash Ketchum of the Pokémon Anime is. I've been watching the first 11 and a half seasons of the Anime that I have on DVD, and observing events of the rest of the Anime from afar. This is what I found:
  • The Pokémon Anime airs once a week, and has ever since it began. During the early stages, time was mentioned as having gone at the same rate as it does in real life. For example, in the episode The School Of Hard Knocks (episode 9, aired May 27 1997, nearly two months into the Anime, which started on April 1), Ash said that he had been travelling for "about two months". Later, at the beginning of the episode The Battle Of The Badge (episode 63, aired September 17 1998), Ash stated that a whole year had passed since he was last in Viridian City, proving that he was 11 years old at this point and not 10. Shortly afterwards, in the episode Showdown At The Poké-Corral (episode 65, aired September 30), Professor Oak said that the Pokémon League was exactly two months away. Nine episodes later (All Fired Up, aired December 10), the Pokémon League began, with battles starting in the following episode (Round One - Begin, aired December 17). The episode To Master The Onix-pected (episode 71, aired November 19) was said by the narrator to have been 3 weeks away from the Pokémon League, and it aired 3 episodes before All Fired Up, further backing up this claim. Time was shown to continue at the same rate in the Pokémon Chronicles episode The Blue Badge Of Courage (aired February 25 2003), when Misty, while introducing Sakura to Tracey, says that he had "been assisting Professor Oak the past few years", implying a few years had gone by between its airing and that of The Rivalry Revival (episode 116, aired October 7 1999), where Tracey officially became his assistant. These episodes were about three and a half years apart in real life, matching Misty's comment. The Anime's novelisations by Takeshi Shudo state that Ash was 10 years, 10 months and 10 days old, and that Trainers can get their first Pokémon the first April after their birthday (April 1 according to the Anime), making Ash's birthday May 22. Following the matching time patterns of he Anime and real life, it is safe to say Ash was born on May 22 1986, and that makes him 29 years old at time of writing.
  • The first episode of the Black and White saga states that Ash is still 10 despite all this. This is a proven error and must be disregarded.
  • Despite being 29, Ash is still shorter than, or the same size as, younger characters he meets. The simple explanation to this is that he is short by nature, which isn't that unusual at all.
  • Ash has also proven to have issues regarding memory. In the episode Rocking The Virbank Gym! Part 1 (episode 740, aired June 14 2012), Ash didn't recognise Koffing, despite having faced one belonging to James in multiple episodes early in his journey between Pokémon Emergency (Episode 2, aired April 8 1997) and Dig Those Diglett (episode 31, aired October 28 1997). Later, in the episode Facing The Grand Design (episode 853, aired December 25 2014), Ash stated that he would love to meet a Pokémon from outer space, which he has done multiple times before, such as Solrock (Take The Lombre Home, episode 337, aired February 12 2004), Lunatone (Crazy As A Lunatone, episode 361, aired July 29 2004) and Deoxys (Pokémon Ranger - Deoxys Crisis! Part 1, episode 445, aired April 13 2006). He once even WENT into space and encountered Rayquaza (Where No Togepi Has Gone Before, episode 608, aired September 10 2009)! Yet as of Christmas 2014 he remembered none of the above!
Feel free to critique my theories and point out any mistakes I may have made.


No. Pokémon is not ending, but changing.

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Sep 10 2015 · 1,044 views
I take back my entry about Pokémon ending. Actually it's going mobile! Pokémon GO takes the main series games we're familiar with onto the smart phone. Will it replace console games? I don't know. But it'll be interesting to see how the franchise will transform from here.
In Pokémon GO, you search for Pokémon in the REAL world, not just in a game. This will encourage engagement in the local environment and community, which can only be good for the next generation(s) of children.



Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Sep 10 2015 · 444 views
life news
I just got a phonecall from an Indian person apparently from the Department of Public Prosecution saying I defrauded the government of over $5k between 2008 and 2013, during which time I studied at high school for 1 year and TAFE for 5 years, and never had a job, and since said time I've had a police check for a job application and that was cleared. He said that unless I agreed to some compromise, I would be arrested by police half an hour later, and then jailed for 5 years.

That was over half an hour ago and I'm still here. Clearly it was a scam. But he proved he knows my home address, and that distresses me the most.


Is Pokémon about to end?

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Sep 09 2015 · 780 views
Nintendo's doing a 'business announcement' about Pokémon in 2 and a quarter hours (3pm Japan time, 4pm Australian time). The last time something like this happened, LEGO got rid of Bionicle. Could the same thing happen to Pokémon? It might explain the lack of a main series game announcement prior to this year's World Championships.


What better way to tempt people to look at a topic than this?

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Jan 28 2015 · 424 views
Bionicle & BZPower
What better way to tempt people to look at a topic than this? Sorry bonesiii. :P


Je Suis Charlie

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Jan 09 2015 · 641 views
Pokemon, Life news
Je Suis Charlie This is Charlie, a Machop who lives in a Glittering Cave on Mont Blanc, in France. He came down to Paris to pay his respects to the human journalists and cartoonists who were murdered by terrorists this week. He may be a Fighting-type, but he knows better than to murder for no good reason, making him more mature than any terrorist. He is also smart enough to know that the pen is mightier than the sword (or in this case gun).

A friendly local salesperson gave him a necklace with the peace symbol, and taught him the peace sign, ergo the appearance of both above.

I apologise in advance if the image is too controversial to post here, and will remove it at a moment's notice if need be.

And yes I noticed I drew Machop's right hand the wrong way. I apologise for that too.


Digimon Adventure coming back

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Dec 13 2014 · 912 views

As I have stated multiple times before, I used to be a fan of Digimon back in the days of Digimon Adventure, but lost interest because they ended it and then gave the series a hard reboot, just like they did with Bionicle.

Well I just heard news that, in honour of its 15th anniversary next year, Digimon Adventure is coming back! :D

I know little about this new Digimon Adventure, but it appears it will be based around the original 8 Digidestined (including Kari), and be set 3 years after the events of Digimon Adventure 02 and the defeat of MaloMyotismon.

I will definitely be looking into this, and my interest in Digimon may come back as a result.

In addition, this development gives me hope for Bionicle Generation 1. If the creators of Digimon can bring back a continuation that had been amandoned for well over a decade, LEGO can do the same thing with Bionicle! Greg Farshtey has put it in the perfect position to be brought back in the future with a fresh new story on Spherus Magna, so who knows?

inb4 "no, Bionicle Gen 1 is never coming back, you can't compare it to Digimon"


"That's a Joke" meme

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Dec 11 2014 · 782 views
Bionicle & BZPower
Someone made a meme with a pic of Metus from TLR with the caption "That's a joke", but I can't find it anymore. Does someone here have it?


GREEN Machop?

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Dec 02 2014 · 1,026 views
I've heard rumours, and even seen a low-quality pic, of shiny Machop having changed from brown to green in ORAS. Has anyone else found a shiny Machop in ORAS and can prove if this true with higher-quality pics?



Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Nov 28 2014 · 1,282 views
Bionicle & BZPower
Has anyone else heard of this term? It gets thrown around quite a bit on the Bring Back Bionicle Club.


Could we see more Gen 1 elements in Gen 2 Bionicle?

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Oct 10 2014 · 1,066 views
Gen 1, Gen 2, Dark Hunters and 2 more...
As a pure genwunner who is against this idea of a 100% reboot, obviously I yearn for more Gen 1 elements in Gen 2 Bionicle. But what's to say it won't happen?

LEGO stated in their meeting in BZPower's video that they wanted to dumb down the names so younger fans can more easily understand, meaning species like Matoran, Skakdi, Vortixx and Skrall are no more. But there are a few elements of Gen 1 that can still work despite this:

Dark Hunters

The ultimate example of Gen 1 elements that can transition seamlessly into Gen 2 are the Dark Hunters. The name "Dark Hunters" is perfect for the new naming system used in Gen 2 Bionicle, the name "The Shadowed One" is both mysterious and fitting for Gen 2, and nearly all Dark Hunters have English code names (though there's no way we'll see Gen 1 characters that don't, such as Triglax and Lariska).

When I was hoping for a continuation, I argued that The Shadowed One would be the perfect new main villain because of his hidden name, and his organisation, and I can see both returning in Gen 2 Bionicle as alternate villains. Bionicle has had alternate villains before and lasted 9 years doing so (Dark Hunters, Barraki, Skrall), and other successful franchises had multiple main villains (eg. Batman had the Joker and the Riddler, and Spiderman had Goblin and Doc Oc), so why not do it again now?

Great Beings

The Great Beings could be deities or demigods (or even Gods) in Gen 2 Bionicle. In fact I feel Ekimu and Makuta could be Great Beings. Okay, so Gen 1 Great Beings can't wear masks, but what's stopping Gen 2 Great Beings (if they exist) from being able to do so? Remember, this is a reboot, so LEGO can easily redesign the Great Beings as they see fit.

Great Spirits

Again with the idea of redesigning past elements, Gen 2 Bionicle could have Gods known as Great Spirits who could be worshipped as Mata Nui was (and be actual spirits rather than 40,000,000' tall robots).


Bionicle 2015: My Verdict

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Oct 10 2014 · 779 views
Bionicle & BZPower
Having seen what little I can from NYCC (being unable to go because I'm Australian and being limited in what I can see because I was at TAFE all day today), I have formed more of an opinion and verdict of Bionicle 2015. Obviously there's a lot I still don't know, but this is what I can make of Bionicle 2015 thus far:

Gali, Onua (or Onya according to the website), Lewa, Tahu, Pohatu and Kopaka have been confirmed to still be Toa. However, Lewa seems to have control over both air AND plant life, which I find quite confusing. It is stated that they "crashed" on the island of Otoko, implying that they hail from elsewhere, providing evidence there will soon be exploration of more of the world no matter what world or canon this is.

Kopaka continues to remind me of myself, but now in a different way. Something about him being clumsy!?

I still know nothing about these "Defenders" except that they are native to Otoko. What they are, what they do, whether I consider them worth buying, I still don't know.

Makuta and Ekimu
The presence of a character with the name "Makuta" proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is a 100% reboot, with NO connections to the 2001-2011 story or canon, and honestly I am disappointed. I lost interest in Digimon because they rebooted it (and they keep rebooting the story over and over and over again), and I fear I may lose interest in Bionicle for the same reason.

The only legitimate reason ANY form of continuation would have another "Makuta" is if this Makuta is a Great Being, and the species was named after him. But can Great Beings wear and use masks? Probably not.

If these two became sets (and they probably will next semester, begging the question of what the other three large sets will be), I would love to see a combiner model for them, especially if said combiner was Artakha (which won't happen because it's a reboot, but it's a nice thought).

Clear Hau

Okay I kid because of the reboot thing but that's the first thing that comes to mind when I see a clear mask.

All are welcome to criticise and prove me wrong (providing actual PROOF if they do so), as long as you are gentle.

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