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Mata-Nu Weekly, February 4th-11th

Posted by Kughii , in BZPRPG, Uncategorized Feb 12 2014 · 754 views

Crew News: The MNW crew would like to welcome Cadias to the ranks of reporters.  He will be covering Ga-Wahi.  Also, the MNW is still looking for reporters willing to cover Ta-Wahi, Le-Wahi, and Kentoku Archipelago.  A temporary journalist for Onu-Wahi would also be appreciated until Gear Director returns. 
  • Yumiwa returns to Inioko.
  • Hanako and Desdemona have a conversation about the insecurities in the court.
  • Zaktan fought a rahkshi in Mangaia while trying to get to the Abettor. While succeeding he discovered that he would need another's help to get to the tunnel leading to the Abettor. From there he went to find an ally likely one of his fellow piraka
  • Transiz, the mega-rahkshi, travels mangaia to meet with the Abettor
  • Orieus and Vezok duel in a Ta-Koro alleyway.
  • Korero hiko-jumps Jaa to Ga-Wahi.  The ko-matoran scribe reveals his views on Matoro, Ambages, and Korzaa.  Matoro had been set on creating Ko-Koro as the center of the island, Ambages becoming Vizier was a political deal after the ILF scandal, and Korzaa sucks at politics.
  • Ishi Polzin finishes his conversation with Ambages with a job: find who was behind Matoro's assassination.  Returning to Rhanus' Inn he runs into his older brother Ryiu, who eventually convinces him to return to the Polzin Mansion in Ga-Koro.  The two leave Ko-Koro, using a note Ambages had given Ishi, and travel by tunnel to Ga-Wahi.
  • Zadron reveals to Echelon his job with The Company.  When asked, he tells Echelon he won't kill him.  
  • Ferron, Rhea, and Nero pursue Kuhrin through a snowstorm, stopping to take shelter in a rocky outcropping until the worst passes.
  • -
  • All the skilled inventors are gone.  Ferron's forge is closed while he seeks out revenge on Kuhrin with Rhea and Nero, the Akiru hunker in a dry dock in Ga-Koro building Rhea's steamship, and Natann does the same.  
  • Jin, Pae and Nika Draen arrive at Vera Polzin's manor.
  • Those aboard the Inika deal with the recent murder. The body of the murderer, Oriak, is thrown overboard, and the victim, Gravus, is given a more formal burial at sea.
  • Jaa and Toa Korero Maru arrive in Ga-Wahi via Korero's mask, the Hiko. They discuss Matoro's choice of administrator, Ambages, and return to Ko-Wahi.
  • The fight between Kadon, Drome, Barthel, Liano and Vail is resolved peacefully.
  • It is suggested that Zekev be sent to Ga-Koro as a spy.  Rakona states that Kriigata had a property there, and the Brotherhood decides to wait for her return.
  • Torvoth and Ardoku arrive in Po-Koro.
  • Khervos and Noka leave the inn they were speaking in, and they begin to discuss Kuhrin.
  • Telnee lets Vrina, Athiel and Qyntar out of jail. Vrina splits with the group, with the experience in jail having soured her experiences with the others.
  • The Kraata Ibiza snaps out of his hallucination, and watches a fight between Nui-Jaga. The winner of the fight is blinded in the process, and Ibiza decides to act as the insects eyes.
  • Sirius buys drinks for Lux, Melna and himself. Lux starts playing on the piano.
  • Tuara (Not Drigton) and Kaiaka shop in the market place.

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