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Life is a scam


Need Help With Buying Presents for my Dad

Posted by 25K When? , in Manly Ramblings Oct 02 2012 · 630 views
birthday, father, october 4
I am suffering. Need help with getting a present for my dad, because it's his birthday tomorrow.



BZPRPG: The Podcast Episode 15

Posted by 25K When? , in BZPRPG, BZPRPG Podcast Sep 23 2012 · 734 views
bzprpg podcast, episode 15 and 3 more...
So, we have Episode 15 up. No interview. Pretty bland. Just a recap of this week. Have Tyler as a co-host. Because Onarax was lazy and Krayzikk busy.


You know the drill. Discuss.



Posted by 25K When? , in Completely Random Ramblings Sep 17 2012 · 361 views
breakfast, food, mornings
I really have a screwed up sense of breakfast.

Like, on school days, I wake up, get dressed and brush teeth and all that jazz, and quickly take two pieces of bread and eat it on the car.

On holidays, I wake up at 12 pm and eat breakfast.

What is wrong with me?


The Oda Clan Takes Over The World

Posted by 25K When? , in Gaming Sep 17 2012 · 641 views
total war, shogun 2, oda clan and 2 more...
So many, many weeks ago I bought Total War: Shogun 2 off Steam during the annual Summer Sale or something for 75% off, which meant it was reduced from $50 to $12.50. Pretty good deal if you ask me. Being an Australian of course, and the prices being in US dollars, I had an extra thirty cent reduction, compared to the US dollar price.

Anyway, back then, I finished some of the tutorials, and basically left it on my hard drive until the start of these holidays, when I decided to try playing again.

The first thing I did was play as the Takeda clan. They have cheap cavalry, which is cool, but I absolutely sucked at it. I kept on running out of money and barely surviving against the strong factions around me. Making alliances was all I could do.

So I started up another campaign, this time as the Oda, in which I was surrounded by lots of hostile factions, along with a civil war occurring right as I begun.

Took out the rebellion, and promptly annihilated my enemies, before beginning my journey to take over the world.

I just need to somehow get around all my trade partners and allies to a faction that I am enemies with ...


BZPRPG: The Podcast Episode 14

Posted by 25K When? , in BZPRPG Podcast, BZPRPG Sep 16 2012 · 536 views
bzprpg podcast and 3 more...

Hey guys. 14th episode! With important interview with MicroSnipe focusing a lot on Mark Bearers!

So listen! And discuss!


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