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Mata-Nui Weekly, February 25th-March 4th

Posted by Kughii , Mar 04 2014 · 934 views

  • Conversations about fabric in the market.
  • Game of paero with the first sons seems to be starting soon.
  • The gray Phantom decides to take a shortcut through mangaia. She pays dearly for this as she is attacked by a rahkshi. While she manages to defeat it she becomes injured and meets with an unnamed toa of gravity who assists her.
  • Zomma and Exa walk into each other, sparking an argument
  • The Darksteel Duo returns to town after a successful mining trip
  • Lana is still being ignored (seriously, guys, give the newcomer some love already)
  • Motini and Modera’s conversation dissolves into napkin throwing
  • Mekana offers to sell Laqriel an iStone
  • Rungui and Dally meet at the cafeteria
  • Wokapu and Seria discuss weapons at the market
  • The Science Hunters continue to search Teede’s Lab while he rambles about higher beings. Xaron awesomely kicks Teede in the face. (THANK YOU; I’ve been forced to read every insane post with that wannabe Time Lord. Please keep doing it. Hugs and kisses shall be your reward ~GearDirector)
  • The tarakava attacking the Inika retreat, only to be replaced by a gigantic beast. After a few futile attempts to drive it off, Ignitus decides the best course of action is to attack it from the inside.
  • Surina, captured by Orderin, Tivanu, and Mar, is taken to Akiri Hahli.
  • Lohkar, Gunner and Floria continue their walk.
  • Kuhrin continues his escape, but his pursuers are hot on his heels (if one can be hot in Ko-wahi).
  • Stralix begins talking to Farzan at the tech expo - Farzan is shocked he is talking to the Stralix. Stralix helps out Farzan with a design.
  • Athiel and Qyntar meet up. They then encounter the duo of Torvoth and Ardoku. Torvoth nearly brings up a secret tunnel, but is stopped.
  • Melna wakes up the next morning, and awakens Day.Sirius took wakes up, and asks for the piano player. He has breakfast with Lux.
  • Ardoku and Torvoth leave Po-Koro. Ardoku begins to comment on how miserable he is.
  • Noka and Khervos leave the house of the grandfather. They begin to talk.
  • Prei and Korru, in typical police fashion, wait in line for donuts together.

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Vinheim Maran (Vox)
Mar 04 2014 10:40 PM

Wait why the second of march? why not the fourth? and i need to send my pm.. been busy

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Good point.  I calculated the numbers wrong sorry. XD

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