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Mata-Nui Weekly, April 1st-7th, 2014

Posted by Kughii , in BZPRPG, Uncategorized Apr 08 2014 · 298 views

  • Desdemona speaks with her sister, Yumiwa, regarding the possibility of having Yumiwa accompany a vanguard to Mata-nui as a strategic political maneuver.
  • Vilda Mako reflects on his hard life as a male and the trials and tribulations he has had to endure and reflected on his emotion towards Soraph priviliged life.
  • Oshi, Enali and another perform introductions of each other. Enali feels that her two companions are far more friendly compared to her Toroshu.
  • Gaia the Healer reveals bit of her past to us. Her and Sheeta, the orphan girl who helps her tend her shop, get the morning started and have a healthy breakfast.
  • Hogo Kamari and Toroshu Noshima discuss the attempted assassination attempt and Noshima reveals 'measures have been undertaken to bolster security.' 
  • Eiyu Ankora gets comfortable as she gets ready to speak with Gotsoko while Eiyu Kwaiya listens into the conversation. Ankora brings up ancient texts.
  • Daikura Koga discusses how Paero is played and the rules.
  • Toroshu Kilanya discusses the purpose and inner workings of her clan to First son Kulrik who proceeds to ask several follow up questions.
  • Hatchi discusses with Samichyr about the price of three pocket eyepieces at which point Hatchi thinks the price is fairly high.
  • Syvra reflects on his past and how he would often keep himself entertained while waiting or stalking an opponent.
  • Zauk awaits the treasure hunters for rendezvous to being their quest.
  • Bounty hunters Zelvin and Elysi meet at the Drunken Murderess.
  • Kino and Angelus meet at her apartment.
  • DJ awakens at the Ta-Koro hospital.
  • Kohra is met by Echelon.
  • Stannis lectures Kehuri on Destiny.
  • Stannis, Oreius, and Korero Maru converge in the Onu-Koro Bazaar.
  • The Science Hunters are interrogated at Ussalry HQ.
  • Varan attempts to escape into the swamp.
  • Beosach and Komae finally reach shore.
  • Vrina Tivosi runs into Zelvin in the Bazaar.
  • Atea asks Alfon why he’s been acting strangely around her.
  • Skyra runs into her… mother?
  • Dehkaz recruits Naona to bring in criminals.
  • Ferron and Rhea continue their fight against Kuhrin.
  • Ko-Koro is no longer in lockdown.
  • The fire lit by an arsonist causes damage to a merchant's home.  Icha, a member of the guard, dives out of a window with one of the surviving servants.  
  • The fight at Nixie's Hut begins to wrap up.  Nixie was saved, but the mercenaries are on their last legs.  
  • Two toa Sarsi, Vail and Voulge, decide to use the break between team missions for a little criminal hunting.  
  • Korru suggests that Rakona join the Kikanalo Riders instead of the Aeronautical Corps. Rakona accepts.
  • Qyntar and Athiel discover an unnatural tunnel under the sands of Po-Wahi.
  • Vhohan sees a Toa looking for a job, and hires him as an errand boy. He then sends '88' to buy a house to store a printing press.
  • Xenin enters the Sentinel Headquarters and starts waiting in line behind Rakona and Korru.
  • At the Tech Expo, it is getting late. Servaas and Talina arrive, and look at Farzan's wares.
  • Torvoth deliberately elbows Ior, and grabs the attention of Ardoku upstairs.
  • Lux, after walking around outside and lamenting his Parakuka, finds Melna and Day.
  • A group of Sentinels are caught in the Dark Walk, sending three Dikapi messengers for aid.  Something has stirred.

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Thanks Voxumo for covering Kentoku this week!

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Gravelord Nito
Apr 08 2014 07:29 PM

Thanks Voxumo for covering Kentoku this week!

I never realized how out of touch I was with the Kentoku topic

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