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Life is a scam


Blog Entry For The Sake Of Having A Blog Entry

Posted by 25K When? , in Completely Random Ramblings Apr 09 2012 · 992 views
blog entry
This is a blog entry. I made it in order to prove to Paradoxophobia that I actually do make blog entries every once in a while.

In other news, I think I possess dandruff.


Premier Membership Yay!

Posted by 25K When? , in Completely Random Ramblings Mar 21 2012 · 300 views
premier membership, happiness
So, I now possess Premier Membership, which means I have access to this blog once more. And that makes me incredibly happy. So happy that I will post an image macro to show how happy I am.

Posted Image


The Awesomeness Of This Year's Christmas And Boxing Day

Posted by 25K When? , in Completely Random Ramblings Dec 27 2011 · 324 views
christmas, boxing day
So I finally decided to make a blog post about Christmas and Boxing Day. A few days late. Here in Australia it's currently Summer, so I had assumed that we would have a warm Christmas.

I assumed wrong.

It started hailing on the 25th day of December, Gregorian Calendar. It was hailing in Summer, and in one of the driest continents on the planet. There were hail pieces the size of golf balls, and sometimes it seemed as if it was snowing, despite the fact that it shouldn't snow so far away from polar regions or places where the temperature can support snow. However, I remembered that I lived in Melbourne, so bizarre weather was expected.

Boxing Day, also known as Lá Fhéile Stiofáin in Ireland or Second Christmas Day in some European countries, was a different story. I was forced to go out that day to a picnic, which didn't make sense, for it was freezing cold and raining near the start of the day. Luckily I managed to weasel my way into the car, and just sat there listening to the radio for an hour. However, then ithe weather heated up, returning to normality. I was not amused by this, for I disliked extreme heat.

So I was rather happy when I managed to return home and browse the Internet, for my house has a rather nice temperature. Must be the insulation.


Sirena Canned Fish

Posted by 25K When? , in Completely Random Ramblings Dec 19 2011 · 417 views
tuna, canned tuna, sirena
You see, I have a fondness for canned tuna, you know, those cans you can easily buy at shops and you can eat the tuna straight from the can? Or tin? Or whatever it is supposed to be?

Well if you do, I found a can of tuna in my cupboard, which my parents probably bought in case my sister and I randomly got hungry and started eating everything in the house, and it had a rather strange name.

Look here:

Posted Image

That is tuna from a company known as Sirena or something. Why exactly do I think that this is a bad name for a food company?

Well on the top there's a picture of a mermaid, but I'm assuming it's a siren due to the name.

If I remember my Greek Mythology correctly, sirens were those hot chicks on rocks who sang to sailors, forcing them to crash their boats into the rocks and die in their attempts to reach the sirens, who had beautiful voices as well as being hot chicks.

So basically by having the name Sirena, this canned fish company must produce incredibly tasty tuna, but the tuna might give you diseases or something, since in return for listening to their beautiful voices, Sirens lead you to your death.



How Selective Breeding Gave Us The Carrots And Bananas We Have Today

Posted by 25K When? , in Completely Random Ramblings Dec 12 2011 · 2,096 views
carrots, bananas and 1 more...
I learnt a random fact today. Carrots used to be purple. Bananas used to look like faeces.

But with the power of SELECTIVE BREEDING, we got our orange carrots and bananas which fit perfectly in our hands.


Posted Image

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