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Posted by Peach 00 , Dec 13 2011 · 209 views

Note, this has nothing to do with this whole wet manes ban going on, and if that is brought up in this entry, action will be taken. Anything inappropriately said here (as that seems to be something that is said to be going around with MLP with these images apparently) will definitely not be allowed. Follow BZP rules, guys.

But this is just an honest question to those who watch it: Why do you watch it?

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Dec 13 2011 11:14 PM
It makes me happy and helps me deal with personal issues.
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Its a quality show, loads better than most of the stuff on today. TONS better than that mess on Cartoon Network now. >>
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Dec 13 2011 11:17 PM
I watch it because it actually has good, clean humor, I like the animation style and it has nice characters with fun personalities.

EDIT: Oh, well then, I first watched it because I figured that if a bunch of guys were totally getting into it and had pony avatars and signatures and whatever and were serious about it, I figured there must have been something to it. Now, I didn't like it because everyone else did, but I watched because everyone else did, yes.
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Now, of course those are good reasons. But seriously, why did you first watch it? Because everybody else was talking about it and because everybody else thought it was cool you had to watch it? Kind of answer all the questions, if you please.
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I started watching it because of the topic here. I was gonna make fun of it but... I ended up loving it.

And I don't know why I still watch it.

It's awesome?
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To get people to stop bugging me to watch it, so I coudl see for myself and have ACTUAL reasons for not liking it(I wasnt a fan back then :P).
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To get people to stop bugging me to watch it, so I coudl see for myself and have ACTUAL reasons for not liking it(I wasnt a fan back then :P).


Also I was hoping to make fun of it myself. :P First time I heard about MLP I watched an ep just to laugh.

But it turns out I like ponies. Who knew?
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1. Community. The people are fun.
2. Boredom. Nothing better to do.
3. Animation. It's superb.
4. Quality. It's well-written and likable, much to my surprise when I first watched it.
5. It's actually enjoyable. It's written with plenty of parental bonus, those jokes that you didn't get but your parents did with the shows from the 90's that, watching now, you get and find funny that make it enjoyable even though you're 12 years older.
6. Messages. One or two of the episodes have actually hit disturbingly close to home with me. There's a lot of thought in these.

Originally I started because Wrack made an entry about it, which I shrugged off, but then it started appearing everywhere, so I gave it a shot, and enjoyed it.
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It's a fun little show that appeals to all ages because it's really ageless humor and plot. It's got well-written characters, some of the best animation that I can think of in a long while, and awesome background music, which is an aspect I believe long overlooked.

Plus, kid's shows are always so ... bleh nowadays. Sometimes my dad and I will careen through the channels showing the "kid's shows" and laugh at their ineptitude. MLP: FiM is something new, fresh, and completely different.

This has not made me go looney over the show, buying the toys up, or making my entire day full of pony. That's a little too much - I just like it as I like any other television show. I don't see why it should be treated any differently.

Also references - how did I forget that? X-Men, King Kong, 2001: A Space Odyssey (twice, might I add), Benny Hill, Stephen Sondheim musical numbers (twice) ... the list could go on and on. This makes it enjoyable for older folks.
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Dec 13 2011 11:36 PM

  • It's awesome
  • It's awesome
  • It's awesome
  • It's awesome
  • It's awesome
  • It's awesome
  • The animation is fantastic

  • References. Most recently to King Kong and Godzilla, but even the Sondheim references from Art of the Dress and At the Gala, the Spiderman references from Mare-Do-Well, the Majora's Mask reference in Lesson Zero, and the Copland reference in Applebuck Season and Benny Hill references in Ticket Master and Bird in the Hoof. Whenever I notice one I can't help but laugh, and also feel pretty good about myself for having caught it.
  • VAs. Cathy Weseluck and Andrea Libman I had both heard before from Gundam 00, and Madeline Peters and Tabitha St. Germain both did voicing on Martha Speaks.
  • Music. Much better than the stock music that gets repeated over and over in most kids' shows, even the good ones. Every single episode has amazing BGM courtesy of William Anderson, and Daniel Ingram's songs are fantastic. (Side note: he worked on Martha Speaks, too) Which brings me to...
  • Remixes. Orchestral, metal, dubstep, eurobeat... practically every genre is covered by the fandom, even when it seems like it wouldn't work (see: At the Gala (Finale Mix))
  • Original Fan Music. A lot of the original music captures the spirit of the show amazingly, and some adds levels that you wouldn't see in Daniel's music. Beyond Her Garden and That Girl add depth to Carrot Top and Blues, respectively, and Sister Hate is a really good synopsis for Sisterhooves Social, as well as a good standalone song. Then there's Not A Clever Pony and Eurobeat Brony, who both add depth to Luna with Princess Luna: As Imagined and Luna (both of which have spawned tons of remixes themselves). StormWolf's The Beginning of Order details his headcanon of Celestia being in the wrong when she overthrew Discord really well.
  • Fanfics. Kkat and Jetfire both write amazingly well, with Fallout: Equestria having 43 chapters, each easily 10,000 words long if not more, and It's A Dangerous Business, Going Out Your Door not only providing a good story, but an emotional journey for Dash, AJ, and Rarity, and never having an out-of-character moment. Pen Stroke is also a great author, with Better Living Through Science and Ponies being one of the best crossovers I've read and Past Sins, where Nyx, first introduced in Creeping Darkness, really shines as a character as she grows from a scared little filly into one willing to protect others even if it nearly kills her.
  • Fanart. Oh, there is so much here. John Joseco, Solar Slash, Rai, Willdrawforfood... The amount of fanart produced by this fandom is massive, and so much of it is amazing. The pony blogs show this in great detail: many of them have their own style, Rai especially with Ask My Little Chubbies, but are still great, and have spread throughout the site, judging by how just about every pony blog there has had chubby Rainbow Dash crash through now. :P Seth said it himself; at first he had trouble finding 20 pictures for Drawfriends, but now they easily get upwards of 40 pictures a night, sometimes even up to 60.
But, you know, whatever you want is fine...

As for reasons why I first watched the show, I saw my brother watching one day and decided to watch too. I had already seen some ponies on the internet, but I was mostly "oh that's nice whatever" and kept browsing, but when I saw my brother watching I decided to watch too since it was there and I was wondering.

Funny; I seem to have been more open-minded than most people. Of course, I still watched Arthur for a long time, too, so that might be part of it. Especially that Love Ducks episode...
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Dec 13 2011 11:46 PM
Because in a world with so much complexity sometimes it's nice to turn on a TV show where all the problems are pretty simple and wrapped up nicely with a neat bow tie. This is why I still to this day enjoy watching several different animated kid's shows.

And I like the personalities of the characters.

I started watching it out of curiosity: what is this thing and why is it popular? I wanted to know. Now I do.
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Unlike Sonu or Sumiki, I don't have a long list of reasons why the show is the best thing ever.
I just enjoy watching it, same as with any other show.
This show just happens to have a large following on my favorite website, so I talk about MLP more. :P
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Because I laugh.

In a good way.

EDIT: But a lot of blog entries like this convinced me to watch it the first time.
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I watched it because Laughin' Man was totally obsessing every time we had a that one social network site convo. Then at 1am, I was sooooo bored, I figured, "why not?"

Then I watched more and more and never stopped. :P
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