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Mata-Nui Weekly, February 18th-25th

Posted by Kughii , in BZPRPG Mar 02 2014 · 861 views

  • Celis and Soraya discuss fabric in the markets.  Later, Soraya visits Hatchi's trading camp.
  • Posters appear in all the Kentoku Mines advertising "Mata-Nui Has Done Us No Harm - Zataka's Pit, Three Days."  Apparently someone is calling a meeting.  This time I wonder if even the highborn will soil their heels with mine dirt.
  • Daikura Koga speaks with his mother, Sakrayo, in the gardens of Sado.
  • Lorekeeper Eiyu Gotsoko, Eiyu Ankora, and bookbinder Eiyu Kwaiya all make their way to the restricted section of the Library.  
  • Great writing in general as expected from this beautiful topic, but seriously everyone: Paero with the First Sons.  Let's get this game on!
  • Syvra arrived in Kini-nui and lies in waiting for when Echelon will arrive for the meeting.
  • Laqriel and Mekana are followed by Lana as they walk the streets of Ta-Koro
  • Flaredrick continues his forgework
  • Modera and Motini continue their discussion
  • Stralix leaves for the Po-Koro tech expo
  • A Vortixx prisoner in Ta-Koro’s cells is secretly given a syringe with unknown contents
  • Still in search of a journalist for this topic.  If you are interested in helping bring Ta-Wahi into the MNW please PM Kughii or GearDirector (Dr. O).  Thank you!
  • The tarakava attacking the Inika retreat, only to be replaced by a gigantic beast. After a few futile attempts to drive it off, Ignitus decides the best course of action is to attack it from the inside.
  • Surina, captured by Orderin, Tivanu, and Mar, is taken to Akiri Hahli.
  • Lohkar, Gunner and Floria continue their walk.
  • I've been reading a week of Vrina and Colx flirting.  Someone, please, start a fight.  With explosions.  And kawaii-ness to the max while shouting out random magical girl powers.  HUBERT, why dost thou leave us to a donut-less wasteland? ;n;
  • Viima, Chivinix and Zeth attempt to track down Varan
  • ‘Gray’ runs into and gets acquianted with the Recluse
  • Cael and Praggos agree to lunch
  • Vrina and Colx discuss their relationship
  • Saedrak and Aidrak share a passionate kiss
  • Utu is visited by Dorian and Tuara, whom he does not remember
  • If someone would be so kind as to take Kughii OFF of this topic we'll have some decent news.  Please PM Gear Director or Kughii your interest in reporting in Le-Wahi.  
  • Vrina and Melna discover their mutual connection to Colx, and briefly discuss him before Vrina leaves the tavern.
  • Vhohan wraps up his interview with Lenat, and thanks him for the opportunity.
  • Torvoth, after dumpster diving, finds parts he needs to fix a chainsblade. He then calls for Ardoku.
  • Aidrak and Saedrak enter a bar, and then begin to dig a tunnel toward Le-Wahi.
  • Kutsan kicks out Noka and Khervos, throwing a vase at them in the process.
  • Farzan and Ior talk about the latter’s inventions at the Po-Koro tech expo.
  • Rakona and Goran leave Blackrock, heading towards Po-Koro, planning to infiltrate it.
  • Ior then heads to a Kohlii field, where he begins to practice, watched by the Matoran Tonhgu.
  • Various things happened which Kughii is feeling far too sick and lazy to document, but he will say, "watch out for Ambages.  That guy's got a trigger finger on the trapdoor."
  • Sukot urn Voyuk gets "dropped" by Ambages into a private cell after failing to win The Hand's favor.
  • The secret of Riaril is revealed.
  • More snowy awesomeness with The Company happened.  Something about Ferrum running off to Onu-Koro like a...  hasty matoran?
  • ‘Gray’ recovers from Syvra’s secret paralysis, bringing with her the rose he gave her as she leaves for Le-Wahi.
  • Syvra goes to Kini Nui to wait for Echelon.
  • The Science Hunters detain Teede as they search the now broken laboratory.
The MNW Crew is doing their darndest to keep up with the posts that are generated daily.  If there is a post you think we have missed feel free to comment below.

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Vinheim Maran (Vox)
Mar 02 2014 07:56 PM

You know you love the vrina and colx.. Whoever it is.. your just jealous.

    • 0

I'd be jealous for explosions. XD

    • 0
A Forgotten Soul
Mar 03 2014 06:46 PM
I want to start something, but I want the staff to approve.
    • 0

Send a PM to staff then. XD

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