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Through the Eyes of Madness


Warcraft Minifigs?

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Oct 17 2011 · 120 views

Has anyone ever tried to make minifig versions of the characters and units in Warcraft 3? I'd love to see pics.


Blog Approvals

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Oct 17 2011 · 130 views
Bionicle and BZPower
Surprisingly, it's been a while since I last did a non-life news entry.

Just moments ago, I got my very first blog approval! :D

Thank you to Squishyfrog for the honour!

Who'd've ever thought that a pair of plush toys and a pair of scottish steam engines would earn me an approval?

Come to think of it, I need to get working on my own approval image. I'm thinking about using my Shiny Machop Wants a Hug image from dA.



Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Oct 17 2011 · 132 views
life news
So, we were having a break during my first TAFE class yesterday, when suddenly the power went out! When it came back on with a generator, the alarm sounded! We didn't evacuate at that point, but we were eventually told what had happened: the surrounding area had a power outage! The primary generator couldn't be fixed within the day, so to preserve energy, the entire campus was soon evacuated and we had the rest of the day off.


How I Spent My Extra Time Off Tafe

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Oct 17 2011 · 141 views

:sleepy: <-- that's how. :/


Can This Day Get Any Wierder?

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Oct 16 2011 · 152 views
life news
I just got home from TAFE due to a power surge at the campus, I arrive home alone, and there's an unfamiliar car in the driveway.


I Don't Like It!

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Oct 16 2011 · 150 views
life news
If you are seeing this now, it means that
I don't like it,
When you turn my voice about,
I don't like it,
When you vote One Nation out,
My language has been murdered,
My language has been murdered,
My shopping trolley, murdered!
My groceries just gone!

To be clear, I have nothing against Pauline Hanson. I just love that song.

I wonder if any older Aussies remember that song...


And Now For Something Completely Different.

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Oct 16 2011 · 620 views
dA gallery
You may or may not know that I collect Pokemon plush toys. Here are some photos of popular Pokemon plushes that I have uploaded to deviantArt (if I'm allowed to mention that site's name):

Posted Image
These are my two Wobbuffet plushes. I added lipstick to the one on the right so I could tell them apart more easily, and because females have lipstick for real. Without it I'd have to look at their legs to tell them apart (The Wobbuffet on the left stands taller on his front legs than the one on the right does).

These Wobbuffets are quite literally my answer to Donald and Douglas from Thomas the Tank Engine. For those who don't know, I'll explain:

The Fat Controller ordered one engine from Scotland to work on his railway, but was given two by mistake: Donald and Douglas. He was considering sending one home (Douglas), but in the end decided to keep both, and they work on the island of Sodor to this day.

Likewise, I purchased one Wobbuffet plush on eBay, but the seller sent me two by accident! I was considering returning one, but in the end I decided to keep both. Now they work as bodyguards to my Pikachu plushes.

Posted Image
This is my Eeveelution collection. There are many like it but this one's mine. (Free watch to anyone who can get the reference first)

Posted Image
My Arceus plushes. Yep, all seventeen of them.

This photo is the most popular deviation in my gallery, followed by my photo of my Eeveelutions.


The Nanny Plague

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Oct 15 2011 · 328 views
dA Gallery
Please note: Despite the following rant, I am not racist. Please also note that this is going to be a very long entry.

Posted Image

Over the past decade, the Nanny Plague that has been spreading throughout the countries of the west has slowly been eating away at Pokemon from within. In the good old days Pokemon had a much higher target audience, but America misinterpreted it, thinking Pokemon is for little kids when it's really meant for people over the age of 10 (under-10s can also play it, as I did back in the day, but they weren't quite the target audience), and that has resulted in so many good aspects of Pokemon being ruined.

Two of the most well-known victims of this plague are black Jynx and slot machines/coin-buying.

No-one in my age group who watched the Anime back then would have ever thought that Jynx could've been racist. The only person who thought that was a racist American called Carole Boston Weatherford. She was responsible for giving Jynx a bad name, making Jynx what it never was - a racist figure. While you're at it, why not ban Umbreon too? It's black!

The slot machines of generations past definitely did not encourage gambling. I talk from experience. I was below the target age group when I got Yellow, and was 9 when I played those machines for the first time. Nowadays I avoid real-life slot machines whenever I encounter them. Even when I visited an RSL with my nan once a week, and was given $2 AUD to spend on their slot machines, I'd just take the $2 and leave because Pokemon's slot machines taught me that playing slot machines for money is not worth it. All Pokemon players know that it's way more worth one's time to buy coins and pretend the slot machines didn't exist, because it's so much easier and faster that way (In DPPt one can get 10,000 coins in half an hour without using the machines).

Pokemon, however, is not the only sign of the Nanny Plague. Just look around in real life, and you can't miss it.

In my day, Year 12s used to spend their last day of school before exams having fun, dressing up, and playing various pranks on the school. We used to call that day "Muck-up Day". Then came the Nanny Plague. Now teachers think that name encourages long-term violence and crime, and we were forced to call in "Celebration Day"!

Back in the olden days, nearly every cartoon had slapstick violence. Then came the Nanny Plague. Now people think that slapstick violence encourages real-life violence, and slapstick violence is seldom seen. When it appears in movies, they now give warnings under classifications, which they never did before.

Ask yourself, are you racist because you've seen black Jynx? Are you a problem gambler because you've played gambling minigames in video and computer games? Have you become violent because of Muck-up Day or equivalent, or because you watched cartoons with slapstick violence?


Yes! Dos Games Can Be Played On Mac Without Dosbox

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Oct 15 2011 · 244 views
life news
I regret posting this after the "befriend a disabled Canadian" entry, which disrespectfully got no replies... :annoyed:

During the downtime I downloaded DOSBox onto my Mac to try and get it to play DOS games. Somehow, though, it didn't work!

Then a message I found by chance online told me of another program called Boxer, which I could use to play DOS games on my Mac. I downloaded it, imported a few games, and HEY PRESTO, they worked! I even got Rayman to work for the first time in years! Not only that, but Boxer doesn't even require you to type anything! Just select an imported program from the list, and Boxer does the rest! Even better, it's a free download, so I didn't have to pay a cent!

I also discovered that all my .exe programs on my Mac now run Boxer when double-clicked on, which is only better!


Why Suspensions Should Be Abolished

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Oct 14 2011 · 175 views
life news
I believe suspending school students should be abolished and replaced with something more appropriate. People may think suspensions protect the victims of bullies, but they actually put them in more danger!

The bullies who get suspended HATE school. They don't want to be there. Therefore, they WANT to be suspended. They see it as a REWARD. And what better a way to get that 'reward' than to torture an innocent fellow student?

Long story short, suspensions encourage bullying.


Not One, But Three Pokemon Tournaments!

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Oct 13 2011 · 238 views
I owe BZP this update on my Pokemon tournament status. Just before the tournament in April, the forums went down, and stayed down for 5 and a half months! In that time, THREE Pokemon tournaments have gone by!

In the first tournament, I used the infamous Whimsicott+Terrakion combo. The way that combo worked was this: Whimsicott uses Beat Up on Terrakion, activating its Justified ability FOUR TIMES, boosting its Attack FOUR STAGES! Terrakion would then use Rock Slide to demolish both opponents at once! If done right, the match would be over in 2 turns!

Sadly, everyone knew, and was ready for, the combo, and I lost in the first round. :crying:

In the second tournament, held in July, I used a Tailwind team. Sadly, I over-prepared for the then-obsolete Whimsicott-Terrakion combo, and again lost in the first round. :crying: :crying:

In the third tournament, held just a week ago, I decided to go back to my roots, and use a team I know works well: a Trick Room team. Not only did I get past the first two rounds (creating a new personal best in the process :winner: ) but I managed to do it without losing ANY Pokemon! I then lost in the third round to one of the four semi-finalists.

If Australia is invited to next year's World Championships, I'll know what kind of team I'll be using there! :D


My Freedom Is Gone

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 26 2011 · 205 views
Life news
Well, the holidays are over. It's back to TAFE for me. sad.gif I'm a little scared, because for one of my assignments, I have to find a client and make a website for them, all in 9 weeks!


My Team Is Ready!

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 23 2011 · 262 views
Just last night I finally got my final Pokemon ready for the tournament, and still with a week to spare! Now all I need to do is practice with them.

I recently found out that we can switch Pokemon between battles, so I'm considering training a Psychic Pokemon and maybe a Chandelure, since the former could counter the main counter to my team, and the latter is all-round powerful.

It's unlikely that any other BZPers will be attending the tournament in Melbourne, but if you do, look for the AC/DC shirt.



Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 23 2011 · 296 views
Life news
Just as we were about to have dinner, the glass in our oven suddenly shattered!

Be warned. The same thing could happen to you at ANY MOMENT!



Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 22 2011 · 192 views
Bionicle and BZPower
I was just in the new "Who would win?" thread, and I was just about to post when I noticed something in the Active Members list. From what I had seen it looked like my name was on the list twice! So I went back and had a look, and noticed the name "Makuta Oz" at the end of the list. Naturally curious, I clicked on his name, and found that he was a New Member! Perhaps he was a fan of mine, and joined because of me? Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I was recently in the Member Spotlight? Or maybe it was just a coincidence?

EDIT: I just noticed that he has -6 posts! blink.gif

EDIT 2: Turns out he actually joined in 2006...


It's Good Friday!

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 21 2011 · 259 views
Life news
So that means we have to be good! tongue.gif


An Excellent Thread Supporting Bionicle's Return

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , in Uncategorized, Bring Back Bionicle Club Apr 19 2011 · 713 views
bonesiii posted a fantastic thread in General Discussion explaining in great detail why Bionicle is highly likely to come back.

Click here to read it.

I'm considering adding a link to the deviantArt branch too, but I'll need permission first. Stay tuned.

EDIT: Permission was granted, and the blog entry is posted.


Next Time There's A Flame War In Gd, Sets Or S&t...

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 15 2011 · 188 views
Bionicle and BZPower
Please just tell me! I never find out these things until too late! annoyed2.gif

Don't worry about the popcorn; I'll get that myself.


Tournament Preparation Update

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 15 2011 · 223 views
It's been a while since my last entry because I've been working so hard with my Pokemon training (among other things), so I decided I'd give an update.

I've finally finished EV training my team, and have started teaching them their moves. As an added bonus, my Zoroark has just the Hidden Power I wanted: Ice! So, I've already taught it that move and look forward to adding it to my surprise attacks in the tournament! biggrin.gif

Sadly, my Swanna can't learn Waterfall, so I'll have to capture another water-type to use the move in order to get that Flamethrower TM, again for Zoroark.

The hardest part IMO will be levelling up my Amoongus so it'll learn Rage Powder and Spore. I'll put it in daycare, but what are the odds I'll forget about it?


It's Gonna Be A Good Day

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 12 2011 · 171 views
Bionicle and BZPower
I only just got up, and as always, the first thing I did (even before having breakfast :/) is go on BZPower. One of the first things I see is that I have 3 new messages, all of which are VMs. I read them and... SHOCK HORROR... I'm getting congratulated on being on Member Spotlight! Naturally, I rush back to the home page and take a look, and indeed that is me in the Spotlight! VERY Exciting, even if it is just a random number! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

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