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Through the Eyes of Madness


Finally The "news" Streak Is Over!

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Mar 26 2011 · 34 views
Bionicle and BZPower
You may have noticed that the past 12 days have had only "News" stories, ie. with the red Hau Nuva. Finally today, that streak is ended by a "Market" story! But 12 days has to be a new record for any news type, right?


Tally Results And Future Plans

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , in Uncategorized, Bring Back Bionicle Club Mar 26 2011 · 158 views
My "What Bionicle Characters do you want as sets" tally, which ran from December 11 2010 to March 5 2011, is now a dead topic, so I shall post the results right here (those with a * are multiple-of-a-kind in the story):

Sisters of the Skrall* - 6
MU Robot - 12
Makuta Kojol - 7
Makuta Tridax - 5
Makuta of Stelt - 3
Toa Helryx - 25
Toa Tuyet - 15
Toa Orde - 12
Toa Chiara - 12
Toa Zaria - 12
Toa Varian - 6
Lariska - 21
Dezalk - 1
Tamaru - 3
Kotu - 2
Johmak - 3
Jerbraz - 5
Phantom - 4
Baterra* - 19
Tren Krom - 4
Artakha - 26
The other Toa Hagah - 25
The rest of Toa Dume's team - 3
The rest of Toa Jovan's team - 4
The rest of Lesovikk's team - 1
The rest of Lhikan's team - 4
Energized Protodermis Entity - 2
Karzahni (Pre-mutation) - 14
Toa Nidhiki - 13
Matoran Nidhiki - 2
All Barraki (pre-mutation) - 13
Vezon (with Olmak fused to face) - 2
Element Lords - 4
Rahi Nui - 3
Matoran Lhikan - 2
Turaga Lhikan - 2
Turaga Takanuva - 2
Turaga Jovan - 1
Toa Metru as Matoran - 1
Matoran Nikila - 1
Toa Nikila - 5
Purple and Black entities (from The Powers That Be)* - 3
Red Serpent from Maze of Shadows* - 2
Metus (Snake form) - 2
Mutated Brutaka - 5
Av-Matoran builder of the Toa canisters - 4
Vorox (pre-Shattering)* - 2
Toa Nuva (with adaptive armour in another form) - 3
Toa Naho - 4
Rebuilt Kapura - 1
Kylma - 2
Angonce - 4
Heremus - 3
Kratana* - 1
Tunneler* - 1
Toa Ahkmou (shadow Toa) - 1
Light-drained Takanuva (prior to Karda Nui) - 1
Toa Dume - 2
Gold Skakdi Fusion - 1
Annona - 1
Takua (pre-Metru Nui) - 1
Podu - 1

Do not make any more suggestions here; I will not add them to the tally. However, once the story finishes I will make another tally just like this one. In fact, I will be making a LOT of threads and stuff once the story ends, because then we'll know where just about everyone is. All tallies, polls, threads etc. will hopefully be posted on my new site if I can get it up and running.


An Update To My Pokerus Entry

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Mar 26 2011 · 31 views
It turns out that Darumaka was actually the THIRD wild Pokemon I found with Pokerus! A Magnemite I captured in Diamond last year had Pokerus when I captured it, but I already had Pokemon with Pokerus in my party, so I thought maybe it got it from them. But a recent post in the Official Pokemon Topic proved that theory wrong:

QUOTE(Rausaro @ Mar 26 2011, 03:10 PM) View Post
QUOTE(Makuta_of_Oz @ Mar 25 2011, 05:39 PM) View Post
If you have a Pokemon in your party with Pokerus when you capture a Pokemon, can the captured Pokemon get the Pokerus immediately upon capture?

No. You need to have a pokerus infected 'mon in the lead, and battle some wild pokemon. After a few rounds, it will infect the pokemon next to it... if you switch the second infected to the 6th slot, it infects the 5th, and the 3rd slot gets infected. (Speeds it up).



If There's One Thing I've Learned About These Blogs...

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Mar 26 2011 · 30 views
Bionicle and BZPower
...it's that normal members and staff are much more of equals here than anywhere else on BZPower.


I Know The Staff Said Not To Go On About This, But...

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Mar 25 2011 · 43 views
Bionicle and BZPower
...you all whinge too much! mad.gif

I should fit right in! tongue.gif


My Second Lot Of Pokerus!

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Mar 25 2011 · 64 views
Last night my friend offered me his Deoxys for my Pokemon White game, not caring what I gave him. Being a fan of Deoxys, I agreed, and captured a Darumaka to give him.

We traded, and then all of a sudden, the other guy told me (we were talking to each other on online chat at the same time) that the Darumaka had POKERUS! Well, you should've seen the look on my face! Not only did I find Pokerus, but I just traded away my only Pokemon with it!

Since this was the SECOND time I found Pokerus (I still have Pokemon with it when I first found some in Diamond while EV training my Porygon), I was debating whether I should get it back briefly, and in the end I decided to. I traded my Sandile to him in exchange, and then spread the Pokerus around a bit. Meanwhile, my friend trained my Sandile and even evolved it into Krokorok! He was about to evolve it again, but I asked him not to (having Sandile and Krookodile but never Krokorok would've looked wierd). So then we traded back.

I've yet to try it out again, but since my next gym challenge will be against Electric-types it should do VERY well!


Day Off Tafe, And My Love For My Nan

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Mar 23 2011 · 28 views
Life news
A couple of weeks ago, the instructor for our second of two classes I have on a Thursday said he'd be away, so we'd have the class off (a popular rumor suggests that he's off to a Starcraft tournament, because he's a Starcraft fan). This morning, when I arrived at TAFE, I was told that the instructor for our first class was also away, so we got the day off! biggrin.gif

Normally I'd go straight home and play on the computer and talk on BZPower, but since today's Thursday, I instead decided to pay a surprise visit to my nan! I took a bus to a train station an hour away, and then took the train to her place and surprised both her and my mother (who always visits on Thursdays, hence why I went).

I am a computer addict, but nonetheless, any chance to visit my nan on a Thursday is siezed upon. wub.gif Whenever I visit my nan we go shopping for her, and then have lunch at a nearby RSL, where they make the BEST garlic bread and grilled fish!


This Place Needs More Happy-smiles And Rainbows

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Mar 23 2011 · 39 views
Bionicle and BZPower
RAINBOW biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Cuz these blogs need them atm...


Plans For An Official Site

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , in Uncategorized, Bring Back Bionicle Club Mar 22 2011 · 136 views
This year I'm studying web design, and I will learn how to publish web sites to the Internet. I'll even get to publish an actual site to the Internet! If I play my cards right there may very well be an official Bring Back Bionicle Club website, and if I can make one I'll post it in the Bionicle-related Websites thread.

Various things I'll be asking around BZPower relating to Bionicle's return will be posted on the site, such as my new poll, but some will also be posted here for safekeeping, or if I can't get the site up.


There Was A Flame War In The Flaws Topic!? O.o

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Mar 21 2011 · 41 views
Bionicle and BZPower
And I missed it! I'm spewing! crying.gif I know flame wars are generally bad but they're nonetheless fun to watch IMO.


The Day I Foresaw Scrafty

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Mar 21 2011 · 39 views
We all know about the dangerous primate animal that lives in our city streets called the "street teenager" (or "chav" in Europe). I remember once thinking, "What if street teenagers were Pokémon? What typing would they have?" I figured they'd be a combination Dark/Fighting type, because those two types fit street teenagers perfectly. "Dark" because they're nocturnal and evil, and "Fighting" because of their violent nature.

Then came the 5th generation of Pokémon games (Pokémon Black and White), and --- SHOCK HORROR --- we get two street teenager Pokémon: Scraggy and Scrafty! And what's their type combination? Dark/Fighting! I think Game Freak likes street teenagers as much as I do! tongue.gif



Proof That Machops Are Cute

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Mar 21 2011 · 56 views
dA Gallery
I've gotten complaints that my images are too big and take too long to load, so I'm instead using links. That'll also give me enough space to put multiple links in one entry! My older entries with pics have also been deleted.

As you know, Machop is my favourite Pokemon because of how cute it is. However, the majority of people don't see the cute side of Machop. Well, that's why I'm here. I have 3 images on deviantArt that will hopefully change your view of Machop:

Sleeping Machop - probably the best picture I have ever drawn! It was so good it got a favourite on its first view! It's well-known that nearly all beings look cuter when they're sleeping peacefully, and Machop is definitely no exception.

Cuddles - I entered this one to an art contest showing a trainer and their Pokemon interacting. I didn't win but I'm proud of the pic anyway. And yes that human is me.

Shiny Machop Wants a Hug - I'm quite proud of this one! I only wish I could make the Machop look more endearing, but he looks plenty cute nonetheless. This deviation got 105 views in its first day! biggrin.gif


The Bring Back Bionicle Club, Bzpower Branch

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , in Uncategorized, Bring Back Bionicle Club Mar 18 2011 · 414 views
Welcome to the BZPower branch of the Bring Back Bionicle Club! We're a group of stubborn Bionicle fans who want the sets back.

Other branches of the club do exist, but BZPower rules prevent me from linking to, or in some cases even mentioning, any of them. You'll have to find the other branches on your own. Posted Image


I Love My Cute Little Machop!

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Mar 18 2011 · 75 views
Come on, you know Machop is cute! I mean, who couldn't love those endearing eyes? That adorable face? That loving embrace?

Just don't call it cuddly or else it will hurt you.

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