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Bzp Rpg: The Ils Quest Board

Posted by Katuko , in BZP-RPG Feb 25 2012 · 3,237 views

Hello and welcome to the Quest Board for the Island Liberation Squad! For the squad itself, click here.

This is list of what tasks our stellar team has been given, and their current status. If you have a quest to give, either post it here or PM me with it. Now, why are we taking on quests, you may ask? Why, to gain publicity (and possibly rewards) of course! So if you find yourself in need of warriors to protect your caravan, or to clear out Rahi, or to escort someone to a village, or whatever, really... then look no further!

The Island Liberation Squad: Liberating the island and it's people, one step at a time.

Active quests:

<None in particular>

Completed quests:

Toppling the Hive

Objective: Destroy the Nui-Rama hive that has stood firm in Le-Wahi for many hundred years.

Details: It has been stated that the biggest symbol of Makuta's influence in Le-Wahi is the Rama hive, filled with infected insects. In order to make a definite statement, the ILS planned to destroy it. In order to do this, they gathered warriors from all across the island. After a long battle, the hive was breached and burnt to the ground.

Current status:

- The hive has been completely destroyed by fire, leaving only a large clearing covered in ash. In the middle of it stands an object the flames could not devour: a black rock bearing the inscription "HIDDEN LINES".
- The kidnapped Turaga were encountered at the hive, having Parakuka attached to their backs. After their berserker rage was subdued, their unconscious forms were brought back to Pala-Koro until the ILS could figure out what to do.

Ko-Koro in need!

Objective: Fend off attackers in Ko-Koro and aid the village in rebuilding, since the Turaga is gone and the local Guard has been crippled by the attack.

Details: An avalanche has hit Ko-Koro, along with one or more explosions caused by attackers. Killers and looters run loose in the village, and a single Toa made her way from there to Lake Pala in order to ask the ILS for help. With Ko-Koro thus becoming the natural new destination for the squad, we immediately set out.

Current status: The Koro was mostly secured before the team arrived, but the group known as the Shadow Hapaka had kidnapped eleven Matoran and held them hostage for ransom. After a lengthy discussion, the Matoran were let free and a slightly smaller ransom paid.

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that was a week ago.
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Yes. Yes, it was. Given the current state of the action and me being juggling my online time between writing two separate 4000-word essays and two 1000-word ones (though you couldn't know that), I haven't bothered to do it.
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Completed Quests:

Toppling the Hive B)
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New quest: Ko-Koro in need! :D
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