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Mata-Nui Weekly, April 15th-22nd, 2014

Posted by Kughii , in Mata-Nui Weekly, BZPRPG May 06 2014 · 526 views

  • The treasure hunters meet and greet at the gates of Ta-Koro.
  • Zelvin and Elysi continue their conversation at the Drunken Murderess, now trying to get a fix on each other’s character.
  • The Piraka begin an assault on Ta-Koro, starting by blowing up the Lavapool Inn. People all over town react to this cataclysmic event.  The Ta-Koro Guard responds in kind, preparing to strike back against the offenders.
  • Kino and Angelus arrive at the restaurant, comparing notes on taste and personal talents.
  • Kohra and Echelon discuss the Necromancer’s plans as they leave to meet with the last remnant of Makuta’s followers.
  • Eisen ties up loose ends before meeting with two others and leaving Ta-Koro.
  • Ryzen can’t handle his liquor, and is manipulated by Lana into paying for a room to sleep off his condition.
  • Ra’lhen explains the origins of his evil side to Stannis
  • Korero refuses to stand still as he gathers the other Maru and runs errands.
  • Tuli and Khervos traveled through the drifts to Ko-Koro.  They rented a room in the village of ice for the night, and while they rested after their travels they talked about future plans and the moving of Khervos' business to Onu-Koro.
  • Ambages plotted how to use Zurec and Ardor, the two sanctum guards sent by Korzaa to accompany him, while they traveled through the drifts.  After acquiring a second personality through meditative technique, as well as a trio of ice tarakava scooters, the de-matoran arrived at The Massif with a plan.  He sent Ardor and Zurec to tell Antrim the Akiri of Ko-Koro was waiting in the temple.  To Antrim's surprise and fury Ambages, not Matoro, greet him upon following the summons.  Ambages and Antrim exposed themselves in each other's eyes as rivals, and then Antrim was killed by a pair of shadow lances through his eyes, which shattered as he fell to the floor.  Zurec arrived shortly after, but Ambages was able to pass off the death as a heart attack and placed Zurec in charge of The Massif as an official ambassador for Ko-Koro.  Ambages then left with Ardor for Le-Wahi.
  • Zadron falsely assumes Braen is a member of The Company during their conversations.
  • "Iegassa sipped from a cup of tea."
  • Nichou breathes in the air of The Massif.  (Open for interaction.)
  • Greisk leaves the Nuju-Marion Research Hospital with the note from Dr. Gabel (Riaril) for Akiri Hahli.  He travels to Ga-Wahi via the Dark Walk.
  • Rhea and Ferron escape from Kuhrin's clutches and fall into each other's arms.
  • Zeth is interrupted in his self-loathing by Mesonak.
  • Colx and Vrina have an argument, before meeting Kunitu and getting acquainted.
  • Alfon and Atea discuss the latter’s life situation.
  • The Sentinels arrive in Le-Koro to present Akiri Hewkii’s gift to Kongu.
  • Ambages and Ardor arrived in Le-Koro to visit Akiri Kongu.  Akiri Kongu and Ambages discuss a hidden evil working behind the scenes of Mata-Nui.
  • Cael & Co set off for the remains of Kumu and Xa-Koro.
  • Fellow Sonics elementals Jrahann and Asuno meet each other and head towards Le-Koro.
  • Shadowstalker is sneaking around (in boxes?).
  • Stralix, who has joined the Dark Walk expedition, starts heading towards the gates with Farzan. He then gives Farzan instructions with a device he made to be used in the Tech Expo.
  • Fotioks wakes from his unconsciousness and gets a drink.
  • Several Sentinels answer Korru's call for volunteers to check out the Dark Walk.
  • Sirius, Melna, Day, and Lux all prepare to go on the expedition.
  • Korero, Wokapu, and Seria all arrive in the Po-Koro bazaar under the power of the first's mask. Wokapu thanks the Maru, who then leaves.
  • The Dark Walk explorers leave for the Walk, where they arrive quickly.
  • Korero reappears with Sucogu and Ral'hen. He then seeks audience with Hewkii, and is granted pardon for his actions as Ronkshou.
  • Voulge and Vail near the Po-Koroan gates.
  • Kanja arrives in Po-Koro and is invited to Farzan's stand.
  • The first Dark Walk group sees a Matoran run up, closely followed by six Rahkshi. A fight breaks out.

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