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Bzprpg: The Podcast Episode 5

Posted by 25K When? , in BZPRPG Jun 20 2012 · 771 views
bzprpg podcast, episode 5 and 2 more...
After such a long wait, we finally have the fifth episode of the BZPRPG Podcast up.

Can be found embedded on the website.

Also available on Podomatic.

Now discuss.


Bzprpg: The Zodiac Group

Posted by 25K When? , in BZPRPG Jun 16 2012 · 3,299 views
bzprpg, zodiac group
Here's the blog post for discussing the zodiac group, which was thought up by the guy whose name I can't really remember due to the random letters. Let's call him the GDF for now, 'Global Defence Force'. Well actually, he's called gdfgdfgdfice, but I like Global Defence Force.

We're also not naming it the Ensigns, because that makes no sense.

Claimed Zodiacs:
  • Aries: Airias (gdfgdfgdfice)
  • Taurus: Unnamed Character (Krayzikk)
  • Gemini: Unnamed Character (Captain Marvel)
  • Cancer: Zuriana (Wotzinaim)
  • Leo: Phyrrex (AuRon)
  • Virgo: Unnamed Character (BenLuke)
  • Libra: 'Vaisaga' (Hubert)
  • Scorpio: Rit (Toa Onarax)
  • Sagittarius: Kalios (Kal Grochi)
  • Capricorn: Endriin (Toa Zealokan)
  • Aquarius: Jedenast (Vorex)
  • Pisces: Kadaka Fo (pokemonlover360)


Bzprpg: The Podcast Episode 4

Posted by 25K When? , in BZPRPG Jun 11 2012 · 840 views
bzprpg podcast, episode 4
The fourth episode of the BZPRPG Podcast, along with an interview with Tyler.


Can also be found on the website. http://bzprpgpodcast.../bzprpg-podcast

Discuss here.


Bzprpg: The Podcast Episode 3

Posted by 25K When? , in BZPRPG Jun 03 2012 · 859 views
bzprpg podcast, episode 3 and 3 more...
Hello there everyone. After a long wait, the third episode of the BZPRPG Podcast has finally arrived. Now approximately thirty minutes, which means you don't have to listen for too long! The reason for this long wait is that Onarax, my co-host, had problems with his computer, and he still does, so for this episode, we brought in Krayzikk as a replacement.

This episode also has an opening theme.

I apologise for the fast-pacedness and awkwardness of the podcast, and the minor echoes near the last portion of the podcast.

SoundCloud Link


Bzprpg: The Transformers Expies

Posted by 25K When? , in BZPRPG May 26 2012 · 3,336 views
bzprpg, transformers, expies, tng and 1 more...
Due to all the talk about Transformers expies filling up the main discussion topic, I have taken upon myself the burden of creating a blog post for all of you to discuss them in.

Codenames are in brackets. Deceased are crossed out. Those whose status is unknown are blue, and the ones who have left are red.

Members of the Order of the Phantoms/Deceptoa
  • Zeltroth
  • Silcax
  • Galvatroth
  • Zaruthan 'Zar' Screemah (Starscream)
  • Zocord (Brawl)
  • Valastrum (Soundwave)
  • Orgath
  • (Shockwave)
  • (Mixmaster)
  • Grindorak
  • Koharax (Bonecrusher)
  • Transeth (Blackout)
  • Jhiaxus
  • Fallen
  • Kolhian (Barricade)
  • Nemesis Pyro
  • (Overlord)
  • Aclaraung
  • (Skywarp)
  • Icenuroto (Incinerator)
  • Frenzichunovuk (Frenzy)
  • Naryth Zenoklass
Members of Autotoa/Toabots/Xanthium
  • Tahuva Pyro (Optimus Prime)
  • Shohu
  • Sentarn
  • Senturon
  • Dervian
  • Kahua
  • (Dino)
  • (Ratchet)
  • (Que)
  • (Wheeljack)
  • Praesul (Rodimus)
  • Kup
  • (Springer)
  • Jetian
  • Pyras
  • (Roadbuser)
  • (Topspin)
  • (Leadfoot)
  • Krallen (Sideswipe)
  • Ultra Magnus
Those Who Are Technically On Neither Side
  • Sideways


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