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Cairo, Oblivia


flea markets

Posted by Ehksidian , Jul 02 2016 · 0 views

so, today i went to a flea market to see if i could get a minifridge for cheap, or even some lego sets.

i came home with nothing but sweat and disappointment. oh my god it should not feel like it's 100F before noon. florida isn't even this bad. god.



Posted by Ehksidian , Jul 01 2016 · 0 views

today is canadian independence day
which means poutine needs to be eaten to celebrate

now i'm sad because nowhere here has poutine.

(happy canadian independence day to all the canadians here)


are you ready for a miracle?

Posted by Ehksidian , Jun 23 2016 · 108 views

the steam summer sale has begun
go forth
spend money on excessive amounts of games
relish in the fact that some companies decided to put games they just released on 40% sales. good job with that on DOOM, bethesda.
or be me and not buy anything because your computer can't run it.


pokemon and zelda at e3

Posted by Ehksidian , Jun 14 2016 · 78 views

first off, i'm REALLY liking what they've shown of sun/moon so far. way more than x/y. customization 100% confirmed to be back in, too, which means i can dITCH THAT STUPID FLOWER HAT OR WHATEVER. new pokemon also look pretty great. there has yet to be a design in sun/moon that i really dislike. new battle menu is great (love the fact you can see move info right then and there, and if it's effective or not) and the art direction of npcs looks way better than x/y. also 3D models for random assorted trainers. hooray!

and onto zelda. new zelda looks great. i want to play it. right now. first area doesn't seem that big, but...compared to the others, it really is tiny. like, really, really tiny. and it looks like you get a lot of abilities fairly early on, which is good. love the lost magitech aesthetic seen. it's amazing. makes me mildly hope nintendo will put magitech mechs in it but that won't happen. probably. oh well, i'm gonna pick it up as soon as it comes out, because they showed SO MUCH of it, and it looked GREAT in only the first area.


e3 2016

Posted by Ehksidian , Jun 12 2016 · 62 views

i can already predict xenoblade x 2 won't be confirmed in any capacity and that makes me sad.

especially since that's the only thing i want.

give me my space mechs on space planets with lots of space to explore pls. i need more hand-crafted alien planets to explore. i always need more. always.

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