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Mata-Nui Weekly, March 24th-April 1st, 2014

Posted by Kughii , in BZPRPG Apr 01 2014 · 738 views

  • The party continues to be planned.
  • The First Son Paero game is about to begin.
  • More hackling between the Tajaars' and Soraya.
  • Eiyu's Gotsoko, Ankora, and Kwaiya all convene in the Lorekeeper's (Gotsoko's) office to study the ancient texts regarding Mata-Nui.
  • The vault is opened, revealing the secrets within!
  • The Treasure Hunters get the details of their quest laid out before them.
  • Kohra escapes prison by way of a syringe that gives her new power.
  • Korero and Oreius leave to meet with the other Maru.
  • Lana chooses a name for her tavern: The Drunken Murderess.
  • Angelus arrives at Kino Iho’s home for their date.
  • Qyntar and Athiel head back out into the desert after their brief internment in the Po-Koro jails. Once in the Motara they encounter a deadly sandstorm, but quick thinking by the toa leads them to temporary safety.
  • Ardoku and Torvoth head to an inn.
  • Rakona decides to enlist in the Aeronautical Reconnaissance Corps, so Blackrock doesn't end up on any map. Korru starts checking her out at Sentinel Headquarters. The clerk begins interviewing her, offering a position in the Kikanalo Corps. instead.
  • Viima starts questioning Kaama, who he had been following him from Le-Koro.
  • Farzan calls out to Miraul, not expecting to have seen the Akiru at the the Tech Expo.
  • Oreius and Korero arrive in Onu-Koro.
  • Wokapu, Ral’hen and Sucogu continue their argument.
  • The Science Hunters are questioned at the Ussalry HQ.
  • Kehuri seeks Stannis Maru for spiritual guidance.  
  • Onuzek is alive.
  • Varan loses control.
  • Colx goes to the Bright-Star to arrange dinner.
  • Zelvin, A.K.A ‘Mama Clench’, captures her latest bounty, and later runs into Vrina Tivosi at the bazaar.
  • Rune looks for a job in a Ko-Koro.  
  • Zadron continues his business ploy.

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The news for Kini-Nui is an April Fool's day joke.

    • 2
Canis Lycaon
Apr 02 2014 11:08 AM

Which Koros do we need reporters for?

    • 0
Apr 03 2014 10:16 AM

Which Koros do we need reporters for?

We need reporters for Ta, Le, Ga and Kentoku

    • 0

Yeah, Cadias usually takes Ga-, but I think he missed this last week.

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