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Through the Eyes of Madness


My Family Is Falling Apart!

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 05 2011 · 108 views
Life news
My family hasn't been doing well lately. We have to deal with TWO people having medical issues at once!

My nan had a cardiac event last week and has been in hospital. I don't know what's next for her, but I do realise that I may never be able to go shopping with her on Thursdays, even if she does survive! crying.gif

My brother, who is severely disabled, won't go to the toilet and is now in nappies! It's not that he goes in his pants, but that he constantly holds it in, leading me to believe he's too afraid to go! This happens every time he returns from respite, but it has NEVER been this bad!

Sorry if I grossed anyone out, but I had to get this off my chest.


Toys And Humans Beware - The Digital Villainy Has Returned!

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 05 2011 · 177 views
dA Gallery

Thirty years ago, an army of evil Digimon called the Digital Villainy declared war on the toy civilisations of our world. They would've taken over the world too, had it not been for the interference of a group called The Jigsaw Of Rebecca. Despite heavy losses, they were able to force the Digital Villainy back into the DigiWorld.

Now, the Digital Villainy have returned, and threaten to wage war against the world once again! The following members have been sighted in south-eastern Australia trying to establish a foothold on our world (starting with the large MOC, and then going left to right):

Bionimon - Once the leader's right-hand, Bionimon has now risen to full leadership after the original leader died after the war from natural causes. While he is a good military tactician, he can be rather reckless at times, and is often quite naive. As a battler, however, he is virtually unmatched! His Mauler can break through shields and still deal major damage, and his Stellar Converter is designed to destroy shields and other forms of protection.

Diskmon - The largest of Bionimon's lieutenants, Diskmon is known by both friend and foe for his imposing figure, and he is just as powerful in combat. His Spinning Tackle can send groups of foes flying every which way, making them easy pickings for the armies he leads. In addition, his Tornado Gust can blow enemy forces into the horizon, usually to allow his army to retreat.

Toothmon - Undoubtedly the dumbest and least powerful of Bionimon's lieutenants, Toothmon is more a follower than a leader, and is quite often seen following Corkymon, who is much his opposite. Toothmon's specialty in battle involves distracting, disabling or even killing enemy leaders using his Tooth Missile and Razor Fang attacks.

Clamoflamon - Bionimon's newest lieutenant, Clamoflamon can sometimes be a bit naive about her adversaries, relying mostly on her instincts in battle, but those instincts and unnatural battling prowess make her especially dangerous. Next to nothing can get past her hard shell, and any that get too close to try to pry her soft inner body loose get pummelled with a barrage of her Frozen Pearl attack, or drowned on dry land by her Water Sphere attack.

Rokatemon - Rokatemon was the first of Bionimon's lieutenants to re-enter our world. He was able to enslave a group of toys called Funwar before encountering The Jigsaw of Rebecca again. While not the smartest of Bionimon's lieutenants, his experience against this generation of TJOR has proven invaluable. He can launch a guided missile with his Comet Orbit, and rain asteroids down from above using Asteroid Belt.

Corkymon - Corkymon, Bionimon's most intelligent lieutenant, Corkymon is a mad scientist and famed inventor, being the creator of the Digital Villainy's powerful and versatile robotic drones, the Skull Masks. His humongous brain is 3 times the size of the rest of his body, and as such is as durable as a human skull. When surrounded, Corkymon can unleash his Brain Power attack to damage and send sprawling all nearby adversaries.

Matoramon - Bionimon's most powerful lieutenant, Matoramon has limited powers over nature. In addition, her agility is surpassed by none. She can use Moss Vine to help her manoeuvre more easily in forested areas, as well as to capture and interrogate enemy warlords, and her powerful Climate Ball differs in element and effects depending on where she is.

Missilemon - A close friend of Diskmon, Missilemon is known for his lightning speed and power. However, he is also known to have a conscience. Why he joined the Digital Villainy is unknown, but what is known is that his lightning-fast and deadly Drilling Speed Attack has proved him quite the adversary.


Finally, Some Good And Selfless News!

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 04 2011 · 136 views
Life news
I'm considering giving blood on the holidays! biggrin.gif

The topic was initially brought up at TAFE (before you start, TAFE = Training And Further Education, kind of like College for Australians) when I gloated stated that I have an extremely powerful immune system (one that saw me never take a sickie from school for 3 or 4 years in a row!), and was later mentioned a few times in an ad on TV.

One in 3 Australians need blood, but only one in thirty donates. I think it would be quite worthwhile for me to become one of those 1 in 30 and greatly help a lot of needy people with my super-blood. tongue.gif


Who Has More Sanity?

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 03 2011 · 103 views
Bionicle and BZPower
Me or Vezon?


Continuing My Rant Against Bs01

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 03 2011 · 87 views
Bionicle and BZPower
I just found out that that so-called April Fool's 'joke' was not a joke at all, that the banner is pretty much there to stay. That means I will not visit the wiki ever again until a trusted source tells me it's gone. burnmad.gif


Safari Ftl

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 03 2011 · 100 views
Bionicle and BZPower
BS01's April Fools 'joke' is an eye-poison. How do I know this? Because I use Safari on my Mac.

When I open a new tab in Safari, I am shown thumbnails of 12 of my favourites. Unfortunately one of those 'favourites' is BS01, so now opening a new tab and is an excruciatingly painful task, because I always find myself seeing that thumbnail and poisoning my eyes!

The sooner that joke ends, the sooner my poisoned eyes can heal. burnmad.gif


To The Staff...

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 02 2011 · 86 views
Bionicle and BZPower
Thank you for not doing an HF-related April Fool's prank, and sorry I was rude about it.


Don't Impersonate Me!

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Mar 30 2011 · 85 views
Bionicle and BZPower
I'm gonna leave myself out of this. I don't think I could handle it! tongue.gif


I Think I Need A Hug

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Mar 30 2011 · 117 views
Bionicle and BZPower
I feel horrible for ruining the April Fool's Day prank. I feel like I have ruined the fun for everyone on BZP. For that I sincerely apologise. crying.gif

Now I feel hated by my peers for what I've done, and could really use some comfort.

Normally I'd go into my room and hug my plush Machop, but I'm at TAFE atm so i can't.


I'll Be Away From Bzp And Bs01 For The Weekend

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Mar 30 2011 · 106 views
Bionicle and BZPower
So, April Fools Day is nearly on us (in fact it's tomorrow). For ages I've been dreading this place becoming HFPower for the day. For that reason, I will avoid BZPower until at least Sunday.

Also, Swert revealed in his blog that BS01 will become HF01 for the day as well, so I will also avoid that site, and visit a rival wiki if I should want or need Bionicle info. mad.gif

If you're looking for me I'll be either on irc or Pokemon Online (the simulator I've been telling you about).

*is abused and/or banned*


Magic Mirror Espeon Is Mine!

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Mar 30 2011 · 136 views
I just played a new game on the official Pokemon website that will allow me to get an Eevee evolution with a unique ability when the Global Link finally gets up and running, and the Eeveelution I won was ESPEON!

While Espeon normally have the special ability Synchronise, which copies most status (like poison) that is inflicted on it, this Espeon will have the epic ability Magic Mirror, which reflects ANYTHING used against it that doesn't do damage. Try to poison it with Toxic? You get poisoned! Try to Taunt it? YOU get Taunted! Try to set up Spikes while it's in play? YOU get the spikes! Try to force it out with Whirlwind? YOU get forced out!

I use this Espeon on a simulator alongside a Ditto with Eccentric (who transforms into the opponent immediately upon entering), and it's done AMAZINGLY! Not to mention it's fun to play such a cunning trick!


Why I Wouldn't Make A Great Toa

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Mar 29 2011 · 95 views
Life news
In recent times I've found I'm quite a cunning person, both in games and in real life. Rather than confronting a problem head-on, I like to play tricks on my opponent and catch them off-guard. And whenever I do I tend to perform a well-developed evil laugh! evilgrin.gif

Eg. In a Pokémon battle simulator I frequent, I use a Pokémon called Zoroark, who comes in looking like another Pokemon, usually one that is vulnerable to attacks Zoroark is immune to (Among other tricks involving Pokémon like Shedinja, Shuckle, Ditto and Espeon).

Eg. While tinkering around in Warcraft 3's World Editor, I've found I have the most fun making scenarios where I control a team of invisible units (such as Akama and a group of Draenei Stalkers), sneaking them into enemy bases to destroy them slowly while constantly fading in and out of view to the opponent. The opponents never see me coming until I land the first blow! XD

Lately I've been making use of my skills on online chat. I've had issues with cyber-bullying on a chatroom I frequent, from people as high-rank as ADMINS! According to rumor, they say bad things about me behind my back. So, I've decided to enter the chatroom disguised as a guest, to try and catch them out. They haven't said anything about me yet (except one person asking if I was in the chatroom under a different name, during which time I said nothing), but they have no idea who i really am! It's so fun!

Once they say enough worth reporting, I will make logs of what's said, and then show them to the owner of the chatroom, and hopefully disciplinary action will be taken. If it is, I will then reveal myself and watch and laugh at their reactions! harhar.gif rotflz.gif

If I was a Toa, I'd probably use masks like the Volitak, the Mahiki, the Kualsi and maybe the Huna, because they'd suit my cunning battle style and personality perfectly!


Ralph Ruined Survivor!

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Mar 29 2011 · 86 views
Life news
I am a loyal follower of the reality show Survivor, and especially a fan of the Teridax of the show, Russell! In fact, I love him so much that I got extremely butthurt when he was voted out and then lost the Redemption Island duel! Like the Announcement that Bionicle would end, only quieter, kind of butthurt. burnmad.gif I also now hate Ralph because he was the mastermind behind it all.

If I was on that show and on the same tribe as those two, I'd be scheming furiously against Ralph, even if I get voted off for it. I'd stick close with the rest of Russell's alliance (which I would've been a loyal member of myself), and together we'd bring the tribe to its knees in Russell's name! We would introduce the tribe to a shade that's even darker than Russell could pull off!


*anticipates "You take things WAY too seriously; you should see a psychologist"*


Oh, One More Thing...

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Mar 28 2011 · 82 views
Bionicle and BZPower

How long have I had a blog? 10 days? That's 100 views a day! biggrin.gif:D

...and no that's not my best drawing.


I Think I've Found My Calling

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Mar 28 2011 · 102 views
Life news
For a long time I didn't know what I wanted to be when if I grow up, out of animation or games programming. At last I've decided: I want to become an animator!

The next question is, what kind of animator? I'm mainly considering either sprite animation, general digital animation, traditional animation or atop-motion animation (atm 3D digital animation is beyond my reach).

However, for some reason acting is calling out to me... wacko.gif

EDIT: Also 90000TH ENTRY!!!!!! winner1.gif harhar.gif


I See What You're Doing There

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Mar 28 2011 · 60 views
Bionicle and BZPower
Everyone wants the honour of having entry number 90,000, right? That's why the blogs are suddenly silent?


2 Hot Hopics! :d

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Mar 27 2011 · 115 views
Bionicle and BZPower
I just noticed that I hold Hot Topics 9 and 10 today! biggrin.gif

together they have a grand total of a massive 15 posts! 7 in my OoMN thread and 8 in my Bionicle Elements poll.


The Perils Of Having A Shifty Disabled Brother

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Mar 27 2011 · 93 views
Life news
One thing you may not know about me is that I have a severely disabled brother. He has a severe intellectual disability with Autistic tendencies.

However, hidden behind that disability is a hidden intelligence, and a cunning that rivals even mine! Nothing is safe when he and only he is around! Last night I found this out the hard way: I left my good pair of shoes out in the computer room overnight while my brother was on the computer, and this morning when I got ready for TAFE I found them with both shoelaces and orthotics out and the laces chewed! OF COURSE I WAS FURIOUS! I was forced to take an older pair of shoes to TAFE!

It is normal for him to chew on shoelaces, but taking the orthotics out is a new one. He recently got custom orthotics to support his flat feet, which he hates and often takes out and hides, so that might have something to do with this.



Finally The "news" Streak Is Over!

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Mar 26 2011 · 110 views
Bionicle and BZPower
You may have noticed that the past 12 days have had only "News" stories, ie. with the red Hau Nuva. Finally today, that streak is ended by a "Market" story! But 12 days has to be a new record for any news type, right?


Tally Results And Future Plans

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , in Uncategorized, Bring Back Bionicle Club Mar 26 2011 · 450 views
My "What Bionicle Characters do you want as sets" tally, which ran from December 11 2010 to March 5 2011, is now a dead topic, so I shall post the results right here (those with a * are multiple-of-a-kind in the story):

Sisters of the Skrall* - 6
MU Robot - 12
Makuta Kojol - 7
Makuta Tridax - 5
Makuta of Stelt - 3
Toa Helryx - 25
Toa Tuyet - 15
Toa Orde - 12
Toa Chiara - 12
Toa Zaria - 12
Toa Varian - 6
Lariska - 21
Dezalk - 1
Tamaru - 3
Kotu - 2
Johmak - 3
Jerbraz - 5
Phantom - 4
Baterra* - 19
Tren Krom - 4
Artakha - 26
The other Toa Hagah - 25
The rest of Toa Dume's team - 3
The rest of Toa Jovan's team - 4
The rest of Lesovikk's team - 1
The rest of Lhikan's team - 4
Energized Protodermis Entity - 2
Karzahni (Pre-mutation) - 14
Toa Nidhiki - 13
Matoran Nidhiki - 2
All Barraki (pre-mutation) - 13
Vezon (with Olmak fused to face) - 2
Element Lords - 4
Rahi Nui - 3
Matoran Lhikan - 2
Turaga Lhikan - 2
Turaga Takanuva - 2
Turaga Jovan - 1
Toa Metru as Matoran - 1
Matoran Nikila - 1
Toa Nikila - 5
Purple and Black entities (from The Powers That Be)* - 3
Red Serpent from Maze of Shadows* - 2
Metus (Snake form) - 2
Mutated Brutaka - 5
Av-Matoran builder of the Toa canisters - 4
Vorox (pre-Shattering)* - 2
Toa Nuva (with adaptive armour in another form) - 3
Toa Naho - 4
Rebuilt Kapura - 1
Kylma - 2
Angonce - 4
Heremus - 3
Kratana* - 1
Tunneler* - 1
Toa Ahkmou (shadow Toa) - 1
Light-drained Takanuva (prior to Karda Nui) - 1
Toa Dume - 2
Gold Skakdi Fusion - 1
Annona - 1
Takua (pre-Metru Nui) - 1
Podu - 1

Do not make any more suggestions here; I will not add them to the tally. However, once the story finishes I will make another tally just like this one. In fact, I will be making a LOT of threads and stuff once the story ends, because then we'll know where just about everyone is. All tallies, polls, threads etc. will hopefully be posted on my new site if I can get it up and running.

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