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Cairo, Oblivia



Posted by Ehkspookian , Oct 20 2016 · 37 views

ngl, the tablet kinda coming back was the LAST thing i expected

and with it showing splatoon, that means backwards compatibility is a thing. unless they're releasing a new splatoon to go with it, too. which i'd be surprised to see, honestly. but yes. this is looking really good, especially since the portable screen supports 60FPS at 900p or such.

also it'll have skyrim remastered. which means skyrim on the go. which might be a good thing.

wonder how bad the battery life will be, though. oh well. i'm looking forwards to this.



Posted by Ehkspookian , Oct 19 2016 · 34 views

i'm incredibly amazed
i wonder what rumors will be confirmed...and if they'll reveal the launch titles, too. maybe they'll be better than the wii u's "selection". maybe nintendo will be nice to third parties.
who knows.



Posted by Ehkspookian , Sep 30 2016 · 89 views

it is now the month of halloween

beware, for skeletons are afoot. they could be hiding anywhere. in anyone. even in you.


a package

Posted by Ehkspookian , Sep 26 2016 · 67 views

i obtained a package in the mail today
it contained something wonderful


the splendor of the dvds is blinding. wrestling gods have smiled upon me today. also the shirt is pretty great too.

thanks, toad.


sun/moon reveal stuff

Posted by Ehkspookian , Sep 06 2016 · 92 views

new info with sun/moon

idk how to feel about the time difference between the games tbh. i mean i'll probably pick sun up now instead, but...eeeeh?

type:null is a bizarre synthetic pokemon. i have a feeling it won't be one you can just randomly catch in the wild, and might end up being a gift, or a "boss" pokemon of sorts.

aether foundation seems cool. i get the feeling they're actually villains for some reason, though. probably because of Type:Null being synthetic and having to "rival the power of legendaries", and aether being a very scientific-looking group. either they're actually bad guys and Team Skull is just a diversion, or aether really is a good group.

or they might be the E4 of Alola.

the UB-01 seems...bizarre. far, far stranger than Type:Null. i also get the feeling it isn't a natural creature at all, and is also synthetic in nature. dunno why i feel that way but i do. the most curious thing about it is that it doesn't show up under the "new pokemon" section at all. it really is something separate, which is interesting.

all in all sun/moon seem to be super different than previous games, and i'm looking forwards to seeing what other differences there are.

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