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Life is a scam


Ask Hubert: Following Cliches Like Always

Posted by 25K When? , in Manly Ramblings Aug 05 2012 · 2,705 views
ask hubert, ask blog post
Hi guys. Making an 'Ask Me' blog post because I'm bored. So, ask away.


My Singing: It Even Scares Onarax!

Posted by 25K When? , in Completely Random Ramblings Aug 03 2012 · 562 views
Singing, Podcast, Theme Song

[8:37:09 PM] Onarax: Should we stick some Japanese song as the Podcast's Theme?
[8:37:15 PM] Hubertus: No.
[8:37:17 PM] Hubertus: Copyright.
[8:37:23 PM] Hubertus: No wait, using Touhou songs can be okay.
[8:37:23 PM] Onarax: Dangnabbit.
[8:37:26 PM] Hubertus: Maybe.
[8:37:29 PM] Onarax: Sweet.
[8:37:42 PM] Hubertus: But let's try something.
[8:37:43 PM] Hubertus: Me.
[8:37:44 PM] Hubertus: Singing.
[8:37:45 PM] Hubertus: In.
[8:37:48 PM] Hubertus: AUTO-TUNE
[8:37:52 PM] Onarax: GAHHHHHH!

As you can see, even Onarax is scared of my singing.


BZPRPG: The Podcast Episode 10

Posted by 25K When? , in BZPRPG Jul 29 2012 · 764 views
episode 10, podcast, bzprpg
Here's the 10th Episode of the BZPRPG Podcast.

There IS NO ECHO. What are you talking about?


It will embedded on the main site later.


You Are Dead To Me ...

Posted by 25K When? , in Completely Random Ramblings Jul 21 2012 · 426 views
mad libs catchphras, pop culture and 2 more...

Friend: I never really liked Sailor Moon.
Me: ... You are dead to me.
Friend: Hubert, you've said that like a million times.
Me: *Turns to other friend* [Insert Name Here], please help me organise [Friend #1''s Name]'s funeral.
Friend #2: Sure.


Bzprpg Podcast: Episode 8

Posted by 25K When? , in BZPRPG Jul 09 2012 · 852 views
bzprpg podcast, episode 8, delay and 2 more...
Sorry for the delay, but here is the eighth episode of the BZPRPG Podcast. Now only 44 minutes combining both interview and main section.

You know the drill.

Podomatic Link

Site Link


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