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Mata-Nui Weekly, April 22nd-29th, 2014

Posted by Kughii , in Mata-Nui Weekly, BZPRPG May 06 2014 · 563 views

  • The Ta-Koro Guard and heroic bystanders move towards the Lavapool Inn to act on the Piraka’s aggression.
  • Kino and Angelus surprise and complement each other in turn between meals.
  • Jazek Rehn’s pursuers arrive in Ta-Wahi at "treasure island," and are attacked seaside by pirate ships.
  • Draft enters town looking for more reliable transportation than his finicky flight boots.
  • Oreius arrives to join the other Toa Maru, and is anxious to get to work.  Half the Toa Maru assembled, Korero takes them to meet with the others in Ko-Wahi.
  • Jrahann and Asuno have trouble with Asuno’s broken mask.
  • Colx tells Vrina what he’d do if she were to die prematurely; afterwards the two are interrupted by Asuno, Jrahann and later Shadowstalker. Colx helps subdue the other Skakdi but leaves him in Asuno and Jrahann’s custody.
  • Dorian reminisces about his life back in Xa-Koro during the ferry ride.
  • Leah began to worry about how long Korero had been gone, but quickly overcame her fears a few minutes later when the spry toa of air appeared with two more of her brothers.  The Council of The Maru began in earnest shortly after.  Stannis called for each Maru to speak of any threats to the island they had learned of.  Oreius mentioned the terrorism to his koro, and of Po-Koro's possible association to the deed (the explosion was caused with radio technology), despite the information given by the saboteur upon interrogation.  Stannis cautioned reason in such a case.  Oreius also mentioned a gang of skakdi calling themselves The Piraka, but framed them as little more than a nuisance.  Leah brought up her encounter with Greed, former leader of the toa Daedra, but stressed more the mystery of Ko-Koro's Hand, Ambages.  The matoran's ability to evade her kanohi power brought a dark foreboding to her mind.
  • Rhea and Ferron awoke the morning after their escape from Kuhrin and Desuka.  Rhea reminded the forgemaster of the life all around him, calling upon the haunted warrior to live again and forget the past.  She left into the drifts after their drawn out farewells.  Later, Nero The Axe came and guided Ferron back to Ko-Koro after the two men made their feelings known and agreed it was Rhea who would choose in the end.
  • Brykon Shaddix arrived at The Massif only to learn of the fate of his once-teacher.  Pulled aside by The Stranger, a red toa from a far away land, Brykon was told the legacy of his family and the secrets of the Shaddix name.

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