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Through the Eyes of Madness



Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Jun 19 2012 · 162 views
My application process at V/Line is over. They rejected my application after the latest test. :crying:

Now i just have to worry about the position at Metro, which I should hear about in 3-4 weeks.


About My Application To Become A Train Driver

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Jun 14 2012 · 189 views
In an earlier entry, I revealed that the Australian suburban rail company Metro opened up vacancies for the next generation of train drivers, and I applied for the position.

I discovered that an old friend from high school had also applied for the job, making the process much more interesting! Last night, over two weeks after applications closed, he said on social media that his application was accepted. I hadn't heard anything from them at all, so I feared I had been rejected. :(

However, when I got home from nan's today, I got an e-mail. It was from Metro. It said that I too was accepted! :D HUGE relief!

This process will apparently be much quicker than V/Line's, and could see me at work within a couple of months if all goes well. I have to do an online psychometric test, and if I pass that, I attend an Assessment Centre, which I believe will be a job interview.

On the downside, I've heard that I need a full driver's licence to get the job, and I only have a probationary licence, so the rest of the process will be shaky unless that gets proven wrong.


So Close!

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Jun 13 2012 · 115 views
Bionicle & BZPower
But I didn't make it into the Legends of Lhii final poll despite coming a close second in the poll before. :(

Ah well, I'd consider it a personal best in BZPower contests. :P


My Opinion On Pikmin 3

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Jun 05 2012 · 109 views

Pros: stays true to the original, more captain interaction, graphics are improved but still true to tradition, new Pikmin species

Cons: Rock Pikmin? :/ They'll take some getting used to.

What else I'd like to see: more Pikmin species (particularly those pink flying ones on the title card, and what the parastiic Pikmin that infected Bulborbs in Pikmin 2 really look like), what happened to Olimar (he's not one of the pklayable captains in Pikmin 3), what happened to Louie, the President's real name, and more Pikmin plushes that are smaller than those from Pikmin 2.


Day = Made

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Jun 03 2012 · 112 views
So, I went on a big meetup with my friends yesterday. During the morning, a couple of us went shiny hunting.

My friend went hunting for a shiny Mewtwo with no success, and I went hunting for a shiny Machop because it's my favourite Pokémon. <3

Suddenly, I did get a shiny! Sadly it wasn't machop, but Geodude. Nonetheless, it was only my 6th random encounter shiny, and my first in a Gen 4 or later game, so my day was still made. :D


3 Warning Points?

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , May 31 2012 · 231 views
Bionicle & BZPower
After making a recent post, I suddenly noticed I had 3 warning points against my name. Panicked and confused, I had a look. All it said was I had one warning point. I looked under "More Details", and the PM I got from McSmeag when he gave me that proto boost was staring back at me! :/

Completely confused.


The Latest On My V/line Application

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , May 28 2012 · 125 views
I just got an e-mail out of the blue a few hours ago from V/Line, who I applied for work with a couple months ago. I passed the aptitude test! :D Next in the application process is surprisingly not a half-day interview, but an online work style profile and safety questionnaire.

In other news, applications for the train driver position at Metro expired less than an hour ago.


Treasures Found On Ebay

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , May 25 2012 · 135 views
Bionicle and BZPowe
So, I decided to go on eBay for the first time in a while, and I found I didn't regret it: I found THREE sales for Misprint Kanohi! One for the 6 misprint Ruru (60 GBP), the 6 misprint Matatu (60 GBP) and one for a blue misprint Kaukau (20 BGP)!

The seller is called teresaslegos. She is the best seller on eBay for Bionicle sets of verying rarities, especially full collections! VERY highly recommended!

The Misprint Kaukau: http://www.ebay.com....=item3a74bee515

I have already purchased the misprints, and if all goes well, some will appear on B/S/T in about a month or so.


Brilliant Day Yesterday

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , May 20 2012 · 174 views
life news, Pokemon
I just noticed we can add "entry images". I might have to do that later so I have proof.

So, yesterday I went on yet another meetup with some friends from my Pokémon family, to attend a Trading Card Game Battle Roads in Geelong. I had to travel from one end of Port Phillip Bay to the other, so I got up very early.

On the way to the station I saw a possum! Even though I live in Australia, possums are nonetheless a very rare sight, especially in my area!

When I got to Southern Cross station, I purchased a V/Line ticket... we were going to take a diesel train the rest of the way! :D I met three of my friends there a while later, and helped them purchase their tickets.

On the train to Geelong, I talked to the conductor on board, and he told me about the employment process for the job, and what a conductor does. It turns out conductors, not drivers, are the ones in charge of announcements over the PA system on diesel trains. Also, the employment process is a lot lengthier than I thought. I have to apply, then take an aptitude test (this is where I'm up to), do an interview in front of four people, do ANOTHER aptitude test, and then do another interview! Even after all that, I'd go on a waiting list, and I wouldn't actually start work until next year!

Registration costs $5 AUD. When we got there and went to register, I decided to pay with my debit card. However, I needed to take out at least $8 AUD to use it. To that end, I decided to look through the individual cards the venue had on sale. After finding nothing of interest, I decided instead to purchase a Next Destinies booster pack. When I opened it, one of the cards I pulled was one of the rarest in the series: a differently-coloured Zoroark! One of my friends wouldn't leave me alone for the rest of the day trying to get it off me! :P Apparently that card costs $25 AUD because of its rarity and power in duels!
Posted Image

I went into the tournament not using my Eeveelutions deck, which I had scrapped, but with a s###### Durant deck. I was able to win 2 matches, beating my personal best! :D I came 13th in my division (a minor setback for a triskaidecaphobic :/), which was one of the best among my friends!

I later got a Dark Explorers booster as a participation prize. I opened it, and... shock horror... a Groudon EX fell out! TWO RARE CARDS FROM TWO BOOSTERS! That's not gonna happen again! Even though Groudon EX is only worth $8 AUD, it was the card the same friend wanted the most, more than Zoroark! He was upset that everyone around him was pulling it except him! Naturally, he asked to trade me for it, and I agreed because I had no use for the card because I'm a battler, not a collector. In exchange, I got 2 Revives, a Crushing Hammer and $5 AUD, as well as a pledge that he'd get me an Enhanced Hammer. These are cards that I can use to improve my already surprisingly good Durant deck.
Posted Image

A larger group of us, about 7, then went home together on another diesel train.

All in all, a brilliant day! :D

EDIT: Just looking through my old entries, I found a comment from SPIRIT saying that I had used up all the luck in my life. He was wrong. :P


In A Startling Twist Of Events...

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , May 15 2012 · 128 views
Metro, a company in charge of electric trains within the Melbourne metropolitan area, has begun hiring trainee train drivers!

Now I'm torn between applying for this position, and sticking with my conductor role at V/Line! What if I apply for this, and then get both!? I'm still studying a dual award, so it's gonna be hard to juggle 2 jobs and 2 courses at the same time!


What's So Great About My Little Pony?

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , May 15 2012 · 142 views

Is it the characters? The animation? The story? Does it have a continuous story like the best kids' shows of the 90s?


An Update Regarding My Job Application In The Rail Industry

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , May 12 2012 · 107 views
In entries past I expressed my interest in working in the rail industry. Something I didn't mention (I haven't got a clue why) is that I applied online for a position as conductor at V/Line a couple of weeks ago.

Yesterday I got an e-mail saying my application was accepted! :D THAT made my day!

Today, for the next part of my application process, I had to do an aptitude test, which was divided into a verbal test, a numeric test and an error checking test. I had to answer a series of questions in a VERY small time limit! Aside from a tiny, almost negligible hiccup in the numeric test, I think I did very well. :) Sadly, I don't get to find out how I went for over a month. :(

Stay tuned for more updates!


Rumour Has It...

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , May 10 2012 · 1,060 views
Bionicle and BZPower
...that Bionicle is coming back in 2013.

Could someone please disprove that for me?


Warcraft 3 Epic Win

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , May 07 2012 · 79 views

So, last night on Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos, I was finally able to pull off a Twilight Of The Gods win without Jaina's base falling! :D

In fact, until Archimonde came, all that fell were the Guard and Cannon Towers, a farm and a Scout Tower! Even then, Archimonde only took down the other Scout Tower and another farm. No-one actually died!

Dryads ftw!


On Following Blogs

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , May 04 2012 · 109 views
Bionicle and BZPower
Is it normal to follow your own BZPower blog?


Dancing Shikadi

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , May 03 2012 · 136 views
dA Gallery
Here's one for all those Commander Keen fans and other retro gamers out there!

Posted Image


Anzac Day Oath

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 24 2012 · 1,435 views
life news
They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them, nor the year's condemn.
At the going down of the sun, and in the morning,
We will remember them.


I Think I've Discovered My True Calling

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 20 2012 · 54 views
So, today I explored the train lines to the east of Melbourne. Since there were a lot of stops, I'll divide this entry into paragraphs for each trip.

Richmond-Box Hill
The train was an express service, and quite empty. A spiritual healer was on board playing a small guitar. He later started chatting with another passenger. At Box Hill I had an early lunch of McDonalds. I also went to a gaming shop called EBGames to buy some Pokemon cards, but the store didn't have the booster I was looking for.

Box Hill-Camberwell
Another express service, NO stops in between. Could not ask for a faster trip! :P Stopped at Camberwell and connected with an Alamein train.

Outside of peak times, trains on the very small Alamein line only go between Camberwell and Alamein, and not all the way into the city. For this reason, the train was only 3 carriages long instead of the usual 6, a rarity in these times (they're even talking of making trains 9 carriages long!)

There was a tram square (an area where the train line goes over a tram line) between Riversdale and Willison, the first I'd seen other than the usual one at Glenhuntly.

When we reached Alamein station, I found it was tiny! Too small for a 6-carriage train! Beyond it was a footpath that appeared to be decorated with the same "archways", for lack of a better word, as you get over electric train lines. I followed the footpath until I could see the Glen Waverley line up ahead, which I knew was close to Alamein.

I then returned and met a lovely old lady who I chatted with. I told her about my love of trains, and she told me a few stories about Alamein station:
  • When Jeff Kennett was premier, he saved Alamein station from being closed down many years ago.
  • Alamein was going to connect with the Glen Waverly line at East Malvern, but the project was cancelled when war came (for your information regarding "don't mention the war to old people, you'll never hear the end of it", she was the one who mentioned the war first, not me!). Ever since, talks to connect the lines continued on and off to this day.
It was during this conversation that I realised that trains were my true calling. I was never this passionate and curious about animation or game development or anything like that! If only I had realised this sooner, I could've saved SO MUCH time and expense...

Had to change trains at Camberwell for the aforementioned reason. Stopped off at Burnley to connect to a train to Glen Waverley. Nothing to report.

It was not the first time I had stopped at that station. Once I stopped there and walked to Channel 9's headquarters in an ill-fated attempt to audition for a game show.

Burnley-Glen Iris-Darling-East Malvern-Glen Waverley
While travelling down the Glen Waverley line, I stopped off at Glen Iris, Darling and East Malvern along the way to look at the signs outside them, visible from the Monash Freeway, which ran parallel with the line at those stations. This was for nostalgia reasons because I had passed these signs many times on the Monash Freeway but never had the chance to go down the line.

When I got to Glen Waverley, I went to the nearby shopping centre and bought the last Next Destinies Pokemon card booster pack in stock (Next Destinies was what I was looking for at Box Hill). Sadly, it was a dud: the only half-decent pull was a Prism Energy.

Then I took the long trek home.

At my home station, I tried to apply for work, but was told I HAD to do it online. I then asked who was in charge of the Stony Point line, which was run by a V/Line diesel train (A Sprinter) in Metro territory. It turns out Metro runs the line AND the diesel train, prompting me to wonder, why not give it its own livery...?

When I got home, I looked up vacancies for both Metro and V/Line, and found a position for a train conductor! I decided to apply for it despite my lack of work experience, hoping my volunteer work in Scouts is enough to get me at least into consideration.


Tomorrow I Make My Move

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 19 2012 · 54 views
Tomorrow I do a train trip to Box Hill, and the Alamein and Glen Waverley train lines. I'll also take the opportunity to apply for work at Metro, the company in charge of electric trains within Melbourne. Sadly, they recently axed a lot of jobs so I'll probably fall flat on my face, so I have a lot of backup plans ready: other places not involving trains where I could apply for work.

To this day I have never worked for money despite my age, and I fear I've become too old for part-time work, and too inexperienced for full-time work, and therefore unemployable. :(


More Career Confusion

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz , Apr 15 2012 · 83 views
Once again, I am at a loss for what I truly want to do for a living.

I'm the kind of guy who is a jack of all trades, master of none. I'm good at a lot of things and I have a wide variety of interests, but I'm not GREAT at anything.
  • I could continue my current pursuit of game development, which has interested me on and off for a while.
  • My recently-developed love of reading (courtesy of Greg Farshtey, obviously) has inspired me to try and get back into writing stories, and I can tell the stories I make using my toys are improving.
  • I'm a pretty good actor with a bit of experience, plus I've been inspired quite a bit with cartoons, so I would like to give voice acting a go one day, see how I like that.
  • Animation, especially 2D animation, was something else I majorly considered, and I REALLY enjoyed studying traditional animation in 2010, so I could try that.
  • I have a life-long love of trains that has recently respawned, so working in that industry, maybe even as a train driver, could be my true calling. I'll be applying for such work later this week, at least to get work experience.

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