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BZP MEETUP: A librarian, barista, and writer eat potluck... Random Ramblings Ensue

Posted by Kughii , in Life Sep 03 2014 · 137 views
life, meetup, bionicle2015, food and 1 more...
There are those moments when I feel like writing a post, feel inspired, as if some divinity will give me the perfect and most eloquent passages of self reflection. Most of the time I stall, reflect on whether or not it would be wisest to hold my tongue, and then save myself the embarrassment of the morning after. Not tonight, however... Behold, my ruminations in their rawest form of a small meeting of BZPower fellows:

It was 8:15 in the evening and steam floated up into the vent of my stove. As my glasses returned to normal from their overly fogged state the vegetable side came into view: onions, beats, and zucchini cooked with rosemary. I smiled, took an al dente bite of beet, and then looked back at Kakaru with a gleam of success in my eye. Somehow, between the conversations and laughter I'd managed to get something cooked, and not just cooked but delicious too. Now, on my own I can be a proficient cook, but when prattling on about what makes us as writer's -- or even just as humans -- crave improvement, or how Bionicle has influenced our lives for the past thirteen years, suddenly my dexterity score takes a -2 penalty.

Kakaru wasn't the only BZPower member to crowd around my little kitchen island and share the meal. Arpy made his lonesome journey southward to my little home with a bowl of his famous [We don't use that kind o' language 'round here, son. -Takuma Nuva] riding shotgun with a bag of corn chips. The meal was rounded out with some fabulous short ribs, broiled to perfection earlier and spiced with rosemary and other lovely garden herbs (I'm on a bit of a rosemary kick, maybe it's because there's a plant right around the corner I can snip sprigs off with scissors?), and some lovely bread I'd picked up in the afternoon from the store. The food was good, but of course as might be expected the conversation turned out to be far more the highlight of the evening.

Never mind our initial prattling on about life's hardships, or how things in the community have turned sour over the years or could have been done differently. Those we covered quickly and with a vengeance suitable to a crusade, but in a few moments (read: an hour) realized the futility of attempting to change the past (i.e. Greg's attempt at Lovecraftian Horror) and instead turned our eyes to the future: where is Lego in 2015, is Bionicle 2015 a thing (yes, Kakaru seemed adamant on it being a reboot), and what sort of socio-political/cultural topics effect the way in which Lego would proceed with the theme. One interesting thought to come out of those topics was the decreasing age at which internet technology is dispersed. Back when Bionicle started perhaps we (the twenty to thirty somethings of today), had more of a relational connection to the jungle paradise as those early characters did, but as we grew the next generation of fans had more of a basis in technology and so that was potentially reflected in the settings and amount of digitization of the story as a whole.

By the end of the night we were sipping tea, laughing at some vaguely disturbing artistic representations of Nocturn and Carapar, and discussing faith and religion. You know, the big questions most people seem to want to talk about but don't for fear of offending a friend: equality, government, pro life/choice, whether to use rahkshi heads as breasts, etc... I could keep going on and on about the evening, but I'll leave that for a later addition. Now it's time for me to crash, seek the respite of a feathery pillow, and let the chilies and potatoes of Arpy's fantastic dish rip through my gut like Kopaka through Tahu's fire cage.

And in the spirit of tradition...

Pipes. Large, hard, galvanized pipes you find in the plumbing aisle of your local hardware store.


PS: Sorry GSR for yelling at you through Kakaru's phone. I was asking you to say hi to Demi and all those artistic peeps.


Mata Nui Weekly, June 19th-26th 2014

Posted by Kughii , in Mata-Nui Weekly Jul 01 2014 · 172 views
MNW, Mata-Nui Weekly and 1 more...
A bit dismal in the journaling department this week. Never fear though, once life is taken care of the MNW crew will be ship shape giving you the best OOC plot network. ~Kughii

Kentoku Archipelago
  • Awaiting information from our regional reporter. Will update soon.
  • J'con and Syvra left Kini-nui and headed for J'con's cove in Ga-koro.
  • Ishi attempted to beguile Echelon and his companions. It failed.
  • Awaiting information from our regional reporter. Will update soon.
  • Raknar began assembling a crew for his ship, Southern Charm. If you want on a pirate ship, now's your chance!
  • Awaiting information from our regional reporter. Will update soon.
  • Awaiting information from our regional reporter. Will update soon.
  • Krell and Iagasa talk about tea, life, and the meaning of all things.
  • Four Skakdi formed a mercenary guild.
  • Vail violently killed a skakdi in the warehouse fight.
  • Krazov found one of Jokara’s posters and then Jokara himself.
  • 88 decided he will pay back Vhohan for the house.


Mata-Nui Weekly, June 11th to 18th, 2014

Posted by Kughii , in Mata-Nui Weekly, BZPRPG Jun 20 2014 · 52 views
MNW, Mata-Nui Weekly
Apologies for the lateness of this MNW. ~Kughii
  • Awaiting information from the reporter.
  • Karnakie tamed a kraata of chain lightning.
  • Ishi Polzin pretended to be Ahkmou.
  • Ryzen left for Ga-Wahi after a long nap in search of a job.
  • The Treasure Hunters fought the Giant Scorpion, now trying to get the stone out from under it.
  • The Infernavika crew boarded the larger pirate ship, quickly joined by Gray. The Fowadi bombarded the Pirate Vessels.
  • Leah attacked Reidak with the water pipes of Ta-Koro.
  • Rhea and Nero left the Nui-Jaga battle for Ga-Koro.
  • Vezok found the cellar door in the Lavapool, and quickly formed a plan to deal with the defenders waiting outside.
  • Inu attempted to save Oreius on his own accord.
  • Awaiting information from the reporter.
  • Dia, Asuno and Jrahann searched for the Reveler’s tournament.
  • Aparangi and Lekua arrived separately at the tournament site under their own power.
  • Kaihoro Mutungakore and his bodyguard arrived at the Suva Nui.
  • Vyartha Vena avenged her wounded pride before heading to the Suva Nui.
  • Komae and Beosach struggled across the jungle floor.
  • Utu and Praggos discussed how to open the temple in Xa-Koro.
  • Ashiem picked up the bracelet she ordered from Ferron.
  • Ferron left Tuli at the forge while he went to settle some personal business.
  • Almanacia was disturbed in her cell.
  • Xaron got philosophical about a wall.
  • Krios spoke with Iegasa at the MNRH.
  • Hari searched for clues of her parents' killer in the Sentinel archives.

  • Vail recovered from his injuries in time to help Voulge finish the fight.

  • Kaheri and Shomdud met.

There was no media this week.


Mata-Nui Weekly, June 4th to 10th, 2014

Posted by Kughii , in Mata-Nui Weekly, BZPRPG Jun 20 2014 · 53 views
MNW, Mata-Nui Weekly
The MNW apologies for the lateness in this issue being published. Enjoy the game!
  • The party continued, dominating events.
  • Korae Inokio's Toroshu scolded him on his continued bachelorhood, but he succeeded in silencing her.
  • Plangori Morie requested that her daughter Shuuan be admitted into the military, in order to improve her discipline.
  • Desdemona was frustrated with Yumiwa's inebriation.
  • Conversations continued on a range of topics, including Toroshu Noshima's unusual speech patterns.
  • Jiyu confided his claim to be Toroshu to Hanako, who supported her brother, but was troubled by the ramifications.
  • Jasik, First Son of the Dastana, approached the Chojo and began to speak with her. Not having sobered up, Yumiwa was not particularly subtle.
  • Dastana Arsix exchanged verbal barbs with Plangori Shuuan.
  • Echelon sent J'con and Syvra to find the location of the Brotherhood of Ak'rei'an. After bickering between the two toa they left for Ga-wahi.
  • Updating with sufficient information soon.
  • Aeolus and Arden were stuck in the same body.
  • Liara and Tillian reunited.
  • Dekaton was captured during an attempted mugging.
  • Updating with sufficient information soon.
  • Updating with sufficient information soon.
  • Updating with sufficient information soon.
-Akree found a poster and questioned Jokara, who put it up.

-Ryjak, Kriigata and Jaaku sparred in Blackrock Canyon.

-Wokodin brought his guests to his home for refreshments. Later, he asked them to make a delivery in Ga-Koro.

-Kaheri, after stumbling through the wastes of Po-Wahi, reached the gate of Po-Koro.

-Elotsa the Lesterin wandered through the Tech Expo, inspecting various pieces of machinery.

-Shomdud, a Turaga, after arriving in Ostia, hitched a ride to Po-Koro.

-Vail was taken out in the warehouse, and Voulge burst in to protect his ally.

-Rannin ran into Elotsa and peddled knives to the Lesterin.

There was no media this week.


Mata-Nui Weekly, May 28th to June 3rd, 2014

Posted by Kughii , in Mata-Nui Weekly Jun 07 2014 · 150 views
"I'm happy to have joined the Mata Nui Weekly team! Interaction's picked up over these last couple of weeks, what with the party and the Piraka attack, and Kentoku is the topic I most reliably follow, so I've picked either the best or the worst time to join, depending on the point of view... Anyway, I look forward to delivering to you the exciting news that will undoubtedly come from the Archipelago in future weeks!" ~Ghosthands
"I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to the arc of my flaghsip character, Ferron. Toatapio, Shadowhawk, Alex Turner, Gravity and Kughii. Thanks again to you all and best wishes for the RPG's future." ~Geardirector
"The MNW is proud to welcome Ghosthands aboard our little bobbing vessel in the ocean of information.  He'll be responsible for towing the line in the Kentoku Archipelago, which brings a wave of relief as he applies his scientific skills to creating reproducible, highest quality blurbs for the News section.  On a personal note I have begun my exodus from this glorious game, but I do plan to stick around until the end of the 2013 arc, possibly carrying one PC into the future.  What does this mean for the MNW?  At the moment, nothing!  You'll still be getting your favorite OOC newsletter delivered to your N&D topic each week." ~Kughii
  •  Yumiwa's party continued in full flow, with the guests mingling and conversing.
  •  Toroshu Relisai attempted to Willhammer her subject, Mako, in a fit of jealous paranoia. She was detected, and after a stern upbraiding from the Chojo herself, was escorted from the party by a squad of Hogo guards to be detained in a nearby apartment.
  •  Yumiwa announced the new expedition to Mata-Nui. The submarine was named 'Chiisai Ryuu', and the Chojo's honour guard handpicked by she and Inokio.
  • The announcement was followed by an elegant harpsichord performance by Dakte.
  • Desdemona managed to escape Lhurai's unwanted attentions.
  • Soraya contemplated her misgivings about Yumiwa.
  • The Chojo's alcohol consumption finally caught up with her and she retired to an upper balcony, where she demanded cake and the presence of Desdemona.
  • Hanako and Jiyu discussed their tragic family matters.
  • Mygahn practised an unusual form of meditation on the Sado beach and attempted to explain it to Ni.
  • Echelon and Co. fought three rahkshi while Agrona spoke with a bruised  Ishi (Syvra provided protection for the two via a 'bark bubble').
  • Liara got a surprise visit from Tillian. 
  • A skakdi did a bunch of illegal activity until defeated.  
  • Raknar got a new ship.
  • The fight aboard the Inika continues.
  • Ferron and Co. went home.
  • Iegasa ran out of tea.
  • Lana and Braen cuddled.
  • Riaril was brought out of inactivity with a player-change from Kughii to Tyler.  
  • Icha was brought to the NMRH after falling from a burning building.
  • People were kidnapped from house and home by The Reveler to participate in his vicious fighting rings.  While the prisoners gpt acquainted, the Reveler spoke with Iiasmir, who willingly joined the fights.
  • Merzt was kidnapped by Mephiles.
  • Naona and Dehkaz were fighting criminals.
  • Ambages and Kongu discussed unseen dangers creeping, and eventually agreed to continue their discussion the next morning.
  • Cetis was patched up at a healer's hut. Krios offered to take her to Ko-Koro for a full recovery.
  • After finally finishing his quest, Ferron sacrificed his Toa Power and becomes a Turaga
  • Yavol and Ashiem had a short talk.
  • The newly transformed Ferron agreed to make a silver bracelet for Ashiem’s potential significant other.
  • Our reporter for Po-Wahi has not yet sent in the news for this region.  Our apologies for any inconvenience.
  • Ankarya was kidnapped by the Reveler’s Bank robbers Thugs, Iiasmir pursued.
  • Jrahann and Asuno came upon an agitated and frightened Dia.
  • The treasure hunters continued their respective battles against pirates and the giant Nui-Jaga.
  • Wokiya got wounded on the job.
  • Angelus didn’t say what he meant at dinner.
  • Saeren was hired as TKG Medic on the spot.
Art: Leah Maru –– By Demitsorou
Art: Turaga Ferron –– By Kughii

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