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Review: Teen Titans (Tv Series)

Posted by Grant-Sud , in Animation, Reviews Oct 23 2011 · 2,096 views

Cartoons Teen Titans Review
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Okay so starting off with this review, I KNOW this is kind of an older show. If I'm going to review a DC animated cartoon I should probably go with the newest one, that being Young Justice. But the thing is, I love Teen Titans and want to review how a great show should be made. So, yes, I'm going to be very biased in the following review. With that said, let's ...


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Teen Titans the Tv Series was one of those shows that got a little criticism upon its arrival. For one, this wasn't the average DC Animated TV show with a mature look and following the canon of the comics. Instead you had five random Teen Titan characters on a team, together despite the varying ages and timelines for each in comic canon, a goofy hybrid western-eastern cartoon animation style and a show that was said to be made for kids. Not a good combination for older fans.

Thankfully, the show started gaining approval. Sure it was made for children, but surprisingly the audience demography started to widen toward the end of season 1. This was because despite the feel good tones and happy endings that kid shows receive, toward the end of the first season, varying episodes became darker. Not too dark really, but enough to say it followed a mature story line (an original mature story line). When you place that with the great voice acting the show had, and smooth, flowing animation that can be either dark or bright depending on the setting, you had one amazing piece of work here. Following that, with an older audience, the show's writers started to create stories with more depth, yet still light enough for kids to relate to and enjoy.

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And that's the magic of Teen Titans: It can be any kind of show it needs to be, to bring great entertainment. Depending on the episode the show could be very fulfilling (Sisters), humorous (Revved Up), depressing (Terra), action packed (Winner Take All), mysterious (The Beast Within), dark (Nevermore) and sometimes just plain weird (Bunny Raven … or … How to Make a Titananimal disappear). The best episodes were the ones that were able to bring them all together, and almost all episodes had a message to them.

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Teen Titans follows the plot line of five super heroes living together in a tower that looks over the city. The characters here include: Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven and Beast Boy. Their lives are unique and just free. These young teenagers don't go to school, just hang out, eat pizza, play video games, they don't have secret identities and are always on the lookout for trouble. The characters really do make this show. The varying personalities are great, with ups and downs to all of them that just subtly or directly are shown. As the series goes on, though the show manages its plots ep by ep, there is a surprising amount of character development. The show is very unrealistic in terms of setting, yet surprisingly the Titans deal with issues that mirror the problems of real life. You can always relate to one of these characters in some way. And sometimes they'll find the answer to their problem, and other times they just ... won't or can't resolve the issue try as they might. Those thought provoking episodes reach out to me in a touching way. The underlining theme to the show is friendship however. No matter what problems come their way, they go through them together, whether they are serious or hilarious.

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Animation is fluid and carries itself with an influenced anime style. Besides that, they look like American cartoon characters. The incredibly high amount of action in this show isn't ruined by the different style, and makes it swifter. Atmosphere, depending on the mood, can be up building or gloomy. Music and sound is also well done. Voice acting plays itself seriously and is superb. There are no short cuts, when they need to be serious, they are. When they need to be funny, certainly so. Background music varies per ep, but there are some memorable scores.

Teen Titans is a children's show thick and thin, but it has a lot of heart, with great animation, music, characters and stories. And because of that, it's a show not only anyone can enjoy, but also one that anyone can relate to.

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Ah I always enjoyed that show, good review mate, Unbiased somewhat, which I didn't expect form you. XP

Oh and, Oi! You forgot to credit me for the banner. XD
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Twilight Avenger
Oct 31 2011 07:52 PM
That show was a beast! (loluseewatididthar) Sometimes I watch the re-runs of the episodes. Never gets old.

BTW, Marvel>DC. 8D
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Oh please, DC has batman. And that's all it needs. {{hoho Thanks for reading TA ^^
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