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Breakfast at Tiffany's



Posted by Peach 00 , in BZP Dec 08 2011 · 216 views

What's up, BZP? :D


I'm Bored

Posted by Peach 00 , in BZP Dec 06 2011 · 268 views

I'm always bored.

Entertainment? Threats? Quotes? Anything? Please? :(



Posted by Peach 00 , in BZP, Review(s) Dec 04 2011 · 337 views

Okay, I decided I'd take a look inside the proclaimed 'awesome' forums by so many comic makers alike, and viewed a few of the 'great' comics. I had gone there on the old forums, and looking at them now, they still aren't all that funny. No personal offense to the artists themselves, but I'm going to go on a rant about them and point out what I saw and the flaws.

First, after looking at one artist who will go unnamed, I saw the comics and took a look at the first one. Of course, it was just an introduction to the PGS characters, so it wasn't supposed to be funny, I guess. But I looked at the next few comics, and I still didn't see it all that funny.

So, let me tell you why: There's no wit. Wit. Yes, most of you might have heard of it. When making a comic, short or long, the potential subject should at least carry out a witty form of banter with characters, a subject that can produce interesting discussion between characters, when it might finally lead to a humorous end. Or, at least a similar comic type to that.

So, next, I took at somebody else's comics who is named as a genius among the comic-maker community. After looking, not all that much of a genius. The comics have some funny points, but not laugh out loud funny. I viewed the first five comics and I wasn't impressed.


Okay, well this wasn't all that long of a rant, but that's a miniaturized version of what I first intended to rant about. But, nonetheless, a rant.


Syc And Writing

Posted by Peach 00 , in BZP, Review(s), Writing Nov 28 2011 · 178 views

Yeah, just wanted to let you guys know that all the SYC (Submit Your Creations) stories that were in the slots we'll have to wait for reviewing. I'll get to them eventually, but I'll be busy on December 1st, and I'm trying to get what I hope will be my entry for the SS contest posted before the 2nd.

That, and I feel I'm pressed for time on the new Danger Close chapter, which I feel hasn't gotten a lot of posts in the review topic. I'd really appreciate even a single-sentenced comment in the review topic, just as long as I get something. It's basically dying through all the Epics pages, and I would really appreciate anybody who's willing to review it and check it out. Even if you read only the first few chapters, I'd still be in debt.

Anyway, sorry for the delay in SYC reviews, I'm just busy with writing and school. I really need to get everything for writing done. ;_;


Submit Your Story/ Art / Moc To Me

Posted by Peach 00 , in BZP Nov 25 2011 · 73 views

Anybody remember that entry? Yeah, I'm restarting it for more people to see. All the once slots filled were cleared because I reviewed all the MOCs and stories, except for one slot. Anyway, here's how it works to those who don't know it: You submit any form of story, art, MOC, comics, or whatever you need reviewed and I'll review. There are ten slots (nine currently), and when they're filled up, requests won't be taken. However, I can still take reviews through PMs, but I might take longer with the review. Here's the list:

1. Chi Keeper Cho Voxumo-Chan The Switch Mirror (AWAITING REVIEW)
2. Xinlo: Spirit of Sonics Destiny Quest (AWAITING REVIEW)
3. Grant-Sud Divided We Fall (AWAITING REVIEW)

Well, request anything. There are plenty of slots to fill.

(Also, on another note, another chapter of Danger Close is up. Not a new one, or not that I can remember. The last one that I have on the chapter index I haven't written in full yet. Anyway, link.)


Happy Thanksgiving, Bzp!

Posted by Peach 00 , in BZP Nov 24 2011 · 53 views

Happy Thanksgiving, BZP! :D

So, what are you thankful for? I'm thankful for having BZP, my friends, my family, and that it's four-day weekend. =D


Thanksgiving Holidays

Posted by Peach 00 , in BZP Nov 21 2011 · 68 views

I can't wait for them. :D

What is everybody planning on doing for Thanksgiving, what're you thankful for, and are you looking forward to the weekend?

Me? For Thanksgiving, I plan on stuffing myself like the turkey I'm going to be eating. :P Also, I'm thankful for having great friends, family, and that people might actually be reading this. (=P) And I'm really looking forward to the weekend!


I'm Bored

Posted by Peach 00 , in BZP Nov 20 2011 · 60 views

Entertain me.


Premier Perks

Posted by Peach 00 , in BZP Nov 20 2011 · 71 views

Y'know, I'm getting really curious why everybody still has them after this long. :P

(EDIT: Just to advertise it a little bit more, go view the blog entry below. I'm currently taking requests for creations [a.k.a., stories, MOCs, art, etc.] that I will review personally at any time. So far, two slots are filled, and eight are left. Even if the slots are filled, you can PM me with a topic link for what you want reviewed, and I'll get to it when I can. =])


Submit Your Creations!

Posted by Peach 00 , in Review(s), BZP Nov 19 2011 · 138 views

I've decided I'd have a little fun before my blog went away. For the last day, anybody can submit stories/art/MOCs and I'll be glad to check them out when possible. There are ten slots, and any extras I'll keep track of and try to review when I can. :)


1. Xinlo: Spirit of Sonics Topic (COMPLETED)
2. Inferna Firesword Topic (COMPLETED)
3. Chi Keeper Cho Voxumo-Chan Topic 1 Topic 2 (AWAITING REVIEW)

First slot is filled, and nine more to be filled! Remember, anything is welcome, even CoT topics. If all the slots are filled, you can also PM me for a topic link and I will still be willing to review it. ;)

EDIT: Eight slots left now. Remember, there's still plenty of slots, and I will do any comics, stories, art, MOCs that are asked to be reviewed. =)


Ask Me Anything

Posted by Peach 00 , in BZP Nov 17 2011 · 53 views

Well, I'm pretty sure that this is the last night that I'll have my blog, so I guess I have to have this at one point. Disappointed I didn't get my story up, but still, ask me anything.

And, keep in mind that intellectual questions are also allowed. :P


Lack Of Awareness On Bzp

Posted by Peach 00 , in BZP Nov 17 2011 · 55 views

It’s come to my attention that there is an enormous lack of actual awareness of talent – whether it’s about a writer, artist, comic maker, or even a MOCer. It seems to me BZP doesn’t recognize talent anymore, and doesn’t care for it whatsoever. Although there is no actual way to prove this point, it is true in most cases.

Now, let’s create a hypothetical situation, with a person that joins the site and starts posting stories/art/comics/MOCs. He/she doesn’t get any recognition, even if they went to all the trouble of writing just so people can critique or view the story/art/comic/MOC. Even if they show links in their signatures or on their profiles, they won't get noticed.

Now, what I’m about to say isn’t meant in any offense, but it seems that the community basically follows the popular members. Some of these popular members (not going to name names here) do deserve the credit they’ve been given and the respective reviews, but I think some just aren’t all that talented. There are really popular comic makers whom I’ve seen that just aren’t that good.

However, authors are usually always talented, while some just need the reviews. Some aren’t noticed because they’re basically tossed aside for the more popular people. I’m somewhere in between popular and not really noticed, but leaning more towards unnoticed. None of my stories really get recognition, even though most of the time I write them just so people can view them. My epic that I reposted only has gotten one review since I put it back up, which was from the ECC because I wasn’t getting any reviews. To save my review topic from falling to the bottom of the pages I asked them, and ever since then, I still haven’t gotten a review.

But, this just isn’t about me. Each category falls into the eye of the community, some categories usually having newer and older members getting reviews. Now, this doesn’t apply to Comedies when I mention writers, but the same basic scenario occurs, but sometimes the talent isn’t original. No offense to some people, but that’s just the way I see it.

Nonetheless, I think that the less-noticed talents should be known and people should be aware of these young, talented artists or writers or builders. Everybody deserves their time in the spotlight, even if it isn’t long. And, any little comment makes these people feel good. But even if it is a little comment, still keep it constructive and a little bit of positive and negative so they can improve. ;)


Lamborghinis And Barnes & Noble

Posted by Peach 00 , in Writing, Pink Floyd, Movies, BZP Nov 15 2011 · 256 views

I still have PMship, woot-woot. :happydance:

So, Saturday was awesome because I saw a Panoz on the road in an area you would not expect it to be. Plus I saw two Lamborghinis, the newest being the Aventador and the Gallardo right behind it. I got to go to Barnes & Noble, which consisted of buying the P-U-L-S-E DVD Pink Floyd concert (=D), a book chock-full of pictures and info on guns and stuff. Can't remember anything else, lol.

And, I rewatched the Star Wars movies on Sunday and Monday, and I've come to the conclusion that Young Anakin is really annoying, the actors and actresses that played Anakin, Padme', and Obi-Wan aren't overall good actors, and that the puppet Yoda was cooler. However, Yoda was still awesome in Episode III and II, just because of battle scenes with Duku (or how ever it's spelt) and Palpatine. But the new ones were just baaad. >_>

Also, now I'm going to go spam the Danger Close topic with a chapter or two, and going to go watch the review topic fall down to the second page for the second time since BZP's return. Reviews please. ;_;


So About The Monopoly Game...

Posted by Peach 00 , in BZP, Writing Nov 11 2011 · 69 views

...I lost it. ;_; My brother got over twenty thousand plus dollars, my other brother got eleven thousand, and I only got a thousand. Trading and side deals aren't the way to go. =P

Annnnd no chapter of DC tonight, I'm really tired at the moment and it is pretty late. I need to wake up early so I can A ) Make breakfast/muffins and B ) Get to school really fast. Even though it's Friday, probably going to have to work late.

Plus, I saw the whole Wikia/Amazon/whatever thing. Copyright infringement much? =/ (Yeah, reallyreally sorry for whoever got hit by that.)


Power Outage

Posted by Peach 00 , in Uncategorized, BZP Nov 10 2011 · 105 views

Yeah, the power went out for no reason whatsoever, so I was really not happy about that. 2 to 3 hours later, it's back up, although the internet took awhile to get back up. At least after all that, I ended up having a nice bowl of spaghetti.

Now, I need to go finish up a game of Monoply (I'm currently winning, as I do most of the time. :P) and then play charades. A chapter of DC will be coming up in about another hour, enjoy it with my compliments. ^_^


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