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Through the Eyes of Madness


Why Suspensions Should Be Abolished

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Oct 14 2011 · 58 views
life news
I believe suspending school students should be abolished and replaced with something more appropriate. People may think suspensions protect the victims of bullies, but they actually put them in more danger!

The bullies who get suspended HATE school. They don't want to be there. Therefore, they WANT to be suspended. They see it as a REWARD. And what better a way to get that 'reward' than to torture an innocent fellow student?

Long story short, suspensions encourage bullying.


Not One, But Three Pokemon Tournaments!

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Oct 13 2011 · 47 views
I owe BZP this update on my Pokemon tournament status. Just before the tournament in April, the forums went down, and stayed down for 5 and a half months! In that time, THREE Pokemon tournaments have gone by!

In the first tournament, I used the infamous Whimsicott+Terrakion combo. The way that combo worked was this: Whimsicott uses Beat Up on Terrakion, activating its Justified ability FOUR TIMES, boosting its Attack FOUR STAGES! Terrakion would then use Rock Slide to demolish both opponents at once! If done right, the match would be over in 2 turns!

Sadly, everyone knew, and was ready for, the combo, and I lost in the first round. :crying:

In the second tournament, held in July, I used a Tailwind team. Sadly, I over-prepared for the then-obsolete Whimsicott-Terrakion combo, and again lost in the first round. :crying: :crying:

In the third tournament, held just a week ago, I decided to go back to my roots, and use a team I know works well: a Trick Room team. Not only did I get past the first two rounds (creating a new personal best in the process :winner: ) but I managed to do it without losing ANY Pokemon! I then lost in the third round to one of the four semi-finalists.

If Australia is invited to next year's World Championships, I'll know what kind of team I'll be using there! :D


My Freedom Is Gone

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 26 2011 · 52 views
Life news
Well, the holidays are over. It's back to TAFE for me. sad.gif I'm a little scared, because for one of my assignments, I have to find a client and make a website for them, all in 9 weeks!


My Team Is Ready!

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 23 2011 · 69 views
Just last night I finally got my final Pokemon ready for the tournament, and still with a week to spare! Now all I need to do is practice with them.

I recently found out that we can switch Pokemon between battles, so I'm considering training a Psychic Pokemon and maybe a Chandelure, since the former could counter the main counter to my team, and the latter is all-round powerful.

It's unlikely that any other BZPers will be attending the tournament in Melbourne, but if you do, look for the AC/DC shirt.



Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 23 2011 · 55 views
Life news
Just as we were about to have dinner, the glass in our oven suddenly shattered!

Be warned. The same thing could happen to you at ANY MOMENT!



Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 22 2011 · 50 views
Bionicle and BZPower
I was just in the new "Who would win?" thread, and I was just about to post when I noticed something in the Active Members list. From what I had seen it looked like my name was on the list twice! So I went back and had a look, and noticed the name "Makuta Oz" at the end of the list. Naturally curious, I clicked on his name, and found that he was a New Member! Perhaps he was a fan of mine, and joined because of me? Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I was recently in the Member Spotlight? Or maybe it was just a coincidence?

EDIT: I just noticed that he has -6 posts! blink.gif

EDIT 2: Turns out he actually joined in 2006...


It's Good Friday!

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 21 2011 · 80 views
Life news
So that means we have to be good! tongue.gif


An Excellent Thread Supporting Bionicle's Return

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , in Uncategorized, Bring Back Bionicle Club Apr 19 2011 · 303 views
bonesiii posted a fantastic thread in General Discussion explaining in great detail why Bionicle is highly likely to come back.

Click here to read it.

I'm considering adding a link to the deviantArt branch too, but I'll need permission first. Stay tuned.

EDIT: Permission was granted, and the blog entry is posted.


Next Time There's A Flame War In Gd, Sets Or S&t...

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 15 2011 · 53 views
Bionicle and BZPower
Please just tell me! I never find out these things until too late! annoyed2.gif

Don't worry about the popcorn; I'll get that myself.


Tournament Preparation Update

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 15 2011 · 64 views
It's been a while since my last entry because I've been working so hard with my Pokemon training (among other things), so I decided I'd give an update.

I've finally finished EV training my team, and have started teaching them their moves. As an added bonus, my Zoroark has just the Hidden Power I wanted: Ice! So, I've already taught it that move and look forward to adding it to my surprise attacks in the tournament! biggrin.gif

Sadly, my Swanna can't learn Waterfall, so I'll have to capture another water-type to use the move in order to get that Flamethrower TM, again for Zoroark.

The hardest part IMO will be levelling up my Amoongus so it'll learn Rage Powder and Spore. I'll put it in daycare, but what are the odds I'll forget about it?


It's Gonna Be A Good Day

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 12 2011 · 62 views
Bionicle and BZPower
I only just got up, and as always, the first thing I did (even before having breakfast :/) is go on BZPower. One of the first things I see is that I have 3 new messages, all of which are VMs. I read them and... SHOCK HORROR... I'm getting congratulated on being on Member Spotlight! Naturally, I rush back to the home page and take a look, and indeed that is me in the Spotlight! VERY Exciting, even if it is just a random number! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif


Pokemon White Update

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 09 2011 · 63 views
You know I'm busy if I miss a day submitting an entry! tongue.gif

Anyway, I completed the main story of Pokemon White, but I won't focus on hunting the sages until I need the TMs they give me. Instead, I'm gonna focus on getting the Power Items, and then EV training my Pokemon and teaching them their moves. I hatched a Jolly Axew just minutes ago, so I'm pretty much done breeding.


Two Tournaments In One Year! :d

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 07 2011 · 67 views
For the rest of April, my activity on BZPower will drop. Why?

Because yet another Pokemon tournament is coming to Australia! biggrin.gif

The Pokemon Video Game World Championships refuse to give us a fair go, so Nintendo Australia will be holding state tournaments across the country to partway make up for it! We'll be using the same rules as the VGC are this year: Double battles, Unova Pokemon only.

How that will relate to my drop in BZPower activity? Well, I'm gonna train hard and get a team ready for the tournament! Nothing is going to stop me from entering this tournament (until further notice, since my nan still isn't well)!


My Name And Its Underscore Issue

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 06 2011 · 75 views
Bionicle and BZPower
As you know, I'm quite pedantic about people using underscores rather than spaces when typing my name, because of potential confusion between me and the other Makuta of Oz, with spaces. However, I don't mind if people leave out underscores when abbreviating my name to MoO or MoZ. Just thought I'd clear that up.

And no I'm not a cow. tongue.gif

BTW, before you start, I don't want to change my display name until Bionicle comes back. I already have a name in mind for when that happens.


Sudden Interest In Our Club

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , in Uncategorized, Bring Back Bionicle Club Apr 06 2011 · 204 views
All of a sudden interest in my club has gone up! In the past 9 hours we've had three new members join the group, including, as of just moments ago, our 20th member! Posted Image This branch of the club has nearly reached the peak it was at when it was originally run by Brawl and Megatron's Beak (known back then as PAPER SPEAKERS WAT).

As an added bonus, there hasn't been as much fighting as there was in the old branch! For that I thank all members and visitors to the club. Posted Image

This discipline stuff is easy!


My Family Is Falling Apart!

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 05 2011 · 59 views
Life news
My family hasn't been doing well lately. We have to deal with TWO people having medical issues at once!

My nan had a cardiac event last week and has been in hospital. I don't know what's next for her, but I do realise that I may never be able to go shopping with her on Thursdays, even if she does survive! crying.gif

My brother, who is severely disabled, won't go to the toilet and is now in nappies! It's not that he goes in his pants, but that he constantly holds it in, leading me to believe he's too afraid to go! This happens every time he returns from respite, but it has NEVER been this bad!

Sorry if I grossed anyone out, but I had to get this off my chest.


Toys And Humans Beware - The Digital Villainy Has Returned!

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 05 2011 · 121 views
dA Gallery

Thirty years ago, an army of evil Digimon called the Digital Villainy declared war on the toy civilisations of our world. They would've taken over the world too, had it not been for the interference of a group called The Jigsaw Of Rebecca. Despite heavy losses, they were able to force the Digital Villainy back into the DigiWorld.

Now, the Digital Villainy have returned, and threaten to wage war against the world once again! The following members have been sighted in south-eastern Australia trying to establish a foothold on our world (starting with the large MOC, and then going left to right):

Bionimon - Once the leader's right-hand, Bionimon has now risen to full leadership after the original leader died after the war from natural causes. While he is a good military tactician, he can be rather reckless at times, and is often quite naive. As a battler, however, he is virtually unmatched! His Mauler can break through shields and still deal major damage, and his Stellar Converter is designed to destroy shields and other forms of protection.

Diskmon - The largest of Bionimon's lieutenants, Diskmon is known by both friend and foe for his imposing figure, and he is just as powerful in combat. His Spinning Tackle can send groups of foes flying every which way, making them easy pickings for the armies he leads. In addition, his Tornado Gust can blow enemy forces into the horizon, usually to allow his army to retreat.

Toothmon - Undoubtedly the dumbest and least powerful of Bionimon's lieutenants, Toothmon is more a follower than a leader, and is quite often seen following Corkymon, who is much his opposite. Toothmon's specialty in battle involves distracting, disabling or even killing enemy leaders using his Tooth Missile and Razor Fang attacks.

Clamoflamon - Bionimon's newest lieutenant, Clamoflamon can sometimes be a bit naive about her adversaries, relying mostly on her instincts in battle, but those instincts and unnatural battling prowess make her especially dangerous. Next to nothing can get past her hard shell, and any that get too close to try to pry her soft inner body loose get pummelled with a barrage of her Frozen Pearl attack, or drowned on dry land by her Water Sphere attack.

Rokatemon - Rokatemon was the first of Bionimon's lieutenants to re-enter our world. He was able to enslave a group of toys called Funwar before encountering The Jigsaw of Rebecca again. While not the smartest of Bionimon's lieutenants, his experience against this generation of TJOR has proven invaluable. He can launch a guided missile with his Comet Orbit, and rain asteroids down from above using Asteroid Belt.

Corkymon - Corkymon, Bionimon's most intelligent lieutenant, Corkymon is a mad scientist and famed inventor, being the creator of the Digital Villainy's powerful and versatile robotic drones, the Skull Masks. His humongous brain is 3 times the size of the rest of his body, and as such is as durable as a human skull. When surrounded, Corkymon can unleash his Brain Power attack to damage and send sprawling all nearby adversaries.

Matoramon - Bionimon's most powerful lieutenant, Matoramon has limited powers over nature. In addition, her agility is surpassed by none. She can use Moss Vine to help her manoeuvre more easily in forested areas, as well as to capture and interrogate enemy warlords, and her powerful Climate Ball differs in element and effects depending on where she is.

Missilemon - A close friend of Diskmon, Missilemon is known for his lightning speed and power. However, he is also known to have a conscience. Why he joined the Digital Villainy is unknown, but what is known is that his lightning-fast and deadly Drilling Speed Attack has proved him quite the adversary.


Finally, Some Good And Selfless News!

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 04 2011 · 76 views
Life news
I'm considering giving blood on the holidays! biggrin.gif

The topic was initially brought up at TAFE (before you start, TAFE = Training And Further Education, kind of like College for Australians) when I gloated stated that I have an extremely powerful immune system (one that saw me never take a sickie from school for 3 or 4 years in a row!), and was later mentioned a few times in an ad on TV.

One in 3 Australians need blood, but only one in thirty donates. I think it would be quite worthwhile for me to become one of those 1 in 30 and greatly help a lot of needy people with my super-blood. tongue.gif


Who Has More Sanity?

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 03 2011 · 50 views
Bionicle and BZPower
Me or Vezon?


Continuing My Rant Against Bs01

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 03 2011 · 57 views
Bionicle and BZPower
I just found out that that so-called April Fool's 'joke' was not a joke at all, that the banner is pretty much there to stay. That means I will not visit the wiki ever again until a trusted source tells me it's gone. burnmad.gif

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