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It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Posted by Peach 00 , Dec 17 2011 · 271 views

How come I'm beginning to believe that this statement is completely false? :(

Maybe I just have the holiday blues, if only I knew why. Some things I hear about just make me depressed - the SSC8 contest got me down because I didn't end up in the polls, and I'd be lucky to even sneak by with honorable mentions. I doubt that's going to even happen, I haven't been all that confident in my writing abilities since that. Besides, writing has come to a complete stop, no motivation whatsoever to complete Danger Close.

Maybe I'm complaining for the sake of complaining...I don't know. Who ever knows those things?

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Cheer up! I personally get unnaturally happy this time of year, but yeah. No reason to be down. When I entered my first BBC (and my second, for that matter) my MOC was pretty much completely ignored. As I said before, you gotta' keep going 'cause it makes you happy. I MOC now because I like to make my mind work, and if people like the outcome, then great. Sometimes I don't even like it, but the end result isn't necessarily the point of it.

Also I've noticed in these contests the popular peeps usually win. So don't beat yourself up about it.
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Well, that's what makes it depressing. Nobody actually checks the unpopular members' creations, because they naturally assume they'll stink and that they're worthless. That's basically what happened to my story - it got tossed aside and trampled over so everybody could access the popular members' stories. People have got to get out of the narrow-minded view that the popular members are complete gods in anything they do. Sure, some people deserve the attention they get, but there are so many people I've seen that worship the ground these popular people walk on. ._.
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I know, I know. But this is BZP, and after 7 years I've realized there's not much we can do about this. The fact is the popular members did something at some point to get popular, and everyone automatically thinks everything they do will be perfect. It's sad, but don't fret over things you can't control. I wrote massive blog entries about this a few years ago; they too got ignored.
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Dec 18 2011 12:19 AM
My reply to you in my SSC8 poll entry sums up what I would have posted here. An addendum: Am I included in your blanket term "popular members", Peach 00? And if so, since when have I been popular? :P
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Dec 18 2011 03:51 AM
Pchoooo, honorable mention!

If it means anything to you, you are 600x more popular than I am. =P You're a pretty well-recognized writer from what I've experienced in the Library forum. So don't let the contest entry get you down!
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Lord Kini Hawkeye
Dec 18 2011 04:45 AM
Bah, I relate.

No reason to get down, as UV above me stated, you're 600 times more popular than me :P

Sides, Contests are... well they're not really contests. I remember an aquaintance of mine had a... "Vote drive" years ago to get votes for his entry into a contest. sadly they're not always the fairest :/

But yeah, don't be down. best thing to do is just keep on working and writing, and doing whatever makes you feel good.

Besides, only a week till Christmas :)
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Aww, cheer up. Contests are mainly about popularity, really. They have nothing to do with how skilled you are. Although I never joined a SSC, I remember the contests in GA... haha.

Just keep on writing. Afterall, you're doing it for yourself, because you enjoy doing it, right? :)

BTW, how come you haven't yet received this:
Posted Image Maybe it helps cheer you up? :)
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LL: Well, you're not the most popular member, but you're more popular than me. However, I'm not referring to you in popular members - but however, you are high in the polls. :P

UV: I suppose I'm not the most prominent name in the Library, but I guess I'm recognized. Thanks for saying that. =)

KH: Things I guess aren't always fair. But I will keep writing, but motivation hasn't been all that high lately. No doubt I'll continue, I just need proper motivation.

And yes, I can't wait for that. =P

Taka: Yeah, that's true. It usually gains people more popularity because whoever wins completely shadows everybody else, I suppose. =/ And I am writing to enjoy myself, because when I write I'm either slightly sad, mad, glad - anything. I pour the emotions into it. Now would be a proper time for it, but I'm not motivated.

And thanks, that does cheer me up. :)
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Dec 18 2011 12:12 PM

LL: Well, you're not the most popular member, but you're more popular than me.

Believe me, this is news. :lol:
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Aww, cheer up. Contests are mainly about popularity, really. They have nothing to do with how skilled you are.



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