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Mata-Nui Weekly, April 8th-15th, 2014

Posted by Kughii , in BZPRPG, Mata-Nui Weekly Apr 23 2014 · 620 views

  • Soraya asked why lacquered wood would cost so much.
  • Commodore Ayiwah reviews her new orders received by the rora regarding the nautical forces of the empire
  • Toroshu Nera scolds her son, Kuno, on his failure at the markets and instructs him to prove better in the future with a rather opportunistic chance coming up.
  • Nihi reflects on her experience at the market and the embarrasment she felt knowing the looks and comments she received from society. She then proceeded to visit Nachi, her sister, to discuss her encounter with First son Kuno.
  • Toroshu Celis enjoys a fine meal of grilled Kozu eel at a little hole in the wall restaurant. Her meal is interrupted by Esaika, a Dasaka with no clan seeking to join hers. Esaika is promptly turned down and Celis walks off.
  • Noshima and Kamari continue their discussion regarding upping hogo security over a meal.
  • Sesseta, Sister of Toroshu Nera, reflects on her recent events regarding her sister and nephew while gazing at the sunset.
  • Enali, Kagesu, and Oshi reveal that they have been tasked with finding and learning about Kanohi Dragons.
  • Kwaiya and Gotsoko discuss Kesari and her instistance on having books inscribed on materials related to the subject and continue discussion about pre-empire history.
  • Kilanya and Kulrik continue there discussion regarding clan Ageru while she leads him to the top of a hill overlooking her lands. They fall into a cavern while conversing and proceed to explore the tunnels.
  • Desdemona and Yumiwa discuss the details of the party the Chojo is hosting.
  • Kino Iho and Angelus arrive at the restaurant after a few detours on lover’s back alley. Angelus flashes his guard badge to make room for the pair.
  • The Treasure Hunters are presented with an example of the valuables they may find: A blue glowing crystal that absorbs heat.
  • Lana’s bar The Drunken Murderess gets off to a good start as Bounty Hunters Elysi and Zelvin and Ko-Toa Ryzen congregate there.
  • Zelvin discovers Elysi’s true element to be Lightning.
  • Ryzen tries out a particularly strong drink called “Enemies Tears”.
  • After her daring escape, Kohra meets with the new and improved Echelon.
  • After causing an incident in a local bar, Motini and Modera decide to skip town until further notice.
-Many see the Dikapi sent by those in the walk, and run to see what is going on. A traveling matoran with a lisp recruits others in a bar, and several answer the call.
-Korru finishes his recruuiting of Xenin and Rakona, and runs to help Hewkii.
-Kriigata returns to Blackrock with Jorruk.  There cart is laden with the ingredients for photothermic powder.
-The Ussal Corps. Light Cavalry arrives in Po-Koro to help with the Dark Walk expedition.
-Ardoku has a weapon thrown at him by Torvoth, who wanted to get his attention to check out the Dark Walk. They go to the bar.
-Athiel and Qyntar go exploring in a tunnel they found together. They find out it leads to Le-Koro.
-Voulge and Vail arrive in Po-Koro.  They begin to talk to each other while in the heat of the desert.
-Vhohan and 88 talk about their job at the Mata-Nui Daily.
-Fotioks enters the bar, for want of a drink. He then collapses unconscious.
  • Ral’hen is approached by the Maru, first Korero in comfort, and later Stannis for a more serious conversation
  • Teede and the Science Hunters are “greeted” by Colonel Immiti in the Ussalry HQ

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"Soraya asked why lacquered wood would cost so much." This is what happens when I mess up and lose half a jam, I wind up with nothing but wood questions. :P
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Apr 24 2014 01:58 AM

"Soraya asked why lacquered wood would cost so much." This is what happens when I mess up and lose half a jam, I wind up with nothing but wood questions. :P

Truly journalism deserving only the highest marks of recognition.

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