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It It Implied my Mundane Slenderman has a Golden Eye which Bblogs.


Sore Throat

Posted by D-D-D-Ddude , Oct 13 2012 · 180 views

So this is what I get for finishing the first quarter of school -__-

On the plus side, hardly any homework and next week'll be easy because of testing and getting thurs/fri off. :D


Little Inferno

Posted by D-D-D-Ddude , Oct 10 2012 · 219 views

This is a downloadable game by the creators of World of Goo and Henry Hatsworth. Launching with the WiiU eShop.

We have no idea what the gameplay is like but I don't care because THE SIGN PAINTER IS BACK BABY WOOOOOO



Posted by D-D-D-Ddude , Oct 07 2012 · 221 views
times are a-changin
So in my 2-ish years on BZP, I have never changed my name. Almost changed it to Equius Zahahk when Homestuck was all the rage, but decided against that.

But just as I called up the people to rename my blog, I summon you now for a great task-to rename me! That's right, on Thursday the 11th I will undergo my first name change, and I call on you the people to choose for my what my new temporary(or permanent if I like it) moniker will be! The results of your decision will not be influenced by me whatsoever unless the name you pick is stupid.

So yeah, suggest names here. Preferably with the word "Ddude" in it somewhere.


Moment of Derp With Ddude #3: feat. Ddude's Mom

Posted by D-D-D-Ddude , Oct 06 2012 · 176 views

>Wakes up, makes bed (I usually eat breakfast first and my mom ninjas in and does it, even though I prefer to do it myself and TELL HER THIS FREQUENTLY THANKS A LOT MOM)
>Mom comes in
>Mom: Gee, Dad did a really bad job of making your bed.
>Me: I made it.
>Mom: oh, then you did a GREAT job!!
>general laughter

my parents are strange, strange people


Have you ever had one of those days

Posted by D-D-D-Ddude , Sep 29 2012 · 264 views

Where Murphy's Law is in full force, everything/one is messing up your plans, and then THEY get mad at YOU for being frustrated?


BZPC: Civilization Edition

Posted by D-D-D-Ddude , Sep 28 2012 · 597 views
vidya games, fun stuff, civ
So I've been kicking this idea around for a while now.

How much interest would there be in a Civilization 5 equivalent of BZPC? It'd probably be G&K, hosted by me, probably six players. I'm going to be doing some practice rounds over the next few days with MI to make sure it's feasible for me to host. But yeah, how many people would want to do this?


Three-Day Weekend

Posted by D-D-D-Ddude , Sep 27 2012 · 218 views

Off school tomorrow because of a teacher workshop thingamawhosit.


well first I'll do homework for maximum enjoyment



My new life philosophy

Posted by D-D-D-Ddude , Sep 26 2012 · 311 views

If the chance that somebody will walk into a room I'm in and say "Do/show me how to/give me (x) or I'll shoot you!" Is extremely low, it's not worth knowing how to do.

For example, "Show me how to graph an equation containing two variables and an absolute value or I'll shoot you" probably won't happen.


Car Talk

Posted by D-D-D-Ddude , Sep 23 2012 · 235 views

Can everyone agree this is a great show?


The Bourne Legacy

Posted by D-D-D-Ddude , Sep 22 2012 · 233 views

Certainly wasn't as good as the Damon films, but I'm quite enjoying the soundtrack to this movie.

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