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Breakfast at Tiffany's


Going Camping

Posted by Peach 00 , Oct 17 2011 · 49 views

Going camping tomorrow and leaving Friday. Won't be on tomorrow - see you guys later! :D


Wish You Were Here

Posted by Peach 00 , in Pink Floyd Oct 17 2011 · 138 views

Wish You Were Here

So...so you think you can tell?
Blue skies from pain?
Can you tell a green field
From a cold, steel rail?
A smile of a veil?
Do you think you can tell?

Did they get you to trade
Your heroes for ghosts?
Hot ashes for trees?
Hot air for a cool breeze?
Cold comfort for change?
Did you exchange
A walk-on part in the war,
For a lead-role in a cage?

How I wish...how I wish you were here
We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl
Year after year
Running over the same old ground
What have we found?
The same old fears
Wish you were here

Yeah, had to sensor that second bit of lyrics. =P I swear, this has got to be my third favorite Pink Floyd song. It's just too awesome. I'm learning to play it on the guitar, but it's quite difficult. My brother basically knows the whole beginning of the song up to the first lyrics, so he's teaching me a bit of it. Every time I hear and of their music, I can only think that Pink Floyd is awesome. ^^

EDIT: Also, sorry Shine. Didn't realize that would count still - wasn't trying to bypass it. Either way, I just got rid of the line entirely if that helps out a little bit. =]


R.i.p Dan Wheldon

Posted by Peach 00 , Oct 17 2011 · 77 views

British two-time winner of the Indy 500 Dan Wheldon, 33, died yesterday at the last race of the Indycar season at Las Vegas in a horrific 15 car crash. I suggest people who haven't seen the crash yet shouldn't, because it is a truly terrifying accident. Wheldon's car flew up into the catch-fence and he was seriously injured. Two hours later it was pubilcally announced he was dead.

This is indeed a tragic loss and is a tremendous loss to the racing world.


Danger Close Is Coming Back

Posted by Peach 00 , Oct 16 2011 · 160 views

Planning on getting the first chapter of DC back up before the end of the night. Hopefully I can get it up in a few minutes. :happydance: Also, I need some help digging up some of my old stories. I'm looking for plenty of stories, although I can't name some of them. If some people can help me look through the SS and Epics archives for the stories/review topics for stuff by me and whatnot, I'd really appreciate it. :)

I'll update the entry when I get the review topic and story topic up, but for the meantime, going to post the chapter.

(Side question: How do I stop the paragraphs from automatically going to the center? I've been having problems with that lately. Any answer to that would be great.)


Hot Cocoa

Posted by Peach 00 , Oct 16 2011 · 97 views

Having some with cinnamon bread and apple bread. I'd take a cup of coffee, but I don't believe I'm old enough to drink it, lol. Also, it is hot chocolate. :P

Just started watching some TV, and I'm considering getting on Majora's Mask. It didn't save my game because I remember having a power outage or something while I was playing it. Back down the well with the Gibdo Mask and into the Royal Ancient Ikana temple... <_<

Well, probably going to go watch the F1 race. See everybody later. ^^


Cinnamon Bread

Posted by Peach 00 , Oct 15 2011 · 58 views

Just made some, also some apple bread. Took about forty or so minutes to get both mixed, poured in the pans, and in the oven. It's baking now, it has another forty/thirty minutes to bake. It's smelling gooood... :evilgrin:



Posted by Peach 00 , in Writing Oct 15 2011 · 85 views

Posted it just an hour or so ago. Reviews are appreciated. :)


Bzp: Pros N' Cons

Posted by Peach 00 , in BZP Oct 15 2011 · 252 views

So, for the fun of it I decided I'd blog about BZP's new look. There's probably been five other members who did this before me, but eh, I don't care. =P I'm going to weigh in a little bit on the pros and cons, hopefully some people might comment and give some insight, too (which, might I add, is completely welcome). Read below for the review.

The New Look

Honestly, it's a bit dull - not much life in it. It's just blue and white. We need more flare. Blue and white are overused colors. I'm aware that the staff is going to be getting skins up, if I'm not mistaken, which might be better. But it would be nice if we some red here and their, or a really bright color. I'm not personally attacking the staff's decision with the color choice, but just saying.

Forums and Their Home

I like that the creative outlet is now its own forum area, with Art, Library, and RPGs and whatnot easy to find. They're all together. That's what it need to be. Before General Discussion was in the middle of it, which seemed out of place. Now it seems much better.

And LEGO sets and Bionicle sets are together, which looks nice instead of it being a 'Non-Bionicle' area at the bottom. To me, the whole area is laid out better.

Birthdays? People have birthdays?

Yeah, I don't necessarily like that it's a content block at the side. Rather have all the member names at the bottom like it used to be; seems like now there's a list you have to look through in a BZP link. It was easier to read the birthdays off, go wish the people happy birthdays, and move on. Now it's click, click, click typetypetypetype now. I don't consider this a huge issue, but would be better the old way.


I like the layout, but no favorites list at the top? :( I liked that I could instantly go to my favorite blogs, but now I've got to either search through pages and pages or add them to that list or whatever on an entirely seperate page. I have no clue how to add the blogs there. *shrug*

Profiles are good, but...

...status? o.O Not sure why that's there, but I don't entirely dislike it. I don't see a huge need for it, but oh well. Either way, I like the profiles now, it's easy to see friends, check your blog, et cetera. It is more organized than before and easier to navigate through, honestly.


Those are my views, so now for just a list of pros/cons now below.


~ Yay, organization
~ Decent look
~ Forums/Subforums in their right places
~ Profiles look good and organized
~ Comments easier to track on profiles
~ Reply boxes are more fully-equipped
~ No having to worry about codes to put in! :D
~ Instant multiquote


~ Colors are slightly dull
~ Dataclysm repeat, noooo
~ How do I favorite blogs? >.>
~ Newest blog entries of blogs I don't view? Eh, might not be too bad...
~ Quick reply should be an open/close box
~ Confusing instant PM system

So in all...

Pros outweigh the cons 9-6, yaaaay. :happydance: Anybody is welcome to provide their own thoughts on BZP's new system.


Prince Of Persia

Posted by Peach 00 , in Movies Oct 14 2011 · 125 views

Just watched it. Awesome, all though it had some weak points. Action was sometimes a little cheap, but only at the beginning. Characters were cool, played well off each other. Also, I loved the CGI effects they did when they used the dagger.

One thing I liked was that it wasn't a natural Disney movie. It wasn't like you could tell it was Disney, which made it better. Jerry Bruckheimer did a great job (Which also explains why it was so much like Pirates of the Carribean). In all, awesome movie.

OK, movie review over. (Also, how come I have the feeling that I'm waaay late in watching this? :P)


Completely Confused...

Posted by Peach 00 , Oct 14 2011 · 65 views

This being my first time having a blog, I am completely confused with this process, lol.

Either way, I'm now a part of the blog chain, so hi blogpeople! :D


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