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Mata-Nui Weekly, February 11th-18th

Posted by Kughii , in BZPRPG Feb 22 2014 · 1,194 views

Unfortunately some of the reporters have not been able to keep up with their duties due to life or other (see Ko-Wahi) pressing issues.  However, he is what the MNW was able to pull together for you this week!  
~MNW Crew
PS:  As more relevant information arrives in my inbox I'll be editing this into a very nice and long and tedious and splendidly long and tedious.. oh you get the point.  ~Kughz
  • The market meeting begins to wind down.
  • Datsue Ankora and Gotsoko, along with ringti Kwaiya, begin a search in the Imperial Library for ancient texts pertaining to the time before the Dasaka Empire.
  • The MNW could really use a reporter for this topic.
  • Darvin got a wonderful tan and managed to make a fresh batch of Bula Berries. Really, very little happens in this rahkshi infected tropical temple area.  Someone make an explosion or something, please.  Pretty please?
  • Vera Polzin tells those gathered at her mansion what their mission is: to investigate the deaths of the Turaga and track down whoever was responsible.
  • The Inika is attacked by tarakava. The crew react quickly, and appear to be beating the beasts back.
  • Gunner and Floria have a shouting match.
  • Ishi Polzin arrives in Ga-Koro.
  • Agrathal constructs a mysterious object.
  • Krios runs after crossing Rhett Kharon.
  • Kehua arrives in Ga-Koro.
  • I'm so sorry for not fulfilling my duties.  I turned hatachi this week and I've been spending much time devoted to lounging around feeling successful at breaking the legal age in Japan.  Oh, and watching Game of Thrones season 3.

Posted Image

  • No information provided.
  • Welcome back Gear Director.  
  • Torvoth begins looking for a blacksmith in Po-Koro, separating from his companion Ardoku. Ardoku wanders off and bumps into Athiel.
  • Khervos and Noka are interrupted by Noka’s grandfather Kutsan, who is controlling and abusive towards his granddaughter.
  • Donal, under a pseudonym, wanting to hire him, seeks out Stendhal in a bar and finds him.
  • Day goes to sleep after listening to Melna and Lux on the piano, wanting to finish the day on a good note.
  • The Kraata Ibiza names his Nui-Jaga Hewku, after the insect brings back a Kolhii ball as a toy - Hewku is a garbled form of Hewkii. The pair then heads toward Po-Koro.
  • Vrina enters the bar where Lux and Melna put on their performance, and begins talking to Melna.
  • Wokodin tells stories to the other Sentinels, but is not believed, as he does not have any proof at all.
  • Vhohan and Lenat arrive at the booth and continue their interview.
  • An ebony figure and an emerald figure sit together and discuss a deal, ending their negotiations with a toast saying “To the Daedra”.

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Canis Lycaon
Feb 22 2014 12:59 PM

Were me and Cadias the only people to report?


(Yes, Vox reported, but nothing happens in Kini-Nui. There was exactly one post. =P)

    • 0

Aye, you were.  I'm going to re-open the reporter positions for Le and Kentoku since the respective reporters aren't sending in OOC news digests.

    • 0
Canis Lycaon
Feb 22 2014 02:12 PM

I think part of the problem in Kentoku is that it would not be the MNW, but the ZNW or KAW.

    • 0

Well, the MNW is really an OOC news source so that's why I'm not separating it for one topic. Besides the Kentoku journalist doesn't have to make a reporter PC since it's not on Mata-Nui. :)

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*Blows the dust off*

Must say Hatachi I like the little bit you added in the Kini-nui part

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